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Satan's Application for ZIP


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Nickname: satan
Account name: santos201791
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Nationality: Egyptian
Primary Language: Arabic


How long have you been playing SAES: since 2016
About me: My Real Name is Belal mohamed, i'm almost 19 years old born and raised in Egypt specifically in Alexanderia, i'd say my favorite hobby is playing video games especially shooting games, i'm an active and loyal member which can be helpful.
What's your current organization? :



    The Company sHQ


    All Load Trucking Official Trucker


    San Andreas Studio Actor


    Cunning Stunts Racer


    The Motor Heads Racer And Technician


    BRINKS Transporter


    RaceTech Racer




Previous groups: IAC, TS, RSA , PC



Rate your Building Skills: i'd say 8/10 and still learning and trying to be better
Rate your RP skills: 9/10
Rate your creativity skills: according to my high level of creativity im 100/10
Rate your English skills: 9/10



Show us your strengths and weaknesses.

Strengths: as strength i'd say that im so ambitious, and i don't have problems or fights with anyone, not loved by everyone but none hates.
Weaknesses: sometimes i get very impatient
Why do you want to join us: I like building, also to get some experience about building with the old members of saes, also ZIP is a group for creative people, so i guess it's my chance to show some creativity here!


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You are at the limit of the minimum required to get to the next stage, but the quality of your constructions do not really meet our expectations.
Either do more complex and unique constructions or rich content roleplay (Doing both would be great).

We look forward to see more effort! ☺️

On behalf of ZIP Management Team,

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