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PC - Pro Cops

PC Tester Recruitment - February 2022


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PC Tester Recruitment - November 2022

Experienced policemen may apply for position of Pro Cops Tester, they will be tasked with testing and eventually inviting officers whose applications were approved and have passed the PC entry test. This is a role which comes with great responsibility as those appointed as new testers will essentially have the last say in who joins the PC group, monitored solely by SAPD HQ.

If you're interested in becoming a tester and believe that you posses significant experience in both daily police tasks and PC procedures, but are also active, communicative and speak understandable English; you may attempt to obtain the role.


Policing Groups:
Pro Cop Since (date):
Link to Pro Cop Sign-in Post:
Previous Experience:

~[Why would you make a good tester?:]~(orange)

Post your application in a comment below.

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Name: Sollozzo
Username: Sollozzo
Age: 23
Nationality: French

Squad: Independent Policeman
Policing Groups: San Andreas Interceptors, San Andreas Fire Department
Pro Cop Since (date): 29/01/21
Link to Pro Cop Sign-in Post: https://saesrpg.uk/post/273825
Previous Experience: Immigration and Customs Enforcement (HQ), Military Intelligence Team (VL and later L).

Why would you make a good tester?:
My impartiality in judgment and the notion of absolute neutrality. My ability to make the fair appreciation, recognition and respect of the rights and merit of each person.

But also my expertise and my experience in maintaining an organizational structure through the establishment of standards, a guarantee of quality.

So far, the organizations that have trusted me for administration and management know my dedication and the provided work.

I hereby wish to be a part of the PC Testers in order to actively contribute to it.


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Name: Riley
Username: rendor123
Age: I'm currently 21 years old.
Nationality: I'm half Hungarian half Serbian, however I've been living in Serbia for most of my life.

Squad: Special Weapons and Tactics [SWAT], where I've been in the rank of Lieutenant for the past year.
Policing Groups: The only policing group I'm part of is San Andreas Interceptors. I'm a proud former member of Homeland Security and Secret Service.
Pro Cop Since (date): If I'm not mistaken I joined the ProCops first time in 2017. My recent membership started in February of 2021.
Link to Pro Cop Sign-in Post: Sign-in Post
Previous Experience: My career as an instructor started straight back in 2018 when I had the privilege to become a full-time trainer and instructor in the circles of the San Andreas Police Academy, formerly known as SAPA. I managed to gain experience both as a helper and as an instructor too. Back then we were the ones who tested the 70% of the ProCop applicants as the external way of receiving the diploma was less relevant for the newbies, and for the less experienced cops on the server.
After that I had the chance to become the member of the Top Brass in a LVL4 squad called Special Task Force where we hosted various type of trainings, exercise courses and so on..
Nowadays I'm a proud member of the oldest squad on the server, SWAT. This is the place I found my home on the server and where I'm ready to sacrifice as much energy as needed. Lately I've been training our new generation of SWAT Officers, both during their SAC Membership and even after that. I would be most honored to utilize my skills and experience as a SAPD Tester as well to preserve a well-trained and effective base of Law-Enforcement Officers on the server.

~[Why would you make a good tester?:]~(orange,orange) I believe my positive characteristics are all useful when it comes to training and testing applicants. My consistency, management skills, maximalist attitude, hierarchy based philosophy and helpfulness could all contribute to my personality as a tester.

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Name: ZoRo
Username: ZoRo124
Age: 19
Nationality: Tunisian

Squad: S.W.A.T. - Special Weapons and Tactics
Policing Groups: SAI - SAPD Police Officer
Pro Cop Since (date): 13 August 2020
Link to Pro Cop Sign-in Post: Click Me
Previous Experience: I've been playing on the server for 4 years, Since the beginning. I have decided to join the police side. I have started my career with ICE since I was new to the server. And, I don't have many pieces of knowledge about the Squad, but I was improving that by joining SAPA to get some trainings about the life of cops. Then, I have joined ETF and starts with it from the first level, which is level 0 to 4, it was a good experience there. I learned many things about the server, cop side, etc..., After closing ETF, I decided to join the FBI, honestly, I didn't feel comfortable there, as it was inactive, and had no friends to play with. So I decided to leave, and my decision was the SAFP squad. Here is the place where I grow up, from a cadet to a vice leader, wasn't that easy, as I received many pieces of training from respected players in the server. and, when I was there I have finally obtained my pro-cop diplomat after many tries. as always after passing around 2 years or a bit less, everything has an end. I was going to stay squad less since I don't feel ready to join any other squad yet. but I got an offer from a respected squad, and Here I am with the SWATs.

~[Why would you make a good tester?:]~(orange) I would be a good tester because as I have mentioned above, I have received many tasks from experienced players in the server within the cop side, in SAFP, SAPD, or SAI. I am aware of the responsibility that comes from Being an SAFD tester, and I'm ready for that. I want to teach new players what I have learned in my Police career. I've dealt with Testing/Applications before, So I think that I will not have a problem doing this. That's all that I have to say, Thanks for reading.

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Name: JasonBourne
Username: nejc1234567
Age: 23
Nationality: Slovene

Squad: FBI
Policing Groups: Secret Service & San Andreas Medics, former SAFD member.
Pro Cop Since (date): Since 5th of May 2020.
Link to Pro Cop Sign-in Post: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/152/sapd-pc-qualified-officers-report-in-after-invitation/64?page=4
Previous Experience: Don't have much previous experience, but I'm willing to learn everything required for the position.

Why would you make a good tester?: I believe I am a good fit for a tester for several reasons, most specifically due to my dedication, loyalty, and strong personality. In particular, my in-game activity/forums as well as my experience (server-wise) make me an outstanding candidate. I know being a Pro Cop tester comes with great responsibility, but I'm ready to accept everything that comes along the way with it.

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Name: JohnnyEnglish
Username: johnnyenglish
Age: 19
Nationality: Canadian/Indian

Squad: FBI
Policing Groups: Secret Service, Homeland Security, San Andreas Interceptors,
Pro Cop Since (date): 27th March 2019
Link to Pro Cop Sign-in Post: Here
Previous Experience: I joined the policing side of the server in 2019 with Special Task Force as my squad, later on, I joined FOX Operations X which was the squad where I learned everything about being a cop, under expert guidance. I eventually was promoted to Commander HQ in FOX which gave me the authority to test our applicants, giving me tons of experience in the testing sector. In this time, I also joined SAPA, acquired my ProCop Diploma through it, and moved on to becoming a Corporal and training cadets for various licenses including ProCop Diploma. I have amassed a lot of experience in the testing sector be it for a squad or the PC Diploma. After the closure of FOX, I now find myself to be residing in FBI with my friends.
Why would you make a good tester?: As specified above, I am rather seasoned in this line of testing as I have had an immense amount of experience testing applicants for squads or the Pro Cop Diploma. I also am an ex SAPD Staff and am one of the most experienced PC Testers on the server. With my pursuit of good quality and my being a veteran in the field of PC Testing, I think that I can make a good tester.

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Name: Legend
Username: topman
Age: 23
Nationality: Ukrainian

Squad: FBI
Policing Groups: Secret Service, San Andreas Interceptors, SAPD member and DE. I'm also former HLS, SAM, SAFD.
Pro Cop Since (date): 28/10/2021
Link to Pro Cop Sign-in Post: https://saesrpg.uk/post/323995
Previous Experience: I'd say my first experience as a policeman I got back in 2017 when I joined SAI. It was a good time, I can recollect trying my best at pulling over people even though I was a gang member to just have some fun that way. I've always enjoyed of being a cop. Most of saes players nowadays would say RP is boring, but I can tell you guys, that is not 'bout me at all! I thoroughly enjoy doing those and that made me want to learn as much as possible to become one of the best.I was given many lessons by Bas and some more old SAI members. In a couple of years I joined my first squad and that is actually where my cop career starts. To summarize I was mostly tought by SAI and FOX members and being in those organization I gained required skills for this position. For the practical experience as I'd like to add, I tested FOX applicants from time to time, hosted squad trainings and gave many lessons to different people to teach them stuff about RP and radio usage. I also used to help people prepare for some rp based group tests like SAI, let alone there were way more to do for other groups.

~[Why would you make a good tester?:]~(orange) I'm incliend to believe that skills is the most valuable thing for the spot. Skills and knowledge of what being pro cop member stands for. I have a clear understanding of those two and ready to take responsibilities for my possible job.

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Name: LandShark
Username: landsharkppppp
Age: 17
Nationality: Hungarian

Squad: San Andreas Federal Police
Policing Groups: SAI, SAPD, SS, SAFD
Pro Cop Since (date): 15 November, 2021
Link to Pro Cop Sign-in Post: Link
Previous Experience: I don't have much experience from the past, but I can say that I'm a HQ of the SA Federal Police for more than a year.

Why would you make a good tester?: I would be a good tester, because I think I meet the requirements. I am active, so I'm able to react to questions, or even test on the following day. I'm patient with the applicants, not getting mad so easily (I think this is very important because you are not breaking the reputation of the department if you stay calm, whatever happens). I also have more than 1 year experience of being a HQ of a huge organization. I'm tolerant towards everyone, also not acting like a retard (I think this is also very important, since you are not giving bad first impression of the organization(s) that you are currently in, with this not decreasing, but maybe even increasing the amount of applicants). I'm able to take control in different situations, with this avoiding argues. I know when to act serious and when it's allowed to joke. I want to devote myself towards such a position, where I can help the players to receive their ProCop Diploma and also can enjoy the game. I want to take my experience to the next level and learn more things to be a better player of the community. This is one of my motivations that would keep me doing my job as a PC Tester, meanwhile I learn from my more experienced colleagues and help the community.

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Name: Howlze
Username: howlze
Age: 28
Nationality: Dane

Squad: FBI
Policing Groups: Secret Service, San Andreas Police Department & San Andreas Interceptors.
Pro Cop Since (date): I've been a Pro Cop a tremendous amount of times, and have had to re-join due to different events, hereunder: joining a criminal organization alongside long periods of inactivity.
Link to Pro Cop Sign-in Post: https://saesrpg.uk/post/261152
Previous Experience: I have previously been an external Pro Cops Tester back in 2011 or 2012 when I was HQ in DEA. I tutored and tested a long list of DEA members for a Pro Cops Diploma. I have also been a sergeant in SAPA in earlier days, where I helped a lot of cadets pass their SAPA training course to become a Pro Cop. Besides that, I have had a high position in the hierarchy in various squads throughout my year, which has resulted in me having to perfect the art of role-playing and sharing my knowledge.

Why would you make a good tester?: My vast knowledge of the server, especially policing, due to always* having been in a squad since 2010. I have had major experience with being a Pro Cops Tester in DEA and SAPA, and I have large know-how of the procedure, being a Pro Cop, and what it takes to maintain a constant flow of consistent great future candidates. My general knowledge throughout the many years of SAES has given me the opportunity to introduce newer players into the basis of being a Pro Cop.

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Name: Glayd
Username: pasha656
Age: 18
Nationality: Ukrainian

Squad: SWAT
Policing Groups:

  • San Andreas Interceptors

  • San Andreas Police Departament

  • San Andreas Medics

  • San Andreas Fire Department

  • Secret Service

  • Homeland Security

Pro Cop Since (date): 27/10/2021
Link to Pro Cop Sign-in Post: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/198/sapd-shadowlog/66
Previous Experience: I have really big experience behind.I joined safp approximately summer 2018 and I got rank up to HQ in same year.From that moment it starts I was giving alot of lessons every week and testing people to enter and getting rank up.Also hosting alot of trainings include rp training (rp basics,animations etc.) people had to go through all the lessons and training to be allowed to take the test. Also I was playing on others rp and hard rp servers where I was leading some divisions in government where I was writing some laws and played my role. So I really know what's rp and how to play any role.

Why would you make a good tester?: As I said above I have really big experience in rping and leading squads and divisions. All these factors will help to cope with the tasks that will be entrusted to me in the event of becoming a PC tester.

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Name: Dovahkiin
Username: Dovahkiin23
Age: 22 years old
Nationality: Croatian
Squad: Federal Bureau of Investigation
Policing Groups: Secret Service, Brinks
Pro Cop Since (date): July 21. 2016.
Link to Pro Cop Sign-in Post: https://archive.saesrpg.uk/community/topic/20448-sapd-pc-qualified-officer-report-in-after-invitation/?do=findComment&comment=1604773 (old SAES archive site)
Previous Experience: Brief biography: SAES player since 2016. Past squads: San Andreas Police Academy, San Andreas Federal Police, Central Inteligence Agency, Special Tasks Force, The Royals, Drug Enforcement Agency, Military Inteligence Team. Current squad: Federal Bureau of Investigation, rank field agent level two.
San Andreas Police Academy: After I started playing as police trainee in 2016, I figured out that I can do better for myself and have skills to join SAPA so I applied. After I completed my education in SAPA, passed all tests and joined Pro Cop group, from that point in time I was always Pro Cop, never left it, never broke any rules or anything similar. My next goal was to pick up knowleadge from other squads and to see how other squads operate so I left SAPA. After picking up most important things from other squads, my next goal was to become SAPA instructor, so I joined SAPA again and after few months applied for SGT. As I became instructor, my new point of view was opened as I needed to train, prepare new cadets for Pro Cop group. The most important thing was to to see if in general someone is ready to become Pro Cop so I needed to monitor other players actions and decide if they are ready.
Other squads: In every squads I was full of respect to other members and in every situation I helped them to solve issues. Like I wrote above, I wanted to see how every squad operates and during that I've seen a lot of bad and good things in squad management. Every squad had different mindset.

Why would you make a good tester?: Because I think Pro Cop tester must be communicative, building strong relationship with applicants, but also reliable and convincing. They need to have very good knowledge of all the Pro Cop rules and server rules. A necessary condition for doing this job is patience and expressed negotiation skills. I think these qualities I own.
Because it would provide me with the ability to enhance the quality of choosing players who fit the role of a Pro Cop and at the same time make important decisions to improve cop side. I realized that not everyone can take this job as far as I believe it can go. It's my intent to create a well-developed testing procedure around this group and in the process of that I want to get other people interested in joining Pro Cop group. I think it takes a moral, descriptive, and skilled player to take on a task such as this, since it requires the player to spend time teaching intelligently and strategically other players so they can oppose crime in San Andreas, or in other way to be a respectful police officer. In my opinion a lot of other groups or jobs on the server are pretty straight forward and can become repetitive over a period of time. This job on the other hand is almost guaranteed to provide a different experience each time for both the tester and the people involved. I myself am a very patient person that likes to take time needed to allow situations to develop before I engage them, I believe this group caters to that trait. As I was never a HQ in a squad I know every problem a small guy in every squad has, every player to me is same and it doesnt matter if you are HQ in some squad, group or not, its about your skills and how well can you take the pressure and not engage in every outburst situation.
Last but not least, I'm very motivated to obtain this role in this group because of my out-of-character interest. I'm a fanatic when it comes to watching shows centered on investigating, collecting data about other players, teaching them etc. I think it makes me an excellent candidate for this job. I think that I will fit in your team, both professionally and morally.

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Name: Sou
Username: thedamnboss
Age: 19
Nationality: Tunisian

Squad: S.W.A.T.
Policing Groups: DE, HLS, SAI and SS
Pro Cop Since (date): 15th May 2016
Link to Pro Cop Sign-in Post: Here
Previous Experience: Over 6 years of being actively involved in the police side, I was able to join practically all the policing groups and I've had the chance to assume several management positions. My career started with the National Narcotics Bureau in February 2016. A couple of months later, I left the squad briefly in order to join SAPA and acquire my ProCop diploma, as I firmly believed I was too new to try obtaining it externally. At the same time, I was invested in joining SAI, so it felt beyond important to work on my roleplay skills for the sake of both groups. I graduated SAPA and was accepted into SAI within the same week in May 2016. After that, I immediately returned to NNB and carried on climbing the hierarchy until I was eventually promoted to the sHQ rank in February 2017, upon which I was first entrusted with the responsibility of interviewing and testing applicants. I was further promoted to HQ in August 2017, and I kept carrying out active management duty until I chose to leave the squad in June 2018. I joined SWAT that same month and I've been there ever since. I was not immediately interested in ranking up in SWAT, however I did pursue my ambitions in other groups. I applied for and managed to join the Police Complaints Department (PCD) as a Detective in December 2018. Then much of 2019 revolved around managing DE's Assault Unit, the DE Military Academy and the Secret Service. But I was also able to rejoin SAPA as soon as it was turned into a group in February 2019, whereupon I managed to attain the rank of Private and was well on my way to becoming a fully fledged instructor. However, I had to leave later in May due to a conflict of interests involving my position in SAPD at the time. Towards the end of the year, I lost interest in the game, which ultimately led to dismissal from PCD and retirement from sHQ duty in SWAT after being deemed unable to fulfill it, and I went into inactivity in December 2019.

Why would you make a good tester?: Between the squads and the groups that I have been part of, I've built an extensive policing career and established myself as a capable manager. I'm very experienced in the field of testing, given that I've had to conduct tests since an early point in my career. But aside from my past experiences, I've also been actively responsible for recruiting and testing SWAT applicants over the last 5 months. I've always seen to my duties in a timely manner and fulfilled them to the best of my abilities, hence why I trust that I'm a suitable candidate for the position.

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Name: Niceez
Username: nice3549
Age: 22
Nationality: Russian

Squad: S.W.A.T.
Policing Groups: DE, HLS, SS, SAI.
Pro Cop Since (date): 20th July 2017
Link to Pro Cop Sign-in Post: hi
Previous Experience: I would like to start by saying that I started playing on the server from the end of 2012. And since then, I've been hanging around law enforcement forces, never having tried the other side. I started my first steps in TST. Here I got acquainted with the basic knowledge of playing as a policeman. My next starting point was SAFP. I spent about 5 years in this squad and gained a mountain of experience. My duties included training newcomers, managing the squad as a whole, observing order among all. During my stay at SAFP, I allowed myself to join SAPA for a month to receive a PC diploma. And exactly in this squad I received the necessary knowledge on the use of radio (commands, codes, etc.), RP skills, and here I saw a deeply debugged and structured system of ranks. After graduation, I returned to SAFP and continued my activities, but soon, for a number of reasons, I left the squad and joined SWAT. This chapter of my career has been going on since 2018 and there are no prerequisites for finishing it. During these 4 years, I have climbed the career ladder and reached the position of Vice Commander.
Speaking of groups that are related to the law enforcement side, today I am a member of each of them, trying to break up the dull days of playing on SAES. In SAI, using the skills I received in SAPA, I reached the rank of Sergeant. At HLS, at one time, I had the opportunity to be the leader of the Intelligence Unit. Here I also faced leadership and recruiting tasks. Just recently, I was reinstated in the Secret Service to interact with the government in the form of RP.

Why would you make a good tester?: Based on the path I have traveled, I can say that behind my back there is some kind of experience that can help with the recruitment of experienced, and most importantly, skilled police officers who will represent our side with dignity and honor. And last but not least, I can share my own mistakes that I had to face so that others could learn from them without committing them.

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