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PC - Pro Cops

Schwaring`s Pro Cop Application


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PART I : Introduction

Nickname : Schwaring
Accountname : shiroi36
Age : 18
Primary language : Turkish
How long have you been playing MTA : Probably 2014-2015
When did you start playing on SAES:RPG : 2020 May or June
In 2-3 lines, tell us a bit about yourself : My name is Alper. Im living in Turkey/Izmir.I like to playing games and listening music .Im mostly playing mta
WoW and I'd like to listen chill and hip hop genres .My favorite activity is biking*in mountain
Have you ever been banned? : No

PART II : Background check

Rate your English skills : 7/10
Rate your RP skills : 6/10
Rate your radio usage skills and abilities : 8/10
Do you have RP binds? :Yes I have

Current Squad: SAFP
Previous Gangs, Squads: MIT , JK , CripZ , GIGN
How much time have you spent in each one and why did you leave/get kicked? :

  • MIT: I spent 1 or 2 week as MIT.I started new to SAES and this guys recruit me mit and i didnt like to play copside after I go inactive and this guys kicked me for inactivity

  • JK: I spent 1 or 2 Months as JK. My friend joined JK and i joined too. JK is good but Im playing in morning but JK members is played in night and im bored to playing alone.I leaved from JK

  • CripZ: I spent 4 or 5 Months as CripZ. Cripz is good I like to play as cripz but my friends said lets create squad and I leaved from cripz

  • GIGN: I spent about 1month as GIGN. We had some problem with my friends and we decied to close

Approx. date of joining :

  • MIT: MIT forum is deleted but probably 20.05.2020

  • JK : JK forum deleted too but probably 2021 January or 2020 December

  • CripZ: 2021 February

  • GIGN: 2021 August

  • SAFP: 2021 September

Link to your application of the squad you're currently in : SAFP using discord for apply and my apply was deleted
What kind of RP-Related training have you had during your time on SAES. Please include the instructors/trainers name and the period in which you received it : I got some training in SAFD recruitment test from AFUFU and I got some test in SAFP recruitment test from Landshark
Are you a ex-PC member?: N/A
If yes, why were you removed? :N/A
If yes include link to previous sign-in as proof :N/A

PART III : Rules check

Have you read the Full Pro Cops Guide?: Yes I read
What are the rules when spawning ''Dog''?

  • Dogs are cant carry guns

  • Dogs are cant speak in Chat

  • Dogs need a Handler

  • You can speak in private chats and u cant speak like a human u need to speak like a dog

  • You should be in the back seat of car u cant open your door u need to wait to open handler

Explain In 2 lines and with your OWN words the following PC Rules :

PC Rule N1 :You must not violate any rules written ingame, and you must know that if you violate these rules, you will be warned by SAES administrators.(It is assumed that you have read these rules from the moment you enter the game.)

PC Rule N3 :Try roleplaying with criminals whose star is 3 or below. If they don't want to roleplay , if he doesn't want to roleplay with me, I'll walk away without arresting him . If a cop has a star, don't arrest him and give him a bribe . If you don't have enough range to arrest him, you can kill him .If a criminal is actively committing a crime, you can arrest him without roleplay

PC Rule N6 :You need to respect all SAES players and you cant be toxic
because You are representing SAPD and You didnt have permission to harm SAPD reputation. You need to respect to SAPD hierarchy

PC Rule N9 :If you do not register yourself in the forum topic, it may cause your PC to be deleted in the future. Because some people may abuse it. It also causes your PC to be deleted when you edit the topics you have signed up for

PART IV : Theoretical part

Explain for each scenario, what you would do. Include what each character does ( f.e animations, actions, commands, etc... ) (For each arrest that is made the Suspect has to be read his rights. Failure to do so will include in denial of your Pro Cop application.) All scenarios are meant to be played out as uniformed officer in a marked cruiser.

You are on patrol and spot a civilian in a grey car performing an illegal U-turn and indicating late when turning. You decide to pull him over. He complies with your implication, following your signals to pull-over. You walk up to his vehicle, greet him, then politely request him to step out of the vehicle in order to speak to him. He then refuses to step out of the vehicle and responds with "I am not stepping out the vehicle, tell me why you have stopped me, officer."
Further on in the scene, he also demands you to show some identification of your own .

~[(RADIO Los Santos) Officer.Denis: Lincoln-36 to Dispatch,10-30 From LSPD,10-8 for calls, over.]~(orange)

~[(RADIO Los Santos)Dispatcher.P: 10-4, over.]~(orange)

~[(RADIO Los Santos) Lincoln-36 to Dispatch, 10-55,Reporting Illegal U-Turn at Los Santos Warehouse Suspect is riding Grey "Sultan" car.10-2,over.]~(orange)

~[(RADIO Los Santos)Dispatcher.P: Dispatch to Lincoln-36.10-4,over.]~(orange)

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan)~[/me He turns on the sirens and picks up the megaphone from the back seat..]~(violet)

~[[Megaphone] This is Los Santos Police Department please pull over to the right side of the road and kill the engine.]~(gray,silver)

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan)::~[/do Will suspect pull the car?]~(olive)

~[Suspect:]~(red):~[/do Yes.]~(olive)

~[Suspect:]~(red):~[/me Parks his car to the right side of the road and stops the engine.]~(violet)

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan)::~[/me parks his car to the right side of the road and stops the engine.]~(violet)

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan)::~[/me tooks her gun from the seat and put it in the gun holster.]~(violet)

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan)::~[/me Walks slowly to suspect's car ,while holding gun holster.]~(violet)

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan):~[:/me clicks the car window a few times.]~(violet)

~[Suspect:]~(red):~[/me slowly opens the car window.]~(violet)

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan): Hello sir,I am Denis Favier from the Los Santos Police Department.I need to see your driving license and ID card.

~[Suspect:]~(red): Why did you stop me and Why do you want to see my driver's license and ID.

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan): Because you made an illegal u-turn on this street and your actions are very remarkable.

~[Suspect:]~(red): Can you prove to me that you're a cop?

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan)::~[/me takes out his wallet from his pocket, shows his badge and shows the rank on his shoulder.]~(violet)

~[Suspect:]~(red):~[/me looks carefully at the badge.]~(violet)

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan): Do you believe I'm a police officer now?

~[Suspect:]~(red):~[/do Is it real badge?]~(olive)

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan)::~[/do Yes Its real.]~(olive)

~[Suspect:]~(red) Okey I believe you.

~[Suspect:]~(red):~[/me takes the ID card from his wallet,opens the glove box, takes the Driver's license and hands it to the Police officer.]~(violet)

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan)::~[/me unlocks the gun holster and takes his hand to his gun.]~(violet)

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan)::~[/do making any suspicious moves?]~(olive)

~[Suspect:]~(red):~[/do No.]~(olive)

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan)::~[/me closes the gun case and takes the documents.]~(violet)

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan)::~[/me progresses towards the car.]~(violet)

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan)::~[/me checks the received documents in the police database.]~(violet)

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan)::~[/do are there any past crimes?]~(olive)

~[Suspect:]~(red):~[/do Yes, drunk driving.]~(olive)

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan)::~[/me gets out of his car and slowly moves towards the suspicious vehicle.]~(violet)

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan): This is not your first traffic offense, so I have to write you a ticket for an illegal u-turn.

~[Suspect:]~(red): I am sorry, I didnt know that u-turns were forbidden on this street.

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan)::~[/me takes a pen out of his pocket and writes a ticket]~(violet).

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan)::~[/me hands the ticket to the Suspect]~(violet)

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan): This is your ticket, if you want to pay, you can go to the nearest police department. Have a nice day and drive carefully.

~[Suspect:]~(red): Thanks Officer.Have a good day sir.

~[(Radio Los Santos) Officer.Denis: This is Lincoln-36 to Dispatch 10-8, resuming patrol, over.]~(orange)

You've been patrolling around with your partner in downtown Los Santos when you suddenly come across a turf war with the Ballas against the Los Santos Vagos. Your tires have been popped which makes you not able to leave the scene.
Make a small scene where you and one of your partners use a chat on the radio, you must call back up, make sure you include your exact location and situation, describe the criminals, their gangs and used weapons.

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan):Its so delicious still dont want to eat?

~[Officer_Rieeria]~(cyan): I dont like to eat donut.Thanks.

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan):Do you hear a gunshot? The gunfire is coming very close.

~[Officer_Rieeria]~(cyan):Sounds are coming from Glenpark.

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan):Lets get away immediately and wait for support to arrive.

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan):~[/me picks up the radio and starts talking to dispatch.]~(violet)

~[(Radio Los Santos) Officer.Denis:This is Adam-961 to Dispatch , 10-12 at Los Santos Glenpark, there is intense gunfire.They are using "Glock-18" . 2 gangs are fighting each other.The colors are Yellow and Purple,over.]~(orange)

~[(Radio Los Santos)Dispatcher.P:10-4,sending units to scene,over.]~(orange)

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan):~[/me Presses the gas.]~(violet)

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan)::Fuck car cant move.

~[/do the tires of the cars have blown out.]~(olive)

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan)::Tires burst Rieeria we need to get away from the car urgently.

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan):~[/me picks up the radio and talks.]~(violet)

~[(Radio Los Santos)Officer_Denis: Adam-961 to Dispatch,our tires are flat, we can't get away from the scene,over.]~(orange)

~[Officer_Rieeria]~(cyan):Denis, take your gun from the back seat, let's get a cover in the car.

~[Officer_Rieeria]~(cyan):~[/me takes M4 from back seat.]~(violet)

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan):~[/me takes MP5 from back seat.]~(violet)

~[they get out of the car without attracting attention and get a cover in the car.]~(lime)

~[Ballas_Member]~(blueviolet):~[/me he begins to open fire on the car with a "Glock-18..]~(violet)

~[Ballas_Member]~(blueviolet):~[/do Officer_Denis will get hurt?]~(olive)

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan)~[/do Yes from left arm.]~(olive)

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan):Fuck shot me in the left arm.

~[Officer_Rieeria]~(cyan):Calm down and put pressure on the hole with your glove.

~[(Radio Los Santos)Officer_Rieeria:11-99, Officer got shooted with "Glock-18".]~(orange)

~[(Radio Los Santos)Dispatcher.P:Units is on its way,eta 2 minute,over.]~(orange)

~[Officer_Rieeria]~(cyan):/me he carefully begins to open fire on the vagos.

~[Officer_Rieeria]~(cyan):~[/do Will Vagos member get hurt?]~(olive)

~[Vagos_Members]~(yellow):~[/do Yes, Left Leg.]~(olive)

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan):Where's the fucking support units, they're shooting everywhere.

~[Officer_Rieeria]~(cyan):Did you hear the siren?

~[Officer_Denis]~(cyan):Probably Support Units are coming.

~[[Megaphone]Los Santos Police Departments are here! Surrender now or we will use force!]~(gray)

~[(Radio Los Santos)Dispatcher.P:LSPD Officers and Paramedics are 10-2 ,over.]~(orange)

~[Ballas_Member]~(blueviolet)::Fuck off, we are not surrendering.

~[Ballas_Member]~(blueviolet):~[/me he opens fire on the support team with a "Glock-18.]~(violet)

~[25 cops start shooting at ballas.]~(lime)

~[Ballas_Member]~(blueviolet):Fuck,They are so strong.

~[Ballas_Member]~(blueviolet):Stop Shooting.We want to surrender!!

~[[Megaphone]Throw your weapon on the floor and raise your hands!]~(gray)

~[Ballas_Member]~(blueviolet):~[/me raises his hands.]~(violet)

~[Support_Unit]~(blue):~[/me points their guns at the ballas and start walking slowly.]~(violet)

~[Paramedic]~(green):~[/me he pulls the ambulance to Officer_Denis and quickly gets it on a stretcher..]~(violet)

~[Support_Unit:]~(blue)~[/me handcuffs them all and puts them in the car.]~(violet)

~[Officer_Rieeria]~(cyan):Thanks Support Units.They saved our life.

~[(Radio Los Santos)Officer_Rieeria:Adam-960 to Dispatch , 12 Gang member arrested,we need 2 more medic unit,over.]~(orange)

~[(Radio Los Santos)Dispatcher.P:10-4 Medic Units are 10-2,over]~(orange).

~[Officer_Rieeria]~(cyan):Can you take me to the hospital too?

~[Paramedic]~(green)::All right, get in the car.

~[Officer_Rieeria]~(cyan):~[/me gets in the car slowly.]~(violet)

~[(Radio Los Santos)Officer_Rieeria:Adam-960 to Dispatch Code-4,Im going to hospital 10-7,over.]~(orange)

~[(Radio Los Santos)Dispatcher.P:10-4,over.]~(orange)

I Schwaring, swear that all the provided information in this application is only the truth, and nothing but the truth.
And with this application I accept to Respect all the server and PC rules at all times, Do my job as it should be, and never abuse the equipment provided to me by the SAPD.
I swear to protect the innocent and serve the San Andreas Constitution.


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Dear @schwaring ,

Thank you for showing interest in becoming a qualified police officer of the San Andreas Police Dept.

I would like to point some remarks we have about your application:

  • In Part III, the descriptions of PC Rules has to be extended, except 3rd and 6th,

  • In Part IV, you need to rewrite the parts where you are using RP commands, with the correct usage of those,

  • In Part IV, the second scenario has to be modified to match with the story required (Describe the criminals' used weapons).

If you have any questions regarding to your application, feel free to contact me or anyone else from the pc tester team.

SAPD PC Testers

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Dear applicant, @schwaring

First off all, my apologies for this late response. Unfortunately, your application doesn't fit our criteria and therefore you've failed the stage.

Sometimes we are not able to point out every single mistake so It is crusual that our wannabes do better than required.
Your /me /do usage is still quite messy, let alone your application as a whole. Part 3 should've been detailed better and your scenarios are missing parts.

Please contact one of SAPD staff members in case more questions arise.


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