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[GXT] Application | SkuLL


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Nickname: SkuLL
Username: Boboshero11
Age (D/M/Y): 20
Nationality: Egypt
Gender: Male
Current gang/squad: CDC
Current group membership(s): TMH
Previous groups (List the reasons, why you left or got kicked out): N\A
Have you been punishment in the last 2 months? If yes, why?: N/A


Why would you like to join our company?: I love this kind of load, like transporting goods by truck, and enjoying it in my spare time, so I want to join your company, and I hope you'll accept me as a member of yours.
Can you offer anything special to the company?: i can offer
Which division do you prefer? Trucking or Mechanical? (State the reason as well): I love both.


Your strenghts/weaknesses: Working hard, and I have a lot of strong things about it, like driving, transporting shipments, and shooting.
What does roleplay stand for?: You have to play roleplay that is to live your normal life but inside a game what you actually do is what you do in the game and this is called strict real life
Do you have any experience in roleplaying? yes sure
Are you capable of obeying orders? yes
What do you do if someone insults you in main chat?: With all due respect and professionalism, I will take the screenshot and send it to one of the presidents who are dealing with the situation.
What do you do if someone deathmatches you?: I will take screenshot and send to admin
What would you change in company? For me personally playing alone as a truck driver is not good, so I will try to improve the company culture by playing with other players, as well as creating goals for each player every month to make it more fun and interesting
How would you make company better? I'm going to do my best to get the company in a much better place, and I'm going to take advantage of my strengths.
Additional Information: I promise to be a good truck driver.

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