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Garrett's Pro Cop Application


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PART I : Introduction

Nickname : Garrett.
Accountname : Garrett2011.
Age : 11.
Primary language : Estonian.
How long have you been playing MTA : 2 Years.
When did you start playing on SAES:RPG : 01/07/2022.
In 2-3 lines, tell us a bit about yourself : Hello I am Garrett. I am 11 Years old. I like to play football and basketball and going to playing with my friends. In other time I like to play computer games. I like jazz music too. In SAES I like to playing with my friends in SWAT and arresting criminals.
Have you ever been banned? : No.

PART II : Background check

Rate your English skills : 7/10
Rate your RP skills : 6/10
Rate your radio usage skills and abilities : 8/10
Do you have RP binds?: No.

Current Squad: SWAT.
Previous Gangs, Squads: I don't have.
How much time have you spent in each one and why did you leave/get kicked? : I don't have.
Approx. date of joining : 02/07/2022
Link to your application of the squad you're currently in : I don't have. I was in academy first and then I become SWAT in discord.
What kind of RP-Related training have you had during your time on SAES. Please include the instructors/trainers name and the period in which you received it : I don't have.
Are you a ex-PC member?: No.
If yes, why were you removed?: I am not.
If yes include link to previous sign-in as proof : I am not.

PART III : Rules check

Have you read the Full Pro Cops Guide?: Yes.
What are the rules when spawning ''Dog''? Don't be alone without handler. Don't use radio. Dog can ride in back of car with 4 doors.

Explain In 2 lines and with your OWN words the following PC Rules :

PC Rule N1 : Players have to follow server rules mentioned both on server and forums otherwise they will serve a punishment.
PC Rule N3 : Don't arrest players under level 3 stars. You can roleplay with under level 3 stars but if they don't want then you can't arrest. If they are shooting to you then you can arrest and wanted level it does not matter. Don't arrest other cops. If you cant arrest a criminal you can kill him.
PC Rule N6 : PC members must think over their actions and show themselves in the best way. You must obey the hierarchy and act with respect towards the PCD team.
PC Rule N9 : Sign in to PC Forum if you get invite. If you don't sign in you will get remove from PC. And if you will leave to Pro Cop and you want to come back later there is no proof you are Pro Cop before. Don't edit your PC sign in after you sign in. It will be fraud if you do.

PART IV : Theoretical part

Explain for each scenario, what you would do. Include what each character does ( f.e animations, actions, commands, etc... ) (For each arrest that is made the suspect has to be read his rights. Failure to do so will include in denial of your Pro Cop application.) All scenarios are meant to be played out as uniformed officer in a marked cruiser.

You are on patrol and spot a civilian in a grey car performing an illegal U-turn and indicating late when turning. You decide to pull him over. He complies with your implication, following your signals to pull-over. You walk up to his vehicle, greet him, then politely request him to step out of the vehicle in order to speak to him. He then refuses to step out of the vehicle and responds with "I am not stepping out the vehicle, tell me why you have stopped me, officer."
Further on in the scene, he also demands you to show some identification of your own (Make an RP scenario and start it from when you attempt to pull him over. The parts of the written scenario have to be included but you're free to be creative.)

~[Officer Garrett put his police lights on.]~(violet)
~[Officer Garrett Megaphone:]~(orange) Pull over sir!
~[Officer Garrett RADIO:]~(yellow) L437, I am doing traffic stop with grey sedan, plate is 724 NBQ.
Officer Garrett: Hello sir, I am Officer Garrett, please come out of your car we need to talk.
Civilian: I am not stepping out the vehicle, tell me why you have stopped me, officer.
Officer Garrett: I stopped you because you did U-Turn in place where you can't do U-turn and you didn't indicate.
Civilian: Sorry I have to get kid from school and I don't want to do it, sorry officer.
Civilian: I don't believe you are really police, show me your badge.
~[Officer Garrett taking his badge and showing it to civilian.]~(violet)
Driver: Ok continue.
~[Officer Garrett putting his badge back and putting his hands to his sides.]~(violet)
Officer Garrett: Now you can come out of your car?
~[Driver pulling jacket more on him like it's cold.]~(violet)
Driver: It's cold I don't want.
~[Officer Garrett looking at driver's moving and holding his hand on gun.]~(violet)
Officer Garrett: We will be fast, come.
~[Driver coming out of car finally.]~(violet)
Officer Garrett: You have an ID card?
~[Driver gives ID card to Officer Garrett.]~(violet)
Officer Garrett: Ok sir you can't do this things here. Go back in your car I will come back soon.
~[Driver getting back in his car.]~(violet)
~[Officer Garrett going back to his car.]~(violet)
~[Officer Garrett writing in his car computer:]~(violet) Adam Brown, 724 NBQ.
~[Officer Garrett looking surprised and taking his radio and talking.]~(violet)
~[Officer Garrett RADIO:]~(yellow) L437, I need backup, here is a criminal wanted for a murder. My location, it's Roca Escalante, Las Venturas. I need backup fast.
~[L041 RADIO:]~(yellow) L041 copy, responding.
~[L753 RADIO:]~(yellow) L753 copy, responding.
~[Officer Garrett staying in his car until backup is here.]~(violet)
~[The backup is here, now Officer Garrett getting out of his car with megaphone.]~(violet)
~[L041 and L754 taking their M4A1 in gun locker in middle of police car and aiming at driver. Keeping car door open and being in cover with it.]~(violet)
~[Officer Garrett Megaphone:]~(orange) Sir listen to me carefully! Take your key and put it out of your window slowly!
~[Driver shaking in his body, very scared.]~(violet)
Driver: Officer what is this!
~[Officer Garrett Megaphone:]~(orange) Sir do it or we will shoot!
~[Driver throwing car key out of window.]~(violet)
~[Officer Garrett Megaphone:]~(orange) Now open your car door from outside through car window.
~[Driver putting both hands out of car window and pulls the door handle and opens it.]~(violet)
~[Officer Garrett Megaphone:]~(orange) Now don't look at us and come out and keep your hands up!
~[Driver coming out of the car slowly and not looking at officers, with hands up.]~(violet)
~[Officer Garrett Megaphone:]~(orange) Now slowly with left hand pull your shirt up!
~[Driver shouting to Officer Garrett, very angry.]~(violet)
Driver: Are you making a joke officer?
~[Officer Garrett Megaphone:]~(orange) Now sir, or we will open fire!
~[Driver pulls his shirt up with left hand slowly.]~(violet)
~[Officer Garrett Megaphone:]~(orange) Now keep your shirt up and keep your other hand in air and turn around slowly!
~[Driver keeping his shirt up and very slow, turning around. You can see Desert Eagle in his front.]~(violet)
L754: He has got a pistol!
~[Officer Garrett Megaphone:]~(orange) Look away from us! Don't take the gun or we will shoot!
~[Driver looking away, quickly getting his gun trying to shoot.]~(violet)
~[L754 holding down gun trigger and shooting 30 bullet to driver.]~(violet)
~[L041 shooting too at same time.]~(violet)
~[Officer Garrett quickly getting down and taking radio.]~(violet)
~[Officer Garrett RADIO:]~(yellow) L437, Shots fired shots fired in Roca Escalante, Las Venturas. Suspect down.
~[Officer Garrett taking his gun and going to dead suspect when aiming to him with other officers and checking pulse.]~(violet)
Officer Garrett: He is dead.
~[Officer Garrett RADIO:]~(yellow) L437, I need coroner in Roca Escalante, Las Venturas, here is one suspect killed.
~[After some time detectives coming and checking civilian car and finding alot of guns.]~(violet)
~[Dead suspect gets took by coroner.]~(violet)
~[Officer Garrett and other officers getting checked by ambulance for injury.]~(violet)
~[After it is clear, Officer Garrett is going to write document of today.]~(violet)

You've been patrolling around with your partner in downtown Los Santos when you suddenly come across a turf war with the Ballas against the Los Santos Vagos. Your tires have been popped which makes you not able to leave the scene.
Make a small scene where you and one of your partners use a chat on the radio, you must call back up, make sure you include your exact location and situation, describe the criminals, their gangs and used weapons.

~[Officer Garrett and Officer George are patrolling in Los Santos and then out of no where their tires are shot and they crash in a wall. It was not very fast so they are ok but their car is not.]~(violet)

~[Officer Garrett and Officer George taking cover behind car.]~(violet)
~[Officer Garrett fast taking radio and pressing button and talking.]~(violet)
~[Officer Garrett RADIO:]~(yellow) K437, shots fired shots fired! Here is a turf war and we need help! Our car is broken! We are in east Glen Park, Los Santos.
~[Dispatch RADIO:]~(yellow) Dispatch copy K437, SWAT coming in 5 minutes. Please describe the criminals.
~[Officer Garrett looking over car carefully and looking to both sides, seeing criminals and describing to Dispatch.]~(violet)
~[Officer Garrett RADIO:]~(yellow) K437, it looks like they are Ballas and Vagos. Here in east they are wearing yellow and in west purple. They are using sub machine guns and pistols. With yellow clothes all have bands around head and some don't have a shirt. With purple, 4 of them have black hats and 3 don't have.
~[Dispatch RADIO:]~(yellow) 10-4, how many criminals?
~[Officer Garrett counting with his finger how many criminals.]~(violet)
~[Officer Garrett RADIO:]~(yellow) K437, I'm seeing 7 Ballas and 8 Vagos. Right now we are not hurt.
~[Dispatch RADIO:]~(yellow) 10-4, SWAT team will come in 4 minutes.
Officer Garrett: Someone is coming here!
~[Officer Garrett and Officer George aim guns at him and finally kill him but Officer Garrett gets hit in hand and falls down.]~(violet)
~[Officer Garrett shouting, holding to his hand bleeding hardly.]~(violet)
Officer Garrett: I'm hit!
~[Officer George looking to Officer Garrett.]~(violet)
Officer George: Nooo, are you ok?
~[Officer Garrett looking to George like he is joking, very angry and hurting.]~(violet)
Officer Garrett: No I am not! Say in radio!
~[Officer George holding to radio button and talking fast.]~(violet)
~[Officer George RADIO:]~(yellow) K437, officer hit officer hit, need ambulance! In east Glen Park!
~[Dispatch RADIO:]~(yellow) 10-4, ambulance will come in 3 minutes.
~[Officer Garrett staying in his back and holding to bleeding hand.]~(violet)
Officer Garrett: Ahh, I will bleed out!
~[Officer George trying motivating Officer Garrett and pointing with finger to ambulance driving to here.]~(violet)
Officer George: No you will not, look they are here now, you are hearing siren?
~[Ambulance and SWAT vans driving to and past Officer Garrett and Officer George.]~(violet)
~[Paramedic putting Officer Garrett to bed and pushing bed to ambulance back. Paramedic driving to hospital.]~(violet)
~[Officer George taking armor vest from SWAT van and getting automatic rifle.]~(violet)
SWAT COMANNDER: Take this gun and armor Officer and be covering our back. Don't be hero. We don't want more officers in hospital like your friend.
~[Vagos and Ballas running away and shooting to police and SWAT. One SWAT unit getting hit in vest but it's not problem. All gangsters are killed but one is running to his car and driving away.]~(violet)
~[Police helicopter following last gangster. LSPD following him after 2 minutes too and he is out of fuel.]~(violet)
~[Gangster putting hands up and coming out of car.]~(violet)
~[He is arrested and put to police car. Later police know he is leader of Vagos and detectives asking him questions.]~(violet)
~[Tow truck taking Officer Garrett's police car and fixing it.]~(violet)
~[Officer George writing document of turf war today because Officer Garrett is in hospital.]~(violet)
~[Officer Garrett has operation and it is sucessful. After 1 week Officer Garrett is back in his car and being sure all is safe in San Andreas.]~(violet)

I Garrett, swear that all the provided information in this application is only the truth, and nothing but the truth.
And with this application I accept to Respect all the server and PC rules at all times, Do my job as it should be, and never abuse the equipment provided to me by the SAPD.
I swear to protect the innocent and serve the San Andreas Constitution.



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There are few changes that has to be done:

  • The descriptions of PC Rule N1 and N6 must be extended,

  • Use RP (f.e /do, /me) commands a bit more often in both scenarios,

  • Extend or completely rewrite the 2nd scenario. It's too concise at the moment.



SAPD PC Tester.

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You have passed the first recruitment stage. The team has decided that you fulfill the requirements needed in order to be accepted. Please do not hesitiate and reach one of our testers for questions prior to your live test.



SAPD PC Tester.

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