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All Load Trucking

Bucky's Application for ALT


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Ingame nickname: - Bucky

Ingame account name: - playyyer2

Age: - 22

Gender and Country of residence: - Male USA

How well do you speak English?: - 6.5

Time playing GTA-SA and Time playing SAES:RPG: - i've made accounts in the past like 2016 but i started playing everyday in 2019.

What can "you" bring to the company?: - I'm a great trucker, I can also already refuel gas stations.

Tell us a little about "yourself" in the server: - My heart is with UE and i'm also in OB. You can always find me around either helping new players or dming usually.

What's your current organization and rank?: - UE - currently level 1

List the groups you are currently in: - OB

List your strengths and weaknesses: - I have trouble climbing up mt chilliad fast idk how some truckers go up so fast to be honest.

Which division do you wish to/will join once being a full member? - Trucking

What do you expect from being in ALT?
Chilling and just being around other truckers and mechanics.
Do you fully understand the server rules written in F1?
Yes I do.
Rate your driving skills on a scale from 1/10: -
If a ProCop Officer or SAI, flashes their light and sirens and you are wanted, what do you do?: I would pull over and see what they want if they want RP or what not.

What does "RP" mean to you?: -
Roleplay, to act out or perform the part of a person or character.
Do you understand that being apart of ALT is to refuel gas stations and that you are to refuel them every once in a while?: - Yes

What is your reason(s) for wanting to join All Load Trucking? (Minimum of 20 words): -
Be apart of more groups on the server, do activities and have more things to do.
Explain in your own words: What does ALT rules #9 consist of? -
Don't be a dick or be rude be nice to each other generally.
Is it an ALT rulebreak to say you are a HQ while you are not? -
Yes this is rulebreak.
Optional: Name some references. (Any ALT member that bought you to apply or might vote for you) Hammer

Post your app with a picture of a truck to be considered. (in a spoiler) - included all my truck deliveries too
[s=]alt text[/s]
[s=]alt text[/s]

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