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S.W.A.T. Academy Recruitment


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S.W.A.T. Academy Recruitment - 2022

5th Generation
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This generation of SWAT cadets will be met with a different Academy.



1. Player interested in joining SWAT expresses his interest in SWAT Discord server,
https://discord.gg/eDgGESGj4g (read rules channel for details on how to express your interest)

2. A representative of SWAT Management Branch will contact you via PM to arrange your entry to the academy.

3. You're now a cadet. Cadets will be granted access to "SWAT Tactical Paramedic" spawn.

4. You will have to spend a week as cadet and within the week you must pass 6 tests.

5. In case you pass the tests successfully, you will be voted on by established members of SWAT.

6. If you are voted in, you get a chance to pass the entry test and become one of us!

Receiving Paramedic spawn will mean that you're now part of SWAT squad panel, this does not however remotely mean that you are part of SWAT itself. This is only a means for us to experience more of what you can offer, more readily, than we'd be able to see if you were using a different spawn. As well as a first-hand insight for you as to what the squad that you're trying to join is really about, this is as close as it gets to being a SWAT member without actually being one.

Recruitment in SWAT is done democratically. This means that you will need to impress existent SWAT members if you hope to have them vote in favour of your acceptance to the squad. One day you may potentially be casting a vote yourself when it comes to future cadets. Until then, do your best to be seen as an efficient police officer.

Receiving an adminjail or a ban will see you suspended from the academy for a minimum of 30 days.



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