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All Load Trucking

paulz application


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**Personal Information:**

**Ingame nickname:** - paulz

**Ingame account name:** - paul1k

**Age:** - 26

**Gender and Country of residence:** - male, actually Amrmenia

**How well do you speak English?:** - 8/10

**Time playing GTA-SA and Time playing SAES:RPG:** - 12 years+

**What can "you" bring to the company?:** - im active)

**Tell us a little about "yourself" in the server:** - Im old player, I've been part of popular gangs like AA, HS. Im 26 yo, wannabe clo, no idea to add more.

**What's your current organization and rank?:** - im part of MS13

**List the groups you are currently in:** - cunning stunts

**List your strengths and weaknesses:** - strengths: driving skills, weaks: poor pc for now)

**Which division do you wish to/will join once being a full member?** tbh no idea

**What do you expect from being in ALT?** receive some cash from work by gas refueling

**Do you fully understand the server rules written in F1?** yes

**Rate your driving skills on a scale from 1/10:** - 10/10

**If a ProCop Officer or SAI, flashes their light and sirens and you are wanted, what do you do?:** I'll try to hide if im wanted, otherwise I'll stop and try roleplay

**What does "RP" mean to you?:** - is a take the role and play it

**Do you understand that being apart of ALT is to refuel gas stations and that you are to refuel them every once in a while?:** - its our role

**What is your reason(s) for wanting to join All Load Trucking? (Minimum of 20 words):** - I want to join ALT becuz it's old like me/tilong. but to be honest I want to join to play when server sleeps, I worked as trucker long ago, I want to get back.

**Explain in your own words: What does ALT rules #9 consist of?** - rule 9 Being rude/cuntish/or other wise mean will result in a demotion

**Is it an ALT rulebreak to say you are a HQ while you are not?** - who cares about it

**Optional: Name some references. (Any ALT member that bought you to apply or might vote for you)** Bigmike

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On 08/01/2023 at 00:50, MrSolrac said:

@Paulstill there?

Hi. I know I have to post some activity screenshots in topic, but its strange a bit cuz I play as trucker/delivery man only at morning time (5 AM server time, lately, Iplay almost every day), server is pretty empty at this time.. But if it needed to join the group, ofc I will make some posts..

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