Josesito's Application for Al-Munazama

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    Personal Questions
    In-game nick: Josesito
    Account name: tor69
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Tunisia
    Write a story about your experience in SAES so far [200-400 words]: I am knowing ingame as Josesito, but my real name is Khalil , i was born in beautiful country in Tunisie called Tunisia on the 05/01/1996, . I live with my family in Tunisia. I’m studying in Economices class and i would like to be Economiqe teacher or maybe a Bank Manager. I like listening to English music, playing computer games and Bascketball. Also i am intersted to Agriculture, Space Scinces, GTA Game Moding and playing on SAES:RPG i like it so much. I always go to GYM with my brother but sometimes i go to the Consert or the Cinema with my girlfriend.

    Group-related Questions
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    Why are you interested in joining Al Munazama?: I am a full active player, who can bring more activity to your Group, i’ve been interested in your Group, and i will be forever. also i’ll prove my presence by showing my skills in your activities, better be in turfs and using my cracking skills that im still developing, i am sure that i can show my presence with you .
    Lets combine some Skills, Some Intellegence, some knowledge and some high montality and then you will have a Al-Munazama member, Al-Munazama, is a gang where you find professional players, who never give up and ready to do the possible to reach the top, even if you have already reached it, but there is no end for you! So if im gonna define Al-Munazama in one word, it will be ‘ Legends ‘for sure!

    Summarize our role: Al-Munazama has lots of meanings first of all you start as a novice you still new you still a pleb as they say you barley know nothing you still unexperienced you take footsteps of the guys higher than you and you try to achieve your goal to be like them and join there rank. Talking about the second thing you start being trainee you learn from profession personal trainers as they help you to be good in the field and you will help them in that thing but selling there equipment and help them with the gym training. Third of all you will be a Supplier you must know each product your crew owns and start selling them around the city and you have to tell people about the recommended stuff you own so they can buy it by that you can get your self into a higher rank. Then you will be a drug dealer you get to sell weapons and you will have to explain each type of weapon that you sell and learn lots of things about the arms and the combat stuff your main duty will be helping the crew transport the stuff and smuggle the guns until you're more experienced in this type of thing.
    Then you will start being a trainer this part of the crew is when you are experienced and skilled enough to train people who used to be trained like you the same sort of thing that happened to you get people who are unskilled and unexperienced and get them to know everything you know and try to make them like you and even better as you will have your helper by your said that you will train to become better and teach him the Al-Munazama. Then there is the transporter if you reach this rank you will start selling the crew's supplements and proteins and stuff they ask you to. You have to be a pretty good driver so you can get yourself out of situations with the police and situations with them. you are a trusted member as well if you reach that. Then there is the drug supplier this rank is for you if you are really good at weapons and can explain most of them and explain what can the weapon do what's the good parts about it and the bad parts about it, And you can recommend them to other clients and explain everything about the weapon that you recommend it to them as well you will have an assistant who will learn such stuff with you and learn combat from you and this will be a good idea for you and for your assistant to get out of shooting situations as you get experienced with it. Then you will be a guy who proved his self in the crew who is well trusted by being professional at shooting at combat and at the weapons themselves by that you should know each and every single weapon and what it can do to the enemy. you will be someone who other people will look up to.
    By going to the next rank is being a Manufacturer all the crew's proteins and supplements will be known by you. You will be a super important guy who will have to give every supplement correctly and quickly no time to waste the younger members of the group will learn your skills and learn how to do every single thing you and know each and every single proteins and how to sell them quickly. Then you will be Personal trainer the one who gets hired and you will personally train someone in the gym and help them become stronger quicker better more experienced but you will supervisor to a trainer as you make sure that he is well learning and doing his job well. Then if you are really old and you're in the blood of the family you will be respected this rank isn't a purpose in the crew but it mostly will be given to you by the managers you will be a respected guy in the crew. Then assistant manager you will be a guy who helps the manager that's pretty much it but you will learn from the managers and there jobs incase you become a manager yourself. Then you will a Manager your power is making decisions you watch over the gang itself you get other people to join the crew and you watch your gang itself. Then there is the Vice leader it supervises lower rank members and make decisions towards them based on what they are doing and what they did and based on the situations that they did or will do. Then there is the leader the one that we all love and we all respect the whole gang by itself in one guy he makes most of the decisions and takes care of the gang and the Group and every important matter.

    What is our main target in one word?: The government
    Write an introduction story about your character that is planning to join Al Munazama. Who is the character, and who was bolded texthe before trying to join Al Munazama? [200-400 words]:

    Khalil Ibrahim al-Wazir[note 1] (Arabic: خليل إبراهيم الوزير‎, also known by his kunya Abu Jihad [note 2] أبو جهاد—"Jihad's Father"; 10 October 1935 – 16 April 1988) was a Palestinian leader and co-founder of the nationalist party Fatah. As a top aide of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Chairman Yasser Arafat, al-Wazir had considerable influence in Fatah's military activities, eventually becoming the commander of Fatah's armed wing al-Assifa.

    Khalil al-Wazir, né le 10 octobre 1935 à Ramla en Palestine sous mandat britannique et mort le 16 avril 1988 à Tunis, était un responsable palestinien, l’un des fondateurs du Fatah, numéro deux de l’OLP et chef de son aile militaire. Parvenu en raison de ses activités militantes à constituer l’ennemi public numéro un d’Israël,Khalil al-Wazir, né le 10 octobre 1935 à Ramla en Palestine sous mandat britannique et mort le 16 avril 1988 à Tunis, était un responsable palestinien, l’un des fondateurs du Fatah, numéro deux de l’OLP et chef de son aile militaire. Parvenu en raison de ses activités militantes à public numéro un d’Israël,

    Fareed, remember the name.
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    ➤ Date: 08/07/2019
    ➤ Target: Al Munazam
    ➤ Al Munazam. Arms Assassine: *@RadiO @Blué @UrBan @Mohamed-Mostafa @Reggi @Faruk @Elyas @Battal @Benboon @Adistar @ViRuSLN @Nishki @Xavier *
    ➤ Story: Hanging around checking places and selling some weapons doing Jailbreak etc... there was a group of cops hunting us step by step but when they attacked us we escaped and we killed them both as a team and we keep our Way. With honor and Power
    ➤ Video:
    Al - Munazama | المنظمة | Official Promo 2019 | SAES:RPG montage #1 – 08:16
    — JoseSito Gaming

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    Story:Like every day I had no work anything to do, my family gets killed I was always alone no one assists me and no one care I had no food no vehicle I was walking on whetstone suddenly I smell a portion of food I tried to enter cause I'm hungry.*

    I found a lot of people there I was surprised and I enter to talk with them but they start aiming at me and asking me who are you etc...
    I talked to their Boss about my story and am so hungry and I want to be one of you.two minutes later, he gives me Sawed off and Uzi to be safe and he gives me new clothes.*

    A day ago and He called me to sell arms for someone on the ship in San Fierro I took the arms from the base and I put them on the trunk of the car, of course, I took the GPS with me to know the right way I was so happy to do the first mission but so scared same time cause there was a lot of cops,I stooped next the ship suddenly the door opened when I enter I found this guy waiting for me with money I gives him the weapons and the drug and he gives me the money.

    I get back to our base I give the money to the boss he was so proud about my job and he gives me 30%.

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