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Rieeria's Pro Cop Application


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PART I : Introduction
PART I : Introduction

Nickname : Rieeria
Accountname : Rieeria
Age : 16
Primary language : Turkish.
How long have you been playing MTA : About 2 years.
When did you start playing on SAES:RPG : March 2021.
In 2-3 lines, tell us a bit about yourself : My name is Emir,and i was born in Turkey.I mostly spending my time on games and music.Beside these i like to walk alone at evenings-nights,with edm/g-house music to relaxe.
Have you ever been banned? : No,i have not.

PART II : Background check

Rate your English skills : 7.5/10
Rate your RP skills : 7/10
Rate your radio usage skills and abilities : 7/10
Do you have RP binds?: Yes.

Current Squad: San Andreas Federal Police
Previous Gangs, Squads: ThC
How much time have you spent in each one and why did you leave/get kicked? : I spend about 4 or 5 months - i can't remember- on ThC,well i had to leave it because i didnt feel good in there after a time.Had some small argue between Turkish players and i decided to leave gang side,so i left it.
Approx. date of joining : 2021 March.(ThC)/2021 September SAFP
Link to your application of the squad you're currently in : N/A
What kind of RP-Related training have you had during your time on SAES. Please include the instructors/trainers name and the period in which you received it : Well, i got some small training when i entered SAM,by Spanish.Also i attend RPs in SAFD.And addition to them,i got some trainings by LandShark in SAFP.
Are you a ex-PC member?: Nope.
If yes, why were you removed?: N/A
If yes include link to previous sign-in as proof : N/A

PART III : Rules check

Have you read the Full Pro Cops Guide?: Yes i read.
What are the rules when spawning ''Dog''? Well,you cant type in chat,or speak any language.Also you must not act like human.You need to listen your handler's instructrions.Also you cant arrest anyone,you should be in the back seat of car and wait your handler to open door.

Explain In 2 lines and with your OWN words the following PC Rules :

PC Rule N1 : You must not break the server rules,if you break them they will lead to punishment.These things can found in F-1.
PC Rule N3 : Dont try to arrest anyone below 3 star wanted level,also you should ask for a roleplay,if they refuse you cant arrest them.Beside that if any crim acting violenlty,you can arrest them.Also dont arrest cops.
PC Rule N6 : You should respect and obey all PD members. also you are working for police department, dont act like retard in public.
PC Rule N9 : I have to sign at forum,after getting invitation. So i can avoid any further problems,also i must not edit my topic,because it can be counted as a fraud.

~[PART IV : Theoretical part]~(green)

Explain for each scenario, what you would do. Include what each character does ( f.e animations, actions, commands, etc... ) (For each arrest that is made the suspect has to be read his rights. Failure to do so will include in denial of your Pro Cop application.) All scenarios are meant to be played out as uniformed officer in a marked cruiser.

You are on patrol and spot a civilian in a grey car performing an illegal U-turn and indicating late when turning. You decide to pull him over. He complies with your implication, following your signals to pull-over. You walk up to his vehicle, greet him, then politely request him to step out of the vehicle in order to speak to him. He then refuses to step out of the vehicle and responds with "I am not stepping out the vehicle, tell me why you have stopped me, officer."
Further on in the scene, he also demands you to show some identification of your own
(Make an RP scenario and start it from when you attempt to pull him over. The parts of the written scenario have to be included but you're free to be creative.)
[Keep this size when applying]

~[(Radio San Fierro) Officer.Rieeria :Lincoln-69 to Dispatch, 10-30 from SFPD after diner, show me 10-8 for calls, over.]~(orange)

~[/me Sees a grey car performing illegal U-Turn]~(magenta)

~[(RADIO San Fierro) Officer.Rieeria: This is Lincoln-69 to Dispatch, there is a 10-55 in North San Fierro,over.]~(orange)

~[(RADIO San Fierro) Dispatcher.C: 10-4,over.]~(orange)

~[/me Turns on sirens,grabs megaphone and speaks into it.]~(magenta)

~[[MEGAPHONE] This is San Fierro Police Department,pull over the right side and stop your engine.]~(red,blue,navy,red)

~[Suspect: /me Notices the warning,slowly pulls over and turns off engine]~(magenta)

~[/me Leaves the cruiser and goes slowly while holding his gun with hand.]~(magenta)

~[LocalChat Officer.Rieeria:]~(blue) Good evening sir,please put your hands on steering wheel so i can see them.

~[Suspect: /me Puts hands on steering wheel.]~(magenta)

~[LocalChat Suspect:]~(red) May i ask why you pulled me over?

~[LocalChat Officer.Rieeria:]~(blue) You had performed a illegal U-Turn,so please explain why you made illegal turn,and give me your id and driving license,i need to check them.

~[LocalChat Suspect:]~(red) Show me the proof you are cop before i give the documents.

~[/me Shows badge on arm to suspect.]~(magenta)

~[LocalChat Officer.Rieeria:]~(blue) I'm a Officer Rieeria from San Fierro Police Department, and my badge number is 970 as you can see on my arm.

~[Suspect: /me Looks at badge intently.]~(magenta)

~[LocalChat Suspect:]~(red) That sounds like something a fake cop would say,please show me more proof.

~[LocalChat Officer.Rieeria:]~(blue) Sure,ill be back.

~[/me Walks into cruiser,gets documents from glove-box]~(magenta)

~[/me Shows to suspect]~(magenta)

~[Suspect: /me Reads carefully.]~(magenta)

~[Suspect: /do Is it real?]~(magenta)

~[LocalChat Suspect:]~(red) Alright Officer,now i believe you.

~[LocalChat Officer.Rieeria:]~(blue) Now,tell me why you made illegal U-Turn?

~[LocalChat Suspect:]~(red) I did not know it was forbidden.

~[LocalChat Officer.Rieeria:]~(blue) Hmm,interesting.Because there are lots of traffic signs around the city.Anyways,please give me your ID and driving license.

~[LocalChat Suspect:]~(red) Alright officer,they are in the glove-box,give me a second please.

~[/me Watches carefully for any threats.]~(magenta)

~[Suspect: /me Opens glove-box,searchs for documents.]~(magenta)

~[Suspect: /me Gives documents to Officer.]~(magenta)

~[/me Takes documents]~(magenta)

~[LocalChat Officer.Rieeria:]~(blue) Alright sir,give me few minutes ,i need to look at database.

~[/me Walks cruiser back,opens door and gets into it.]~(magenta)

~[/me Opens CMD,types Suspect's name.]~(magenta)

~[/do Is there any previous crimes?]~(sienna)

~[Suspect: /do Only one for drug trading.]~(sienna)

~[/me Checks license expiration date.]~(magenta)

~[/do Is driving license expired?]~(sienna)

~[Suspect: /do No.]~(sienna)

~[/me Gets out from cruiser,walks back to suspect.]~(magenta)

~[LocalChat Officer.Rieeria:]~(blue) Sir,it looks like your license is still up,but anyways you need to step out from your car,i need to search you.

~[LocalChat Suspect:]~(red) Nope officer,im not getting out,tell me reason for it!

~[LocalChat Officer.Rieeria:]~(blue) Its a routine,please step out of your car if you are not hiding anything.

~[LocalChat Suspect:]~(red) Sure i am not hiding anything!

~[Suspect: /me Steps out from car.]~(magenta)

~[/me Watches carefully for any suspicious move.]~(magenta)

~[/me Starts searching for any drugs.]~(magenta)

~[/do Is he carrying drug?]~(sienna)

~[Suspect: /do No.]~(sienna)

~[LocalChat Officer.Rieeria:]~(blue) Alright sir,it looks clear,but i need to type a ticket for your illegal U-Turn,you can get back to your car.

~[Suspect: /me Enters back to car.]~(magenta)

~[/me Fills the ticket and gives to suspect for sign.]~(magenta)

~[/me Gives pen.]~(magenta)

~[LocalChat Officer.Rieeria:]~(blue) Sign it sir.

~[Suspect: /me Signs ticket]~(magenta)

~[LocalChat Officer.Rieeria:]~(blue) Alright sir,thats all.Please obey the traffic rules,and have a good day.

~[LocalChat Suspect:]~(red) Sure i will!

~[(Radio San Fierro) Officer.Rieeria: This is Lincoln-69 to Dispatch 10-30, resuming patrol,show me 10-8 for calls, over.]~(orange)

You've been patrolling around with your partner in downtown Los Santos when you suddenly come across a turf war with the Ballas against the Los Santos Vagos. Your tires have been popped which makes you not able to leave the scene.
Make a small scene where you and one of your partners use a chat on the radio, you must call back up, make sure you include your exact location and situation, describe the criminals, their gangs and used weapons.
[Keep this size when applying]

~[LocalChat Officer.Rieeria:]~(blue) What a day,it was so stressful,isn't it?

~[LocalChat Officer.Aoxy]~(navy) Yes it was,anyways we can make holiday tomorrow,just think about that.

~[LocalChat Officer.Rieeria:]~(blue) Dude,my feelings are telling me that something bad is going to happen,i dont know why...

~[LocalChat Officer.Aoxy]~(navy) Na bro,there is no one in street,everyone is sleeping.

-gun noises-

~[LocalChat Officer.Rieeria:]~(blue) Dude you hear that?Someone shot some bullets!

~[LocalChat Officer.Aoxy]~(navy) Yes!It looks like it came from downtown los santos!

~[(Radio Los Santos) Officer.Rieeria: This is Adam-69 to Dispatch , probably there is a turfwar in Downtown LS,responding it,with code 3 eta 30 secs,over.]~(orange)

~[/me Drives carefully to downtown]~(magenta)

~[LocalChat Officer.Rieeria:]~(blue) Just check your ammo! We are close to scene.

~[Officer.Aoxy: /me Checks ammo and gets ready.]~(magenta)

~[/me Notices there is a body lying on ground,and sees Ballas member.]~(magenta)

~[LocalChat Officer.Rieeria:]~(blue) Put your head down!

~[Officer.Aoxy: /me Obeys order.]~(magenta)

~[LocalChat Officer.Aoxy]~(navy) Shit!That was close,park near building and prepare for impact!

~[/me Parks near building and grabs shotgun from back]~(magenta)

~[/me sees the bullet hit the tire]~(magenta)

~[LocalChat Officer.Rieeria:]~(blue) Fuck,they shot our tire we could not able move again!

~[/me Grabs the radio,and speaks into it.]~(magenta)

~[(Radio Los Santos) Officer.Rieeria: This is Adam-69 to Dispatch , Ballas And Vagos are turfing in DownTown LS,they are wearing purple and yellow shirts. They shot our tire, we are stuck! Repeating we are stuck here! Send support immediately - code 0,over.]~(orange)

~[Officer.Aoxy: /me Notices Ballas carrying AK-47]~(magenta)

~[LocalChat Officer.Aoxy]~(navy) Shit! They are carrying AK-47

~[(Radio Los Santos) Officer.Rieeria: This is Adam-69 to Dispatch , Ballas is caryying AK-47!Send SWAT immediately ,over.]~(orange)

~[(Radio Los Santos) Dispatcher.A: Dispatch to Adam-69,sending available units with code-3,eta 1 min,over.]~(orange)

~[LocalChat Officer.Rieeria:]~(blue) Are they coming to us? Please look carefully!

~[Officer.Aoxy: /me Looks at where the criminals are .]~(magenta)

~[LocalChat Officer.Aoxy]~(navy) One ballas is coming to us! Prepare for impact

~[/me Loads shotgun]~(magenta)

~[Officer.Aoxy: /me Starts shooting at criminals]~(magenta)

~[Ballas.Member: /me Starts shooting back while running backwards.]~(magenta)

~[Ballas.Member /do Does he get shot?]~(olive)

~[Officer.Aoxy : /do Yes,on chest.]~(olive)

~[LocalChat Officer.Rieeria:]~(blue) Hey! Did you got shot?

~[LocalChat Officer.Aoxi]~(navy) Yes,on my chest but dont worry,i was wearing vest.

~[LocalChat Officer.Aoxi]~(navy) Do you hear that siren sounds?

~[LocalChat Officer.Rieeria:]~(blue) Yes! Probably SWAT arrived on scene.

~[(Radio Los Santos) SWAT.Chef: 10-2,over.]~(orange)

~[/me Notices SWAT Enforcers.]~(magenta)

~[[SWAT-MEGAPHONE] SWAT here! Surrender now!]~(blue,red,blue)

~[LocalChat Vagos.Member:]~(red) We are not surrounding,you fucking bastards!

~[Vagos.Member: /me Starts shooting to SWAT Enforcer.]~(magenta)

~[Swat.Unit: /me Spreads out of enforcer and starts shooting the criminal!]~(magenta)

~[LocalChat Ballas Member:]~(green) Dont shoot! I surrender!

~[[SWAT-MEGAPHONE]Hands up!]~(blue,red,blue)

~[/do Does criminal carry bomb?]~(olive)

~[Ballas.Member : /do No.]~(olive)

~[/do 5 mins passed,till some of them decided to obey order]~(olive)

~[/me Arrests that Ballas.Member]~(magenta)

~[LocalChat Officer.Rieeria:]~(blue) Thanks SWAT,you guys saved our life!

~[Local.Chat Swat.Unit:]~(cyan) This is our job dude!

~[SWAT.Unit: /me Arrests rest of the surrendered criminals.]~(magenta)

~[LocalChat Officer.Aoxi]~(navy) Thank god! I am so thankful to for myself for wearing that vest!

~[(Radio Los Santos) Officer.Rieeria: This is Adam-69 to Dispatch , 4 gang member arrested,5 of them died at impact,rest of them injured,need medic,over.]~(orange)

~[(Radio Los Santos) Dispatcher.A: Dispatch to Adam-69,sending available Medic unit,with code 3 eta 30 secs,over.]~(orange)

~[Medic.Unit: /me Reachs scene.]~(magenta)

~[Medic.Unit: /me Takes injured criminals and heads to the hospital.]~(magenta)

~[(Radio Los Santos) Officer.Rieeria: This is Adam-69 to Dispatch ,code 4,over.]~(orange)

~[(Radio Los Santos) Dispatcher.A: 10-4,over.]~(orange)

I Rieeria, swear that all the provided information in this application is only the truth, and nothing but the truth.
And with this application I accept to Respect all the server and PC rules at all times, Do my job as it should be, and never abuse the equipment provided to me by the SAPD.
I swear to protect the innocent and serve the San Andreas Constitution.



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Dear @Rieeria ,

Thank you for showing interest in becoming a qualified police officer of the San Andreas Police Dept.

I would like to point some remarks we have about your application:

  • In both scenarios from Part IV, extend or rewrite the parts where you are using RP commands.

[s=Example]From the first scenario:

LocalChat Officer.Aoxi Do you hear that siren sounds?
LocalChat Officer.Rieeria: Yes! Probably SWAT arrived on scene.
(Radio Los Santos) SWAT.Chef: 10-2,over.
/me Notices SWAT Enforcers.

At this part, who notices the SWAT Enforcers? In game it would be visible, but it's making your application a bit messy.[/s]

  • In Part IV, the mentioned parts has to be modified or completely rewritten:

  • Modify both scenarios in Part IV, to keep them realistic:

[s=]Second scenario

"LocalChat Officer.Rieeria: Dude you hear that?Someone shot some bullets!

LocalChat Officer.Aoxy Yes!It looks like it came from downtown los santos!

(Radio Los Santos) Officer.Rieeria: This is Adam-69 to Dispatch , probably there is a turfwar in Downtown LS,responding it,with code 3 eta 30 secs,over."

At this part, how can you know what's happening if you heard a few shots only?

First scenario

"/do Is there any previous crimes?

Suspect: /do Only one for drug trading."

Few lines later:

"/me Starts searching for any drugs.

/do Is he carrying drug?

Suspect: /do No."

At this part, you don't have the right to search the citizen, just because he had a crime related to drugs in the past.

First scenario

"/me Walks into cruiser,gets documents from glove-box

/me Shows to suspect

Suspect: /me Reads carefully.

Suspect: /do Is it real?

LocalChat Suspect: Alright Officer,now i believe you."

What kind of documents can prove that you are a real cop?[/s]

  • In the second scenario, this part has to be completely rewritten:

[s=]~[[SWAT-MEGAPHONE] SWAT here! Surrender now!]~(red)
LocalChat Vagos.Member: We are not surrounding,you fucking bastards!
Vagos.Member: /me Starts shooting to SWAT Enforcer.
Swat.Unit: /me Spreads out of enforcer and starts shooting the criminal!
LocalChat Ballas Member: Dont shoot! I surrender!
/do Does criminal carry bomb?
Ballas.Member : /do No.
~[/do 5 mins passed,till some of them decided to obey order]~(red)[/s]

  • In Part III, the description of PC Rule 1 6 and 9 has to be extended.

If you have any questions regarding to your application, feel free to contact me or anyone else from the pc tester team.

SAPD PC Testers

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Dear @Rieeria ,

Thank you for showing interest in becoming a qualified police officer of the San Andreas Police Dept.

We would like to apologize for the late response.

Unfortunately, your application didn't make it to the next stage this time.
Feel free to re-apply after 2 weeks, if still interested.

SAPD PC Testers

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