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Summer 2022 - Donation Bonus Rewards

May 27, posted by:

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We are reintroducing bonus rewards for donating from today (27th May 2022) until 23:59 - 31st July 2022.

During these dates, the following changes to donation rewards will be in place.

  • Double donation points: (2 points for every £1 donated)
  • Ingame cash reward is $300,000 per £1 donated (instead of $100,000 per £1)

Keep an eye out for summer games and events running this month for your chance ...

Police Team Balance Changes!

May 11, posted by:

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Good Evening!

It's no secret that the police team has been made largely redundant for quite a while now with very little people spawned aside from the odd new player and eager squad recruit.

We have deduced that one of the primary reasons for this is the lack in variety due to a large quantity of the spawns being "locked" behind the ProCops qualification.

Consequently, the SAPD team have put...


May 2, posted by:

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As some of you perceptive people have probably seen, we've been cleaning up shop a lot recently to ensure that positions aren't occupied by lesser active individuals.

Therefore, it's time to fill some of these positions with active and enthusiastic applicants.

We will be opening both our CS and SAHA recruitment however as usual, we may offer applicants different positions based on ava...

Introducing SAES 1.6

Apr 11, posted by:

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Welcome to the changelog for the SAES 1.6 Update. This is the first of a 2-part major update series for this year.

I would like to start by giving a special thanks to some of the individuals who have contributed to this update;

@Sollozzo for his hard work on designing the new visuals for the pager (M) that you will see in game and read about below.
@DyamDouglas for creating a new login scree...

Desert Eagles Recruitment - Saturday - April 9th - 2022

Mar 24, posted by:

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is the moment you all have been waiting for, it is that time of the year once again! After discussing it among the Desert Eagles command, I am pleased to announce that we, Desert Eagles have decided to host a live recruitment.                      

Recruitment Date: April 9, 2022 (Saturday)
Recruitment Time: 18:00 Server Time
Requirements: You will need to spawn as a...