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ZIP Monthly Service Event


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Greetings my fellow builders,
On behalf of the ZIP management team, I would love to announce that we want to give you all something back for all your hard work and loyal support for one of the greatest groups that has ever blessed the SAES server.

After long working days in the office grilling interns, and sweeting it out in the copy room with secretaries, we have came together and are going to start a monthly contest in house, between all members, to show "the powers to be" that ZIP is far from dead, but a force to be reckoned with.

Unlike past in-house events, this will not be a short lived run, this will be a regular monthly event that will go as long as the money in our pockets holds out (and i can a sure you, are management team has very deep pockets). Also, unlike the past, this will not be segregated between sub groups, but team work will add bonuses to all participants and submittals (but will not exclude any great solo RP's).

The top prizes will be going out to the players that produce the most summits each month. If someone wins this month, they can still win the next month. The rules are simple, ZIP building group must be used. If "teams" are used for a summit, then all zip members that helped or was apart can use this a counted summit. But just remember, that there can only be 1 winner for each prize, So with team summits, the more information will grant more points to be rewarded for the summit. Teamwork grants more points, but weak input will be noticed.

There is so much RP potential, even in getting teams picked and getting a trusted leader, use that! Or maybe you want to get some of your gang members to join you in a great RP story about how your gang leader left a dead body in the back room at ZIP base. So show us and the rest of the world just what it means to be ZIP.

Prizes are the following:
1st: $3,000,000
2nd: $2,000,000
3rd: $1,000,000

Post your summits here

If you are in need on how to prepare your Summit feel free to contact your local manager!

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