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PC - Pro Cops

Aoxy's Pro Cop Application


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PART I : Introduction

Nickname : Aoxy
Accountname : Aox1640S
Age : 18
Primary language : Turkish
How long have you been playing MTA : I started playing in freeroam servers in 2013-14.
When did you start playing on SAES:RPG : 2020 May.
In 2-3 lines, tell us a bit about yourself : Hi, my name is Mehmet. I live in Turkey and I can say that this year is the most difficult year of my life. I'm preparing for an exam to go to college, I spend most of my day studying anyways. Im part of SAFP in-game and working for the benefits of SAFP.
Have you ever been banned? : No.

PART II : Background check
Rate your English skills : 8/10
Rate your RP skills : 6/10
Rate your radio usage skills and abilities : 7/10
Do you have RP binds?: Yes I do.
Current Squad: SAFP
Previous Gangs, Squads: MIT, HRMC, CripZ, GIGN
How much time have you spent in each one and why did you leave/get kicked? :

  • MIT: I spent about 1 week at MIT. During this time, I got bored of the game and my inactivity, which lasted for about 1 year, began. I was kicked for being inactive.

  • HRMC: I spent 1 month at HRMC. I was hanging out by myself and they invited me to join HRMC. I left because the gang was inactive and I was bored of biker life.

  • CripZ: I spent about 5 months in CripZ or something. Even though CripZ was fun at first, I was tired of the criminal life and I wanted to try something. I left to create a squad with my friends.

  • GIGN: It lasted about 1 month. My friends and I decided to close it.

Approx. date of joining : Well, I can't find some of my applies so some information may not be accurate.

  • MIT: 23.05.2020

  • HRMC: ??.01.2021

  • CripZ: 08.02 2021

  • SAFP: ??.05.2021

Link to your application of the squad you're currently in : I can't see the applications made on the forums.
What kind of RP-Related training have you had during your time on SAES. Please include the instructors/trainers name and the period in which you received it : I had some basic trainings while joining SAFP and getting levels in SAFP. Which is hosted by SAFP HQs.
Are you a ex-PC member?: No, Im not ex-PC member.
If yes, why were you removed?: N/A
If yes include link to previous sign-in as proof : N/A

PART III : Rules check

Have you read the Full Pro Cops Guide?: Yes.
What are the rules when spawning ''Dog''?

  • You need a handler to spawn as dog.

  • You are not allowed to type in any public chat.

  • Dogs need a handler.

  • When you are patrolling with your handler, as a dog, You should sit in the back of the car and car must have four doors.

  • You can't carry guns as a dog.

Explain In 2 lines and with your OWN words the following PC Rules :

PC Rule N1 : Make sure that you know the server's rules and follow them. If someone else doesn't follow the rules, report them to the admins or staffs, the same thing goes for you. If you break any of the rules, it may result in you being kicked out of SAPD.
PC Rule N3 : This rule says we can't arrest 3-star suspects. Instead of arresting him, we should offer to play with him. If they refuse, you must let them go. If the suspect is harming a police officer, you can arrest him, if he's not within arresting distance, you can kill him. This rule also says that we should not arrest other police officers.
PC Rule N6 : You must remember that you represent SAPD. You need to treat the other players on the server with respect. Any action you take could damage SAPD's reputation. You have to be careful.
PC Rule N9 : After joining, you must register on the PC forums so If you get deleted by mistake or something you can prove that you are/were part of PC in the past. You can't edit it again once you post.

PART IV : Theoretical part

Explain for each scenario, what you would do. Include what each character does ( f.e animations, actions, commands, etc... ) (For each arrest that is made the suspect has to be read his rights. Failure to do so will include in denial of your Pro Cop application.) All scenarios are meant to be played out as uniformed officer in a marked cruiser.

You are on patrol and spot a civilian in a grey car performing an illegal U-turn and indicating late when turning. You decide to pull him over. He complies with your implication, following your signals to pull-over. You walk up to his vehicle, greet him, then politely request him to step out of the vehicle in order to speak to him. He then refuses to step out of the vehicle and responds with "I am not stepping out the vehicle, tell me why you have stopped me, officer."
Further on in the scene, he also demands you to show some identification of your own (Make an RP scenario and start it from when you attempt to pull him over. The parts of the written scenario have to be included but you're free to be creative.)

~[(Radio Las Venturas) Officer.Aoxy: This is Lincoln-31 to Dispatch, 10-30 from LVPD, State-Wide, show me 10-8, over.]~(orange)

~[(Radio Las Venturas) Dispatcher: Copy to last, over.]~(orange)

~[(Radio Las Venturas) This is Lincoln-31 to Dispatch, there is a 10-55 in North Las Venturas, on Redsands West, suspect in a grey car performed an illegal U turn with late indicating, stand-by for calls, over.]~(orange)

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) ~[/me Takes the megaphone from the passenger seat.]~(violet)

~[[Police MEGAPHONE]: This is Las Venturas Police Department. Slowly pull over to the right side of the road and kill the engine.]~(black)

~[Suspect:]~(red) ~[/me Pulls over to the right side of road and stops engine.]~(violet)

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) ~[/me parks behind suspects car]~(violet)

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) ~[/me Stops the engine and steps out of the vehicle and goes towards the suspect's car]~(violet)

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) ~[/me Knocks the window and asks the suspect to open the window.]~(violet)

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) Sir, I'm Officer Aoxy from the Las Venturas Police Department, I'd like you to step out of the car so I can speak to you.

~[Suspect:]~(red) No way! I'm not coming out. Tell me why you've stopped me officer!

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) Well, you made a U-turn in the middle of the street while indicating late..

~[Suspect:]~(red) Could you please show me your badget I don't believe that you're a cop.

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) Of course, sir.

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) ~[/me shows his badge to suspect.]~(violet)

~[Suspect:]~(red) ~[/me looks carefully.]~(violet)

~[Suspect:]~(red) Okay, looks like I can trust to you.

~[Suspect:]~(red) ~[/me Takes his documents from glove box in order to give them to officer and then gets out of vehicle.]~(violet)

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) Now, please hand me your documents.

~[Suspect:]~(red) ~[/me Gives documents to officer .]~(violet)

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) ~[/me Takes his hand to his gun at the waist to be prepared for any movement.]~(violet)

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) ~[/do Will suspect do any suspicious movements.]~(lime)

~[Suspect:]~(red) ~[/do No.]~(lime)

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) ~[/me Takes documents from the suspect.]~(violet)

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) I will check your documents. Please get in your car till I get back.

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) ~[/do Does suspect has any past violations ?]~(lime)

~[Suspect:]~(red) ~[/do Only for once for exceeding speed limits.]~(lime)

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) Seems like Its not your first time anyways. You received a warning for your previous violation this time I have to fill up a ticket for you.

~[Suspect:]~(red) Okay, sir. I'm sorry I apologize for my careless behavior.

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) No problem, sir.

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) ~[/me fills the ticket and gives it to suspect.]~(violet)

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) Here is your ticket. Have a good day and be carefull next time sir.

~[Suspect:]~(red) Thanks officer have a good day too.

~[(Radio Las Venturas) Officer.Aoxy: This is Lincoln 31 to Dispatch 10-30, resuming patrol, over.]~(orange)

You've been patrolling around with your partner in downtown Los Santos when you suddenly come across a turf war with the Ballas against the Los Santos Vagos. Your tires have been popped which makes you not able to leave the scene.
Make a small scene where you and one of your partners use a chat on the radio, you must call back up, make sure you include your exact location and situation, describe the criminals, their gangs and used weapons.

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) Hmm, delicious donuts best in Los Santos for sure.

~[Officer.Rieeria:]~(cyan) I should've eaten this before.

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) ~[/me hears gunshots]~(violet)

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) Did you hear?

~[Officer.Rieeria:]~(cyan) Yeah, we are close to there.

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) Ohh shit, here we go again.

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) ~[/me starts driving patrol car towards the place where the gunfire came from]~(violet)

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) We're about to arrive, be careful.

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) ~[/me arrives to the place and looks around the street.]~(violet)

~[(Radio Los Santos) Officer.Aoxy: A-967 to Dispatch 10-2, 10-6, over.]~(orange)

~[Officer.Rieeria:]~(cyan) ~[/me Sees several gang members dressed in yellow clothes with glock-18 and ak47 in their hands ]~(violet)

~[Officer.Rieeria:]~(cyan) Holy shit! That guy has an AK47.

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) ~[/me Looks towards the other side of the street.]~(violet)

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) ~[/me Notices gang members dressed in purple shooting at Vagos members]~(violet)

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) Its Vagos fighting against Ballas.

~[(Radio Los Santos) Officer.Aoxy: A-967 to Dispatch There's a gang war going on between Vagos and Ballas. The suspects have AK47s and Glock 18's in their hands., 10-12 at LS Gas Station.]~(orange)

~[(Radio Los Santos) Dispatch: 10-4, 10-6, over.]~(orange)

~[Vagos.Member:]~(yellow) ~[/me Sees officers and escapes from scene.]~(violet)

~[Ballas.Member:]~(purple) ~[/me Notices officers.]~(violet)

~[Ballas.Member:]~(purple) Hahaha cops! Welcome to the hell.

~[Ballas.Member:]~(purple) ~[/me Starts shooting towards the patrol car.]~(violet)

~[Ballas.Member:]~(purple) ~[/do Will officers get hurt ?]~(lime)

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) ~[/do Yes, Officer.Rieeria is injured in the leg and wheels of the patrol car popped.]~(lime)

~[(Radio Los Santos) Officer.Aoxy: Officer down, repeating officer down, requesting SWAT units and medical assistance at my location, over.]~(orange)

~[(Radio Los Santos) Dispatch: 10-4, over.]~(orange)

~[(Radio Los Santos) Dispatch: Units are on way, ETA 2mins, over.]~(orange)

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) I'll protect you buddy.

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) ~[/me Carries Officer.Rieeria to the back of the car.]~(violet)

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) Take cover here I'll be right back.

~[Officer.Rieeria:]~(cyan) Okay, take care.

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) ~[/me Gets in the patrol car in order to take his shotgun.]~(violet)

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) ~[/me Takes his shotgun from back of the car and starts opening fire on gang members.]~(violet)

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) ~[/do Will they get hurt ?]~(lime)

~[Ballas.Member:]~(purple) ~[/do No.]~(lime)

~[Ballas.Member:]~(purple) ~[/me Starts shooting back towards patrol car.]~(violet)

~[Ballas.Member:]~(purple) ~[/do Will officers get hurt ?]~(lime)

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) ~[/do Nothing will happen.]~(lime)

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) Don't worry buddy I got you.

~[Officer.Rieeria:]~(cyan) Look! SWAT units arrived.

~[(Radio Los Santos) SWAT.Unit: We're arrived and on scene, over.]~(orange)

~[Paramedic:]~(green) ~[/me Rushs towards Officer.Rieeria and takes care of him.]~(violet)

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) ~[/me Notices gang members are trying to escape.]~(violet)

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) ~[/me Opens fire on them and neutralizes one of them.]~(violet)

~[SWAT.Unit:]~(sienna) Hey officer! Stay here we will take care of them.

~[Officer.Aoxy:]~(blue) Okay, sir!

~[SWAT.Units:]~(sienna) ~[/me Neutralizes all of them and arrests them.]~(violet)


I Aoxy, swear that all the provided information in this application is only the truth, and nothing but the truth.
And with this application I accept to Respect all the server and PC rules at all times, Do my job as it should be, and never abuse the equipment provided to me by the SAPD.
I swear to protect the innocent and serve the San Andreas Constitution.



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Dear @aoxi ,

Thank you for showing interest in becoming a qualified police officer of the San Andreas Police Dept.

I would like to point some remarks we have about your application:

  • The description of PC Rule 1 and 9 has to be extended,

  • In the second scenario, they responded to a call from the dispatch instead of going across the turf war, therefor it does not match with the story,

  • In the second scenario, you forgot to describe the criminals' used weapons.

If you have any questions regarding to your application, feel free to contact me or anyone else from the pc tester team.

SAPD PC Testers

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Dear @Aoxy,

Following a thorough review of your application, we are delighted to inform you that you have passed the first recruitment stage.

You will now be moving on to the next stage and will be required to receive the in-game test. Contact any PC Tester when you feel ready.

SAPD PC Testers

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