UrBan's application for Al-Munazama

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    In-game nick: UrBan
    Account name: Halloween741
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Tunisia
    Write a story about your experience in SAES so far [200-400 words]: A day I heard my friend on real-life talking about SAES I was asking a lot about this server and they always ignore me but when I joined SAES alone I start learning to be better than them I have been joined WA(Wild angles) was my first gang i learned there a lot of things then I left to join CDC to check if my luck there when I get accepted my friends was surprised. then I liked this server too much and I was doing fun so I was interested about UE(underground empire) and when I joined it I was enjoying SAES more and more and I joined cunning stunts and now i want to join Al-Munazama to do more fun and more Rps activities

    Group-related Questions
    Why are you interested in joining Al Munazama?: I want to join this group because they have no mercy they are killing robbing and they never surrender if some one of them dies they regroup and revenge and I think this group will be famous and cool.cause of their role. I have seen many group members who are dangerous with their styles and then I notice that is the group for me. I am a fighter that I can fight for this group.
    Also, they have a good roleplay
    Summarize our role: Al-Munazama is a rebel group, criminals who kidnap, killing, doing jailbreaking, etc...
    What is our main target in one word?: Robbing and kidnapping taking victims to get money etc...
    Write a introduction story about your character that is planning to join Al Munazama. Who is the character, and who was he before trying to join Al Munazama? [200-400 words]: born 6 May 1984 in Daphne, Alabama and his age 29 in the Dinsoor area of Somalia, his mother died to get killed by American and his father too because they are Muslims, when he was 10 years old he. when he is 23 he decided to join Al-Munazama al revenge for his family he was always alone and never get scared he has been talked to the leader of the group about his story. When he got accepted he starts with the first mission he killed 10 people on America in 5 min with ak-47 he gets back to the group and the leader know about his job. Alabama was killing 10 people or less in a single day to revenge cause they killed his family and he always escapes.His name was among the most wanted terrorists by the FBI from this group and his leader he is so proud about his job.

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    Like every day I had no work anything to do, my family gets killed I was always alone no one assists me and no one care I had no food no vehicle I was walking on whetstone suddenly I smell a portion of food I tried to enter cause I'm hungry.
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    I found a lot of people there I was surprised and I enter to talk with them but they start aiming at me and asking me who are you etc...
    I talked to their Boss about my story and am so hungry and I want to be one of you.two minutes later, he gives me Sawed off and Uzi to be safe and he gives me new clothes.
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    I get back to our base I give the money to the boss he was so proud about my job and he gives me 30%.
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