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Secret Service | Recruitment - 2022


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alt text

People of San Andreas,

The Secret Service is looking for new skilled candidates, if you are interested in becoming part of the Secret Service, you are welcome to submit an application below.

There is no particular application format, meaning you will have to make up your own and include the information you deem necessary.

The recruitment will remain open until the 22nd of November 2022.

Best of luck to all candidates!

Promotional video: https://youtu.be/ZfKo25NOxlk

Director Fontaine
Director Stanley
Director Wallance

Can I become SS as a criminal?
There are occasions to become SS as a criminal if we see the person fit within our ranks (CLOs excluded), nonetheless, our primary preference will remain cops.
How do I spawn for SS RP's and training?
When helping out the Secret Service we require you to spawn as "Lawyer" and bring your own arsenal of weapons or other required gear.

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^[Ingame Informations]

Nickname: O|Winter
Username: Ilyass99
Age: 19
Nationality: Moroccan
Primary Language: Arabic
About Myself: Hey, I'm ilyass 19 years old living in a city named Kenitra in Morocco, I'm a student at university Mohamed V studying Technical, I like playing video games and listening to music when I'm free.
Currently Gang/Squad : The Outfit
Currently Server Groups: ALT - Rtech - BRINKS - SAI - Radio SA.
Why I would like to join the Secret Service: I would like to be a part of the Secret Service as I am very interested in joining both because I want to help expand the group and serve the country right. I have participated in a couple of activities some time ago and I have been waiting for this moment to prove to myself that I'm fit for this.

^[RP Informations]

First name: James
Surname: Barnes
Age: 37
Sex: Male
Place of Birth: Tierra Robada, United States of America
Date of Birth: 03/03/1985
Country of residence: United States of America
Address: 3750 Wailea Drive
Convictions: N/A
Tattoos: N/A
My RP character Story: My name is James Barnes, I was born on 03/03/1985 in a small town called Tierra Robada, I have 3 sisters, I left school when I was young because I wasn't interested in it, I remember I used to skip lots of classes, I used to be so poor that sometimes we couldn't even afford any food. after I left school I started working at a farm with my father. I was forced to do military conscription. because my parents started getting old, when I just got recruited, after a few months there was the Iraq invasion on the 20th of march 2003, and we were forced to join the war while I was just 18 years old, I was a marine unit. that was a very bad experience full of blood and violence, and so after the invasion, I decided to go back to my hometown Tierra Robada, go back to school, and graduated at top of my class. and I decided to become a sheriff in Tierra Robada, to protect my people. I liked being a sheriff in my hometown. and after so many years of hard work, I decided to leave the town and work in Los Santos, and became a police officer there very easily, and I did lots of serious operations and arrested lots of dangerous drug dealers and gang members, I built a new family in Los Santos and settled down there.

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Name: Garrett.
Age: 11.
Languages: English, Estonian.
Groups: MCC, SWAT, ProCop.

  • I am very good in shooting but it's not because aim. Its because all I do is planned and not running to battle with random. If I can then always I do teamwork with my partners. Like I am going in west and he is going in east. In this way, almost always we can neutralize target efficiently but if we are just running to him like random we will die.

  • I am very focused always on any task. Others can't disturb my work because I am focused always on 1 thing. It is specially good in the Secret Service because if someone raiding to the protected person then you need focus. And it's working in other things too in server like in bank robbery.


  • Using helicopter, I am not very good.

Why I want to join the Secret Service: I like the role of Secret Service very much and I have my friends in Secret Service. I like doing protection to money transporters and it's very fun. I like role play too alot. I did money transporter job with my friends in the Secret Service and really I enjoyed it.

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Nickname: Piggy / Mephisto
Username: kenttabadat
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Nationality: Filipino
Primary Language: Tagalog, Cebuano
Secondary Language: English(fluent)
Joined SAES server: 2016
Inactivity Timeline and reason: 2018-2022, on this timeline i needed to focus on my Bachelor of Science major in Information Technology course in college and just graduated recently, I just got back playing full time on the server since sept. 2022.
Previous Gang/Squad: SAFP(I love roleplaying)
Current Squad: SWAT, Lv.1
Current Groups In: SaS, SAM, ALT, BRINKS
Why do you apply for SS?:

  • First and foremost, it is really difficult to find people/players in the server who host roleplays, and just the other day the server government made a presidential convoy where the secret service are present, i played this server for that particular events, it is fun to do multiplayer roleplays in the internet, that's what it makes wonders.

Narrate yourself in game:

  • I used to call myself in game as Mephisto as a cop and annoys criminals when i was still new to the server, then they call cops as Pigs, that's why i decided to change my nick to Piggy to annoy them more and say "oink oink", "get oinked" as of you know Mephisto is the lord of hatred, it is just my way of play, it gives me self satisfaction, after all, game is supposed to be fun, but of course there are this server rules bound to uphold and follow.

Trainings & Operation:

  • Saturday 19/11/2022
    alt text
    alt text
    Inventory of Evidences:
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    Aftermath Meeting:
    alt text

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Username: moemen12

In game name: Orten

Age: 17 years old

Nationality: Tunisian

Languages spoken: Arabic,French and English

Country of residence: Tunisia

English proficiency: 7/10

Do you use discord?: Yes

Current groups:

  • Global Express Trucking Co. (GXT)

  • Cunning Stunts. (CS)

  • San Andreas Studio. (SaS)

  • San Andreas Transporation Service. (TS)

  • San Andreas Interceptors (SAI)

Current gang/squad: Military Intelligence Section6

Have you been banned before ?: Yes, breaking rule #10

What makes you special than the others?: I'm a really mature person, who shows both respect and honor in my work. I respect every person who have a higher rank than me ingame, and I'd do anything to serve them. I'm a well-skilled roleplayer, and at the same time a really loved person on the server. I've got alot of compliments for my good roleplaying abilities. Also, Im an experienced and skilled player that can bring all his efforts and power to the group.

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Nickname: Kratos
Age: 24
Nationality: Portuguese
Languages: Portuguese and english.
Server time: Since 2013
Gang/squad: SAC
Current groups: N/a
Why applying for SS: Because i think its a nice group with good people, and i would like to join them and help with the activity, rp's whatever needed.

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Clifford Banks
Los Santos Boulevard 855

September 9, 2022

Secret Service HQ

I am submitting this letter of interest in the hope of acquiring a spot within your ranks.

My name is Doom, Ive been playing on SAES for approx 6 to 7 years. I am currently part of SWAT as a Lieutenant and Military Civilian Components. During my playtime I have had the chance to try out all the aspects of the server apart from roleplaying which I used to despise but Ive recently decided to get out of my comfort zone and I am making progress in regards of roleplaying.

As mentioned above I am not used to roleplaying but something I have been told in my environment is that I pick everything up quickly, hence I expect the aforementioned not to be a problem either. I have been MCC for quite a while now and if it has thought me something it is discipline. Having no issues with following orders from your superiors regardless of how hard said orders are is an important skill to have, especially with a group like Secret Service. Recently I have gotten the chance to become a SWAT Lieutenant where I am tasked with testing and training Academy recruits. This has helped me with progressing my patience and the ability to communicate clear instructions in a way even a newbie understands.

I have had the chance to socialize and display my abilities with Secret Service members during roleplays and money transports, so most of them are familiar with me therefore Ill end my letter of interest here as I think enough information has been provided for you to properly review it. If there are any questions for me, I am on discord : Doom#9642 !


Clifford ((Doom)) Banks.

[s=]alt text alt textalt text alt text alt text[/s]

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Real name:Christian
In-Game name:SAC|Zarc|BOPE
Primary language:Italy
Other spoken languages, if any:english Spanish
What is your Discord name:Zarc#7722
How well do you speak English (?/10).6
How long have you been playing MTA? 9 years
How long have you been playing SAES? i start summer 2021
Follow all orders of the SS?,Yes,
what team are you in or what organization: for now im SAC=SWAT,Cadet
Why do you want to be part of the secret services?;I am very interested in patrols with the HLS I like the secret services and I hope that one day I will join them too even if it takes I think of the time Even if you want to say
be like my teammates be as good as they have been a long time on saes but i'm not that long but i'm learning

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Personal Information:

Nickname: chaplin
Username: eleos
Age: 26
Nationality: Greek
Do you have Discord: Yes
SAES member since: 2011
Any bans? No

Current Gang/Squad membership: CDC
Current Group membership: RadioSA / San Andreas Studios

Why you should accept me in Secret Service:
My main activity in a group is to help the roleplay character of the group. That means that since I join, I create new scenarios and provide info to make each roleplay much more interesting and deep. In the past I have worked with SAES>Henry in the Roleplay center that took place in Whetstone by creating profiles of citizens and scenarios. I am a loyal person and I enjoy artistic/creative activities. Also, I have a degree in Sound Engineering, I love to broadcast in Radio SA and I have a passion about arts (theater/music/movies)

Roleplay Information:

Full name: Charles DeColo
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Country of Residence: France
Place of Birth: New Orleans, United States of America
Address: El Fondo del Blanco, 7, San Fierro

Convictions: No
Tattoos: No

Character Backstory:
My name is Charles, my father was named Louis DeColo a famous fire fighter from New Orleans. My mother is Juanita Rochesta, she was born in Las Palmas Mexico and currently working as an interior house designer at the boutique "Las Homas est Buenos" . My father has roots from France but he is an American citizen since he was born here and always lived in New Orleans. I was born in the middle of Summer, I have no brothers but only 2 cousins back in France. My parents were in love when they decided to start a family and by the time I was born they started making trips around USA when they had time. At the age of 9 I had the chance to stay in San Fierro in a family trip for 3 days, I loved the city, it was the best trip I ever had with my family and it changed my life. 3 years later, at the age of 12, my father was attending a big forest fire and lost his life, with 17 more firefighters in one of the biggest tragedies ever in New Orleans. After a year I decided to chase my dream and become an investigator so I attended many seminars and training camps to get in touch with solving crime. 2 years ago, and while I was working as a pizza delivery boy, I had enough money to move into the city I loved. San Fierro. And there I am right now, trying to reach my biggest goal of life and become a part of Secret Service.

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Personal Information
In-Game Nickname: Lily
Username: zeus74330
Age: 20
Nationality: Portuguese
Country of Residence: Portugal
Rate your english proficiency in a scale of 0 to 10: 8/10

In-Game Information
How long have you been playing SAES? I have been playing SAES since 2016.
Have you ever been punished? Yes.
Have you ever been banned? (explain why): No.
What's your current organization and your rank? FBI and i'm a Field Agent.

RolePlay Information
First name: Luke
Surname: Morrow
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Place and date of birth: Oceanside, California, U.S., 15 of November 2001
Country of residence: United States of America
Address: 672 Wilson Street
Character backstory: Luke Morrow, born on 15th November 2021 in Oceanside, California, got in trouble with the Police since he was just a teenager due to his neighbourhood be one the of the most problematic from Oceanside. Most of his friends had some of the worst experiences through their youth and began to consume narchotics too soon than what was expected. Back in 2017, with just 16 years old, he already had a debt to his dealer of around ten thousand US Dollars. To redeem himself towards his parents, Luke found a job as stonemason close to his house and worked during the night shift while he was still studying in order to be able to pay his debt. Since it was a part-time, that job wasn't paying enough for Luke to claim his debt, so he decided to embrace his dream and join Desert Eagles lines' without telling his parents. He just left his house saying he would go work to Europe because he didn't wanted to be judged by his parents once again. Fortunately, Luke joined the Military Civilian Components and after a few months he joined Desert Eagles as an Assault Unit Private, after a couple deployments, he managed to pay the dealer's bill. Once he paid it, he went to his parents house to check up on them and tell what he really did and why he has done it. Unfortunetly, his father died a couple months before, during a store robbery, inside a mall.
Currently, Luke is living in Los Santos, in an apartment with his girlfriend and his daughter.

Additional Information
Which unique qualities could you offer to Secret Services? I am a hard worker person, i usually transmit confidence in everything i'm doing, plus, i have a high self-esteem which allows me to finish every single task/objective even if it's the hardest one to achieve without giving up that easily. I'm a pretty comunicative person, which i see as a must in today's society. And finaly but not less important, i consider myself a calm person, even in tricky or complicated situations.
Rate your RolePlay creativity in a scale of 0 to 10: I would say 7 out of 10

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Nickname: Cappo
Ingame account name: milan6969
Discord name and tag: Mk#0077
How long you have been playing SAES?: I've been playing actively since 2018.
Server Memberships: CC. I've been part of SAFD, SAP and I was a Senator once in 2020 (I think?)

Your strengths: I'm good at killing on ground and sea. Due to the fact that I've been SAP HQ for a year, I'd say that I'm quite good at communicating with people, I can handle problems easily. Being in the leadership of such a big group, I built up relations with a good amount of the player base, which I find useful.
I've also been a cop and a criminal, changed side a few times, which also helped me build up connections with people from each side.
I'd say I'm good at focusing at stuff, grinding to get something and also I'd say I'm a great team player (with smart people only).

Your weaknesses: Flying whatever. I'm just tragic when using whatever it is in the air.
I'd also mention roleplaying as a weakness of mine. I've never been good at it and I'm not planning to be good at it. I see no point of it, it doesn't interest people and it doesn't bring activity at all. I respect people that do it and have fun, though forcing it or expecting it to bring activity anywhere is just... foolish.

Last legitimate adminjail: I think it was in 2018 for marker arresting.
Last legitimate ban: Got banned for a week like a year ago by Daryl for avoiding mute. (if you wonder - no, i don't regret that at all. it was definitely worth it.)

Have you read the entire topic before applying?: Yes, I have.

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                                                 Part I : Introduction

Name: Fandi
Username: Fandi123
Country of residance: state of israel
Age: 21Years old
Languages: Hebrow/Arabic/English
In 2-3 lines, tell us about yourself: Hey! I'm Mohammed, I am 21. Im known In-game as Fandi, I like playing games, especially Valorant/GTA IV in my free time. I've started playing on them but then moved to Multi Theft Auto. I've been playing SAES for almost 6 years. I've already quite some friends playing who is my in-real life friends as well.
How long have you been playing SAES:RPG: I started playing in SAES since 6 years

                                                 Part II : Background Check

What's your current organization and your rank?: Federal Bureau of Investigation / Assistant Special Agent-in-charge
your skills in shooting (10/?) 8/10
**your skills in rolepay (10/?):**8/10
whats RolePlay meaning: Roleplay meaning applying the real life in the game
for example to take it seriously it was you who worked and work with confidence

                                                part III RolePlay Information

First name: Fandi
Surname: Miller
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Place and date of birth: Bengurion, Haifa, Israel , 9 of October 2001
Country of residence: Israel

Character backstory: My name is Mohammed Fandi Miller but people usually call me either Fandi or just Miller Born and raised in Ben gurion, from a family consisting of a two brothers and a little sister and i left the school on age 16 to help my parents in family expense and on age 18 forced to conscript conscrip and after i finshed the compulsory recruitmenti i started to search to work and i see the Recruitment of Secret service.

In 2-3 lines, tell us about yourself: Hi I'm Muhammed Fendi Miller, 21 years old from Israel and one of my hobbies is shooting and horse riding and I'm the eldest brother in the family, I grew up in a middle family in Haifa and didn't like school and i left it in age16 and wanted to work to get money to help my family.

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alt text

Personal Information

-In-game nickname: [SWAT*]FreshCoffee
-Username: Potato5
-Nationality: Moroccan
-Age: 18
-Languages you can speak: Arabic, English, French and little bit of german
-Rate your role-playing skills: 8/10

In-game Information

-How long have you been playing SAES: i have started since 2017
-Have you ever been Banned, if yes state the reason: I got banned for using a nickname
-Your current Gang/Squad membership and rank: S.W.A.T probie

-Define the Secret Service: The Secret Serivce is a federal law enforcement agency ruled by the Homeland Security responsible for protecting the White House members which it primary objective is to ensure the safety of the president and the vice president
-Why are you intrested in joining the Secret Service: Well i like the whole concept of safety and security and i have wanted to give it a try
-Why should we invite you: im quiet an active person and i like roleplaying with others
Evidence you collected from the past investigation: alt text
alt text
alt text

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To whom it may concern,

I'm placing this application as I've been interested in serving in the secret service since it started but I had personal complications that forced me to disappear from gaming, I can't promise super high activity but I can guarantee you at least 10 hours a week and I'll dedicate as much as I could of it to the secret service when necessary, below are my in game information:

Nick: FireFox

Login: firefox201791

Squads: SAPA LT until it died, FOX sHQ until it died, currently FBI ( never left cop side since I joined in 2013 )

Groups: Pro cop, Cuban cars impounder, GOV DoD Leader, SAM AIR, Ex-MCC

thank you for taking the time to go through my application.*


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Nickname: naulty
Age: 23
Nationality: I am from The Netherlands
Languages: Dutch & English
Server time: Since approximately 2009
Gang/squad: The Company
Current groups: None at the moment, kicked due a long period of inactivity.
Why do I apply for SS?: I have been inactive for a long period, joined the server again because honestly, I was done with playing GTA V. Now I'd like to spent my time online hanging and roleplaying around. I am communicative strong and the role of The Secret Service interests me, also in real life. That's why I make this appeal.

Kind regards,


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alt text

Saturday 19/11/2022 the Secret Service will give another training in the evening. No exact time will be given, we suspect we will start at either 19:00 or 20:00 ingame time.

Spawn LS -> Lawyer

Director Wallance

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alt text

Sunday 20/11/2022 the Secret Service will give another training in the evening. No exact time will be given, we suspect we will start at either 19:00 or 20:00 ingame time.

Spawn LS -> Lawyer
-warm clothing

Director Wallance

Edit: cancelled

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alt text

Applications have been closed. All applications will be reviewed, results will be published on or before the 29th.

Applications can not be changed as of 22/11/2022 09:00 GMT (time of this post), if we catch someone changing his/her application it will be ~[denied]~(red).

Director Fontaine
Director Stanley
Director Wallance

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alt text

Secret Service Recruitment is now over, the HQ team has gone over all submitted applications and has decided that the following people will pass to the next stage of testing i.e. ingame tests:-

  • @Doomm

  • @kenttabadat

  • @fandi

  • @Winter-Soldier

The decision was made based on application quality & efforts shown at ingame trainings and activities. If you do not find your name in the list above, better luck next time!

Those who are chosen, kindly await further instructions from SSHQ via discord.

Director Fontaine
Director Stanley
Director Wallance

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