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Cunning Stunts

Cunning Stunts is part of the official RP groups, which means you don't have to leave your current Organization to be able to join us and have fun drifting, stunting and racing.



Cunning Stunts was originally formed in 1975.

Cunning Stunts started off with a handful of guys who were daring and enjoyed drifting. They use to meet up at night times when the streets were dead and tear up the streets with their cars. It all started one night when Danny found a Nissan Skyline r34 in Toast fathers garage. At that time, Danny was a teenager and didnt have money to buy or build himself a car. So, Danny decided to borrow it and called Markmans over. They came up with a plan to use the car and make money for themselves. In the long run, that car made them a lot of money. The first race was easy and Danny had beaten one of the top 10 drifters in that area. They had bet pinks, so Danny not only won a handful of money but the other persons car as well. Now they had two drifting cars, Danny told Toast about it and for some odd reason, Toast wasnt mad at all. He liked the idea and elaborated on it with Danny and Marksman. Toast and Danny were already good drifters now all they had to do was to train Markmans. So, they decided to use the second car they won and train Markmans in it. It turned out that Marksman was a fast learner. About a couple of weeks later Marksman was going up against the high rollers and taking their cars one by one. They did this for about 6-8 months but it wasnt enough. So, they opened up to the public and started to invite people who had potential. With the money they had won, they bought old cars, upgraded them, and used those cars to teach the new recruits. Eventually the group had like 30+ drifters so Cunning Stunts started to have problems with the ops. However, we didnt back down, instead we would give the police officers the finger and burnout in front of them. Then we would run for their lives of course. They started to do big events, held meetings in public and had gained a whole lot of respect and experience. After 2 years, Cunning Stunts opened their first official garage. They had top notch imported parts from all over the world. People came from other states just to get their cars tuned up. As of now, Cunning Stunts is made up of 50+ members and is growing, getting new blood in the group.



Group Name: Cunning Stunts
Group Tag: [CS] or [CS*] 
Group Base: Fort Carson, Bone County
Group Color: #ff1869
Group Motto: "Feel the flow"
Group Founder: SAES>Toast
Leader & Vice Leader: MarksMan & WenDo
HQ Team: ZackLee & Asgal
Discord Channel: here!



  • Follow all the server rules.
  • Show respect to everyone in the team, no matter ranks.
  • Do not abuse the spawn in any way, or you will be removed without warnings.
  • Be active within the group.
  • Remember to have fun, after all it's just a game.







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