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[Suggestion] Crim/Cop Spawn Limit for Squad/gang Members


Do you support this idea ?  

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  1. 1. Do you support this idea ?



In the Past months i noticed that most of the squad members spawn/play as Crims, and join activities like SR/HR/VIP/JB and Pbr as Crim.. This made the Cop's side Die and made the 2 side of Police and Crim Unbalanced. Also some Crim just join the game just to enjoy the chase from the cops and have fun. 

As far as i know that every organisation should follow it role and don't break.. i know that some players get bored and want to switch side that's why i would suggest this:

  • Official squad members can spawn as Crim only when there are 10 cops (non official and official) on and already using their official spawn.
  • Official gang members can spawn as Cops only when there are x cops (non official and official) on and already using their official spawn.


For the Cops who will cry about this..

here is a tissue



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