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All Load Trucking

Weppo's Application for ALT


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Personal Information:

Ingame nickname: Weppo

Ingame account name: ghostpro222

Age: 23

Gender and Country of residence: Male, The Netherlands

How well do you speak English?: good

Time playing GTA-SA and Time playing SAES:RPG: MTA since 2010. I have played SAES between 2011 and 2013. And then came back late 2020, and I've been back since.

What can "you" bring to the company?: I am an excellent driver, but I also love to be a part of RP's. Not to mention I know how to operate planes, so I can help as a pilot if needs be.

Tell us a little about "yourself" in the server: In the last few years I have put my focus on the cop and civillian side of SAES, I have joined many groups were I have been able to put my skills to use and have fun with the people I play with. I like to fly and drive around. And lately I started to diversify my experiences even more. As the server can be a bit lonely as cop in the morning and midnight.

What's your current organization and rank?: FBI - HQ

List the groups you are currently in:

List your strengths and weaknesses: My english skills combined with my proviciancy in English makes me a decent if not good RP-player incase it is needed. But I would say my driving skills, I originally come from MTA racing/dm. And on my time as FBI I love to do races and host patrols for various groups. Which have made me a good driver.

Which division do you wish to/will join once being a full member? Trucker

What do you expect from being in ALT? relaxing drives across SA and hopefully some cool RPs

Do you fully understand the server rules written in F1? Yes I do.

Rate your driving skills on a scale from 1/10: 10/10

If a ProCop Officer or SAI, flashes their light and sirens and you are wanted, what do you do?: I would pull over to the side of the road, turn off my engine and greet the officer.

What does "RP" mean to you?: Rollplaying means you place yourself into a charackter and act out the role you chose.

Do you understand that being apart of ALT is to refuel gas stations and that you are to refuel them every once in a while?: Yes ofcourse

What is your reason(s) for wanting to join All Load Trucking? (Minimum of 20 words): I used to do a lot of trucking back in 2012 era. But when coming back I did not feel the need to do all the hard money grinding I did back then. But with a lot of my friends being a part of ALT I would like to revisit my moments as trucker. I can at least say I won't fall of MC top this time around, making the experience 10x better already!

Explain in your own words: What does ALT rules #9 consist of? Don't be rude to eachother. We can all have a great time by being kind to one another.

Is it an ALT rulebreak to say you are a HQ while you are not? Yes, rule nr.14

Optional: Name some references. (Any ALT member that bought you to apply or might vote for you) @Beast_ @Scorpyo and I would love @JojoDb his support too.

Post your app with a picture of a truck to be considered. (in a spoiler)
[s=]alt text[/s]

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Hahaah denied. @Beast_ nob
[s=]hahahaha still denied[s=]what do you want? denied
[s=]stop opening spoilers you are denied @Beast_ bot[s=]nanananana batman


Dear ALT applicant @Weppo

First of all a big thank you for participating in the All Load Trucking recruitment, we highly appreciate your interest and dedication!

The past days, our members, brass and HQ members have discussed your application and have decided that you will be ~[ACCEPTED]~(lime) as in-training member of All Load Trucking!


At the time of reading this message, you will have been added to the ALT forum group and ALT Probationary spawn (Red County > All Load Trucking > ALT Probationary). Please proceed by reading our information provided in our subforum. You will be using the tags [ALT]yourname{it}.

Good luck and welcome to ALT!
Remember to join our discord! https://discord.gg/Yj7yGma

Manager of Mechanic Division


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