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All Load Trucking

ToxicKing's Application for ALT


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Personal Information:

Ingame nickname: ToxicKing

Ingame account name: toxicking

Age: 14

Gender and Country of residence: Male, Pakistan

How well do you speak English?: Excellent.

Time playing GTA-SA and Time playing SAES:RPG: I have been playing GTA-SA since 2017-18 and I joined SAES:RPG in 2019 but soon quit and now I am back. I still remember everything and so many people and things bring back the good old memories!

What can "you" bring to the company?: I am a pretty good driver! Not only driving, I can also bring in my excellent English, as well as my roleplaying skills.

Tell us a little about "yourself" in the server: When I first joined SAES:RPG, in about 2019, I started from being a trucker as it was the most relaxing job I could find for beginning a server like this one. But after when I quit and joined back this year, I started from criminal groups and joined a gang. But now, I want to bring my old memories and join a civilian roleplay group, All Load Trucking!

What's your current organization and rank?: G~T - 1 (I am a level 1 because I joined this gang late so the HQ didn't have time to look into my activity and skills)

List the groups you are currently in: N/A

List your strengths and weaknesses: I would say, I have alot of strengths. First off, I would start off by saying I have really good english. My roleplaying skills are also pretty good. I am really helpful to people and I love to help new players and all. I would be confident here and say in my opinion I have no weaknesses in SAES:RPG!

Which division do you wish to/will join once being a full member? Trucker

What do you expect from being in ALT? As I already said, I want to bring back the old relaxing memories. I expect ALT to bring me relaxation while driving trucks.

Do you fully understand the server rules written in F1? Yes, I understand the rules which are written in F1.

Rate your driving skills on a scale from 1/10: 10/10

If a ProCop Officer or SAI, flashes their light and sirens and you are wanted, what do you do?: I would pull over to the side of the road, wait for the officer to approach me and I would greet him.

What does "RP" mean to you?: Roleplaying means acting as a character you chose. In other words it would mean acting like you are in a real life scenario.

Do you understand that being apart of ALT is to refuel gas stations and that you are to refuel them every once in a while?: Yes, I do.

What is your reason(s) for wanting to join All Load Trucking? (Minimum of 20 words): I used to do so much trucking jobs in 2018/2019 in so many servers. As I have said this so many times before, I want my old memories to shine again infront of me. Trucking has always been the most relaxing job for me.

Explain in your own words: What does ALT rules #9 consist of? We must not be rude to each other. In other words, we need to maintain good attitude towards each other and help each other if needed.

Is it an ALT rulebreak to say you are a HQ while you are not? Yes, it is a rulebreak to say you are a HQ while you are not. You are not supposed to impersonate as anyone whatsoever. I believe this is the rule#14.

Optional: Name some references. (Any ALT member that bought you to apply or might vote for you): N/A

Post your app with a picture of a truck to be considered. (in a spoiler)
[s=]alt text[/s]

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