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LidlPegasus's Pro Cop Application


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~[[PC] Pro Cop - APPLICATION - LidlPegasus]~(blue)

PART I : Introduction

Nickname : Pegasus
Accountname : LidlPegasus
Age : 20
Primary language : Arabic , English
How long have you been playing MTA : 4 Years
When did you start playing on SAES:RPG : 1 Month 2 Days
In 2-3 lines, tell us a bit about yourself : People Usually know me as Pegasus from WSSRPG , WSSRPG was like SAESRPG 2.0 i used to play that for around 3 years until it was shut , in real i am a big time Software Developer plus a Web Designer , So The Environment of SAES is not something new for me , i am one month old but actually i am 3 years older in such Field

Have you ever been banned? : Nope , Not Yet

PART II : Background check

Rate your English skills : 8/10
Rate your RP skills : 7/10
Rate your radio usage skills and abilities : 5/10
Do you have RP binds?: My Squad RP binds yes , Rest i prefer typing while Roleplaying

Current Squad: San Andreas Federal Police (SAFP)
Previous Gangs, Squads: N/A
How much time have you spent in each one and why did you leave/get kicked? : Spent 1 Month in SAFP , Have not been kicked yet Pretty much got Promoted to Marshal Level :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Approx. date of joining : 29th October 2021
Link to your application of the squad you're currently in : My SAFP Application was Reviewed on Discord

What kind of RP-Related training have you had during your time on SAES. Please include the instructors/trainers name and the period in which you received it : Instructor/Trainer - Glayd @Glayd - All Activities was done in SAFP , Roleplaying activities like Patrolling , Jailbreak , Raids , Air Support , Driving Skills , Shooting skills , Radio Reporting was Taught by my Instructor @Glayd

Are you a ex-PC member?: Nope
If yes, why were you removed?: N/A
If yes include link to previous sign-in as proof : N/A

PART III : Rules check

Have you read the Full Pro Cops Guide?: Yes , I have
What are the rules when spawning ''Dog''?

  • Dogs can't arrest.

  • Dogs cannot use weapons.

  • While spawned as police dog, you can't talk, you can only talk to the dog handler in a party chat.

  • You have to behave like a real life dog as it is required.

  • You are not allowed to spawn as dog without your handler.

Explain In 2 lines and with your OWN words the following PC Rules :

PC Rule N1 : User should be aware of all the F1 (server) rules and should avoid breaking them at all times Breaking them would result in repercussions which would lead to Server Ban or More etc..
PC Rule N3 : Pro Cops are not allowed to Kill the players are who are far away from arresting and Arresting the Criminal below 3 stars also not allowed , however Roleplay is possible with them
PC Rule N6 : A Pro Cop is ALWAYS supposed to be kind and helpful and NOT Rude and unethical in anyway , No matter how others treat whether bad or good , even with RP or Without RP always maintain the Decorum of the SAPD
PC Rule N9 : It is utmost necessary for a Pro Cop member to report to the Pro Cop Forums about his arrival in the team , failing to do so in the future might lead to Problems and might not get added in the Roster

PART IV : Theoretical part

Explain for each scenario, what you would do. Include what each character does ( f.e animations, actions, commands, etc... ) (For each arrest that is made the suspect has to be read his rights. Failure to do so will include in denial of your Pro Cop application.) All scenarios are meant to be played out as uniformed officer in a marked cruiser.

You are on patrol and spot a civilian in a grey car performing an illegal U-turn and indicating late when turning. You decide to pull him over. He complies with your implication, following your signals to pull-over. You walk up to his vehicle, greet him, then politely request him to step out of the vehicle in order to speak to him. He then refuses to step out of the vehicle and responds with "I am not stepping out the vehicle, tell me why you have stopped me, officer."
Further on in the scene, he also demands you to show some identification of your own (Make an RP scenario and start it from when you attempt to pull him over. The parts of the written scenario have to be included but you're free to be creative.)
[Keep this size when applying]

~[(RADIO) Officer.Pegasus: Pegasus #963 to Dispatch, Reporting a 10-55 on a Grey Van. Code-1 in Fort Carson,Bone County, over.
(RADIO) Dispatcher.K: Dispatch to Last, 10-4, over.

~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) ~[/me takes the megaphone and says in it : THIS IS POLICE DEPARTMENT PLEASE PULL OVER TO THE SIDE OF THE ROAD]~(magenta)

~[Suspect.Luiz:]~(red) ~[/me notices a Police car on his tail after hearing the Voice and pulls over to the Side of the road.]~(magenta)

~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) ~[/me puts the megaphone back]~(magenta)
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) ~[/me steps out of his cruiser and approaches the Suspect.]~(magenta)

~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) Good day, sir, I am Officer Pegasus ,You wanna step out of the car and show me some License and ID?
~[Suspect.Luiz:]~(red) How may i know that your an actual Officer , may i see some identification Please?
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) ~[/me taps the badge pinned to his chest]~(magenta)
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) Now can you step out of your car please?
~[Suspect.Luiz:]~(red) I am not stepping out the vehicle, tell me why you have stopped me, officer."
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) Sir , You have been stopped with a valid reason kindly step out of your vehicle, so i may Explain you in detail.
~[Suspect.Luiz:]~(red) Alright, Fine!

Suspect Gets out of his vehicle

~[Suspect.Luiz:]~(red) Yes so What do you want officer? Why you stopped me?
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) The Reason for pulling your car over is illegal u-turning.
~[Suspect.Luiz:]~(red) Officer are you sure it was me?
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) Yes Sir
~[Suspect.Luiz:]~(red) Any Proof?
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) Certainly, Sir. Hold i'll go and get my Police Tablet from the cruiser
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) ~[/me goes to his cruiser and takes his Police Tablet from the Front Panel Drawer and Logs in the system]~(magenta)
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) ~[/me opens the Security Footage and shows it to the suspect]~(magenta)
~[Suspect.Luiz:]~(red) ~[/me watches the footage properly]~(magenta)
~[Suspect.Luiz:]~(red) ohh Officer , I truly apologize for the inconvienience caused it was unintensional
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) May i have a look at your Licence and ID now?
~[Suspect.Luiz:]~(red) Sure Sir!
~[Suspect.Luiz:]~(red) ~[/me gets his Licence and ID from the Van and hands it over]~(magenta)
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) ~[/me takes it and gives it a look]~(magenta)
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) ~[/do Is the Suspect under Investigation?]~(magenta)
~[Suspect.Luiz:]~(red) ~[/do No .]~(magenta)
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) ~[/do Is the Suspect 18+ (Adult) or a Minor?]~(magenta)
~[Suspect.Luiz:]~(red) ~[/me hands over his Civil ID to the Officer]~(magenta)
~[Suspect.Luiz:]~(red) ~[/do here is the Civil ID , not a Minor.]~(magenta).
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) ~[/me takes and it checks for the age of the Suspect]~(magenta)
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) Alright so your an adult, yet you take illegal Turns, is this ethical?
~[Suspect.Luiz:]~(red) I am sorry Officer, i didnt know its illegal , it was my first time
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) ~[/do is the Driving Licence still Valid?]~(magenta)
~[Suspect.Luiz:]~(red) ~[/do Yes , Licence Expires in 2030.]~(magenta)
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) Alright , Your Records are clean
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) For now i'll leave you with a warning ticket as it is your first time
~[Suspect.Luiz:]~(red) Yes Sir, I truly apologize for the trouble caused
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) Next time you are found doing such things you'll end up with a penalty and Maybe Prison, Be Carefull!
~[Suspect,Luiz:]~(red) okay
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) ~[/me writes the ticket with the warning and gives back all the Cards and Documents]~(magenta)
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) Okay, you have a good day now.
~[Suspect.Luiz:]~(red) You too, officer.

~[(RADIO San Fierro) Officer.Pegasus: Pegasus #963 to Dispatch, Show me 10-8, over.
(RADIO San Fierro) Dispatcher.K: Dispatch to Last, copy that, over.

You've been patrolling around with your partner in downtown Los Santos when you suddenly come across a turf war with the Ballas against the Los Santos Vagos. Your tires have been popped which makes you not able to leave the scene.
Make a small scene where you and one of your partners use a chat on the radio, you must call back up, make sure you include your exact location and situation, describe the criminals, their gangs and used weapons.
[Keep this size when applying]

19:00 PM [GMT] Officer Pegasus starts patrolling with his colleague Officer Glayd within Los Santos streets, After 30mins of Patrolling they both decided to head towards Burger Shot for a Burger Meal At Los Santos Mall near Los Santos Bank

~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) Would You like to have McChicky or McArbiata?
~[Officer.Glayd:]~(blue) A McArabiata with Double Cheese and Extra Patty would be great.
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) Woah! Too Cheesy haa! , Your Becoming Fat day by day Mate , Have a count on your calories.
~[Officer.Glayd:]~(blue) Stop acting like Officer.Legend mate and just go ahead with the Order please.
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) Aye aye Officer.

After 30mins Passes by 20:00 PM [GMT] Officers Return Back on their Patrol Duty

~[(RADIO Los Santos) Officer.Pegasus: 10-8: Resuming patrol/on duty,over.
(RADIO Los Santos) Dispatcher.K: Dispatch to Last, 10-4,over.

~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) ~[/do Hears some Sound at a distance.]~(magenta)
~[Officer.Glayd:]~(blue) Do you hear that?
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) Affirmative, Officer.
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) ~[/me Follows the source of the sound]~(magenta)
~[Officer.Glayd:]~(blue) Do you see that , Shots are being fired there , Probably there is a Turf War Going on here , Report to the Dispatch ASAP.

~[(RADIO Los Santos) Officer.Pegasus: A-342 to Dispatch, 10-12 needed at My location in Los Santos, Turf war,over.
(RADIO Los Santos) Dispatcher.K: 10-4 to last, Units will arrive there shortly, Do not engage ,over.

~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) we have been informed not to engage until units Arrive here, we need to Hide somewhere.
~[Officer.Glayd:]~(blue) Take the cruiser towards the Demolished Building we might find a place to hide there
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) ~[/me slowly drives the Cruiser towards the demolished Building]~(magenta)
~[Officer.Glayd:]~(blue) Turn off the sirens , it may alert them.
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) ~[/me Turns off the sirens and Gets out of the cruiser]~(magenta)
~[Officer.Glayd:]~(blue) ~[/me gets out of the cruiser and runs towards the Building]~(magenta)

Both Officers gets into the Demolished Building for Cover

~[(RADIO Los Santos) Officer.Pegasus: Pegasus #963 to Dispatch, visual on Los Santos Vagos member Holding Firearms, Requesting Permission to Engage over.
(RADIO Los Santos) Dispatcher.K: Copy that Unit #963, units are dispatched to the scene, Do not engage , Over.

~[Officer.Glayd:]~(blue) Drop it , i am going in , i cant stay hidden here like a mole and do nothing
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) We cant do this Officer, its against the Rules and the Orders are clear
~[Officer.Glayd:]~(blue) ~[/me aims at the Vagos Member]~(magenta)
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) ~[/me Holds Officer.Glayd and pulls him back in the cover]~(magenta)
~[Officer.Glayd:]~(blue) ~[/do Shoots bymistakely which gives away the Location to the Enemy.]~(magenta)

Officers are Spotted by the Criminals of Ballas in the demolished Building

~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) Sheesh, we are spotted , get back in the Cruiser Officer , lets go.
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) ~[/me gets back in the cruiser]~(magenta)
~[Officer.Glayd:]~(blue) ~[/me gets back in the cruiser]~(magenta)
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) ~[/me reverses the cruiser in great speed]~(magenta)

Shots are fired by the Ballas Group on the Cruiser leading to High Vehicle Damage and popping of tires

~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) Report it to the dispatcher and get your gun its a do or die situation now.
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) ~[/me loads his M4 and Aims towards the enemies]~(magenta)

~[(RADIO Los Santos) Officer.Glayd:Requesting Permission to engage ,They've popped our tires! It is a turf-war between the Ballas and the Vagos, over.
(RADIO Los Santos) Dispatcher.K: 10-4, Units with 6 M4s , 4 Snipers and a SAFP Air Support are on their way, ETA 2 minutes, over.
(RADIO Los Santos) Officer.Glayd: 10-4, we are on positions with our weapons in hand, Holding our position, over.
(RADIO Los Santos) Dispatcher.K: Unit back up is on its way, get in position,Permission to Engage Granted, over.

~[Officer.Glayd:]~(blue) Backup on way Officer, Hold your Position!.
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) Copy That.

~[(RADIO Los Santos) [SAFP]Afufu: SAFP Unit 69,692,33 arrived on Scene, over.
(RADIO Los Santos) Officer.Glayd: 10-4 to Last, the turf war is going on the east, 10 Mens spotted near the Demolished Building, over.
(RADIO Los Santos) [SAFP]Afufu: 10-4 to Last, deploying units, over.
(RADIO Los Santos) Officer.Glayd: Copy That, over.

~[Officer.Glayd:]~(blue) SAFP Units have arrived, Its time to go from Defensive to Offensive
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) Lets Roll!
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) ~[/me gets behind a wall and shoots with his M4 to distract]~(magenta)
~[Officer.Pegasus:]~(blue) ~[/me gets hit with a bullet on the leg]~(magenta)
~[Officer.Glayd:]~(blue) ~[/me gives a cover fire and drags Officer.Pegasus away from the wall]~(magenta)

~[(RADIO Los Santos) Officer.Glayd: G-#454 to Last, Officer #963 is hit, Requesting Medical Assistance ,over.
(RADIO Los Santos) Dispatcher.K: SAFP Medical Team has been Dispatched , ETA 4 minutes , over.
(RADIO Los Santos) Officer.Glayd: 10-4, over.

(RADIO Los Santos) [SAFP]Afufu: SAFP to Dispatcher, Situation Under Control , 7 Enemies Arrested , 3 wounded , 1 casualty , over.
(RADIO Los Santos) Dispatcher.K: Dispatcher to SAFP, 10-4 , Good Job , over.

The Turf war Finally came to end with Officer Pegasus Wounded , 7/10 Enemies Arrested while 3 Wounded (taken to Hospital for Aid) and Officer Pegasus was taken to Los Santos Hospital for Treatment

I LidlPegasus, swear that all the provided information in this application is only the truth, and nothing but the truth.
And with this application I accept to Respect all the server and PC rules at all times, Do my job as it should be, and never abuse the equipment provided to me by the SAPD.
I swear to protect the innocent and serve the San Andreas Constitution.



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Dear Applicant, @LidlPegasus

We regret to inform you that your application to join ProCops has been ~[denied]~(red) due to lack of activity and so effort put in order to get in our lines.

You can re-apply once you are back and feel like trying again.

Kind regards,
On behalf of PC Tester team

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