Mohamed's Application for Al-Munazama

  • Personal Questions

    In-game nick: Mohamed
    Account name: Zelozed2
    Age: 13
    Gender: ♂
    Nationality: Egyptian
    Write a story about your experience in SAES so far [200-400 words]: Well, I started this game from like 2 years and half got many punishments because I was new I used to play as criminal and cop not only 1 side and I was a professional in both sides I learned everything after playing 24/7 but I had a bad luck and I did rulebreaks so I got ban and when I came back I tried to not get punishments but I got another ban so when I came back after months I said that I will never get a punishment again and yes i'm not getting punishments maybe got 1 or 2 adminjails only whatever... I played as a cop for a long time and I joined many squads but I got kick so I came back to criminal side to join a gang from best gangs in SAES and groups and i'm interested in being one of Al-Munazama members and yes I had bad reputation before but i'm trying to have friends here and change my behaviour plus that I have many friends inside that knows me well and knows my behaviour and I have a good knowledge of the server and i'm trying to join many groups in that I can fit in like Al-Munazama

    Group-related Questions

    Why are you interested in joining Al Munazama?: Because I like its role and I wish to be one of them, and I like Al-Munazama Roleplay plus that I would like to join it and help it to reach its target and i'm active everyday so I would help with my activity and experience in the server
    Summarize our role: Al-Munazama role is to do criminals activity and get fuel for Al-Mahdi family and do activities such as Jail Break or rob banks & stores
    What is our main target in one word?: Revenge from America
    Write a introduction story about your character that is planning to join Al Munazama. Who is the character, and who was he before trying to join Al Munazama? [200-400 words]: There was someone known as Mohamed living in Syria he was trying to get money for his family but he didn't have the chance and he had no way expect the crime way. Mohamed robbed the stores and banks to get money for his family but he wanted more because that wasn't enough for him and his family so he robbed more and more but in someday he was robbing a bank so he ran after robbing it with the money bags but unfortunately he were chased by cops and tazed so he got jailed for 3 years and when he came back he robbed again many banks but with a new smart tactic to make sure he don't get arrested again and he got enough money for his family he gave them like 6 Millions and he decided to travel to San Andreas after driving his family to a safe place so he traveled to San Andreas and got a body guards and drove some of them to Syria to protect his family so he was a store but unfortunately he got jailed because cops arrived there fast before he runs away he got jailed for 2 years and when he left he decided to leave San Andreas and go back to his home (Syria) so he was going back to Syria to continue robbing, in someday he came back from robbing a bank he was driving to the home but he got a call by his body guards he answered and his body guards told him that there are american cops entering the home and they knew his home location !! he drove fast to the home when he arrived he handled his pistol and saw his bodyguards fighting the american cops he joined the fight with his bodyguards to protect his family but unfortunately when they was shooting each others his brother was behind and he got shot by the american cops so Mohamed were mad and he was shooting fast on the cops so he and his bodyguard killed the cops and some of bodyguards were hurt and 2 dead so he drove his brother body to the cemetery and decided to get a team and revenge for his brother from america so he drove his family to a secured place till he finds a team, he was driving his car near a bank so he found some people robbing it with weapons he was waiting them to leave so they left fast and entered the car so they started driving and Mohamed started driving behind them till they stopped and Mohamed hides so they entered a place maybe it's their base he decided to join this base and try to convince them to work with him so hit the base doors and said that he is not a cop and he wants to talk with them they opened the door and they started the chat:
    The group: Who are you
    Mohamed: Mohamed, I want to work with you
    The group: Why ? and where did you come from ?
    Mohamed: I'm like you and i'm robbing banks & stores too but I need a team to revenge for my brother from America police
    The group: Hmm we want to revenge from America too, come inside
    Mohamed entered the base with them and they gave him a cold beer bottle
    The group: Now tell us what happened to your brother
    Mohamed told them about what happened from the start to the end and they said
    The group: Okay we have to test your loyalty first and see what you can do for us, you can call us Al-Munazama, some of what happened to you happened to Al-Munazama too so our target is the same, revenge from america
    Mohamed: Exactly.
    Al-Munazama: Give me your phone number
    Mohamed gave them the phone number
    Al-Munazama: We will call you to our next operations such as robbing banks or stores, you have to join our activities and hang with us so we see what you can do for Al-Munazama
    Mohamed: Okay I will come to the next operations
    Al-Munazama: You are a Refugee now.
    Mohamed went to his home while he is thinking what will happen next ? his name is now

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    Story: 08.07.2019:Our bullets and weapons were low so we went to Arms Assassins.We deal with Arms Assassins for fair price and carried supplies to our van...

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    Preparing for a RP 15/7/2019

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