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Ryns's Application for ZIP


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Nickname: [ThC]Ryns
Account name: afffh
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Nationality: Tunisian
Primary Language: Arabic


How long have you been playing SAES: since 2019
How active are you on SAES:RPG ? : i play like 4 or 5 hours per day
What's your current organization?
The Company
Current group memberships:
Rate your Building Skills: 8/10
Rate your RP skills: 6/10
Rate your creativity skills: 8/10
Rate your English skills: 8.5/10

How much Hours you have ingame: 1900 Hours

Why do you want to join us: i want to join beacuse im active ing, Creative boy and respectful person and i love building and i will work to bring a new ideas to the organization.

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ZIP - Build Banner
Title: Parking
Date: 16/06/2022
Description: Public parking
Screenshot(s):[s=]alt textalt textalt textalt textalt textalt texthttps://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/831569047396679740/987390082585600010/mta-screen_2022-06-09_00-51-35.png[/s]

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alt text

The efforts are moderately corresponding to our expectations but we take you to the next stage anyway, make sure to do more complex constructions or rich content roleplay.

You are now in the Stage 2 : Blueprint Project - Eligibility.

Check the requirements to succeed on it here : https://saesrpg.uk/topic/26974/zip-2021-recruitment-center

In brief: You will need to create a blueprint with any software you want then build it ingame with the public worker spawn and post it here while keeping the roleplay (Be sure to add images and descriptions).

Good luck.

On behalf of ZIP Management,

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