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[GXT Application] - Drogado


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Age (D/M/Y):24
Current gang/squad:CDC
Current group membership(s):TMH
Previous groups (List the reasons, why you left or got kicked out):NA
Have you been punishment in the last 2 months? If yes, why?:NA


Why would you like to join our company?:I've always liked being a truck driver, a few years ago I worked doing many routes in trucker, I see in this company a good opportunity to return to the streets making some deliveries
Can you offer anything special to the company?:I can offer my time and my truck driving skills and above all my word
Which division do you prefer? Trucking or Mechanical? (State the reason as well):Oh honestly I like both, but I prefer trucker


Your strenghts/weaknesses:Driving, thinking and acting, my weaknesses I can't tell you because it's hard to see your own weaknesses
What does roleplay stand for?: acting a real character within the game
Do you have any experience in roleplaying?yes
Are you capable of obeying orders?yes, ofc
What do you do if someone insults you in main chat?: ah I'm a tchill guy, so I won't do anything
What do you do if someone deathmatches you?:ah actually I don't really do anything, but the right thing would be to take ss and make a report
What would you change in company?Actually nothing
How would you make company better?oh I know they already do several types of deliveries, I think the only improvement would be to hire more workers and carry out campaigns
Additional Information:NA

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