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GXT application


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Nickname: BloodLine
Username: sisi02
Age (D/M/Y): 18 years old
Nationality: Algerien
Gender: Male
Current gang/squad: N/A
Current group membership(s): N/A
Previous groups (List the reasons, why you left or got kicked out): 2AJ for break the reason
Have you been punishment in the last 2 months? If yes, why?: N/A


Why would you like to join our company?: Beacuse trucker is really fun for me and i want to spare my time.
Can you offer anything special to the company?: i can offer increasing group's activity
Which division do you prefer? Trucking or Mechanical? (State the reason as well): i love both of them but i prefer trucking


Your strenghts/weaknesses: i think im a good at shooting,acting,driving and good at transporting goods
What does roleplay stand for?: You are acting life real life in game
Do you have any experience in roleplaying?: yes
Are you capable of obeying orders?: yes
What do you do if someone insults: i will ignore him or i will take and send to leader
What do you do if someone deathmatches you?: i report it or ignore him
What would you change in company?: nothing.
How would you make company better? i will do my best i can post activies in media archive and im active player in SAES
Additional Information: i hope you guys take me to GXT i promise i will do my best

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