Reus Application for Al-Munazama
By Reus, in Recruitment

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    Personal Questions
    In-game nick:Reus
    Account name:Karamani
    Write a story about your experience in SAES so far [200-400 words]: MI-6 Well i joined because i thought it would be awesome if i hangout with some active friends but after a while they all went inactive and i was playing alone so i left it then i joined -ICE i decided to left cop side forever and join criminal life for some activity. In UE I have kicked because I do avoird arrest and I joined bbmc When I became Level 2, no one respected me.I joined the CDC and then left it because there was one IN CDC membre block the safes and the HQ warning me because he think me i block it and i call he is not me and he tell me no stop .and me i have screen for that.

    Group-related Questions
    Why are you interested in joining Al Munazama?: i'm loyal , skilled member and i think what are Al Munazama looking for if i'm not wrong
    Summarize our role:store robbery - men killed police-jailbreak.etc
    What is our main target in one word?: MOney money
    Write a introduction story about your character that is planning to join Al Munazama. Who is the character, and who was he before trying to join Al Munazama? [200-400 words]: Hello I’am Omar, My name ingame :Reus, I from Tunisian I’am 17 years old, i from Tunisian [Sousse]. i like mta [Saes] i like the gang of this game and Then the organization was named is Al-Munazama and then. I loved it and now I want to join it.
    Abou Iyadh:
    He was born November 8, 1965 in Menzel Bourguiba. Rejecting the West, he wrote the Koran and adopted the ideology of the Muslim brothers. In the 1980s, he was an activist of the Movement of the Islamic tendency, ancestor of Ennahdha, and became one of the pillars of the armed wing of the party, the Tunisian Islamic Front, in 1986. by Abd al-Aziz ibn Baz and members of the Armed Islamic Group and the Islamic Fighting Group in Libya. It is the country of the continuation of the repression of the regime of Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali against the student movements in 1987; he is himself sentenced in absentia by the military court of Tunis to two years in prison for participation in the manifestos.

    He moved first to Morocco where he studied at the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences of the University of Oujda and got married. He then leaves for the United Kingdom and Afghanistan. He joined the training camps and met Osama bin Laden near Kandahar. In 2000, he was the Tunisian fighting group with Tarek Maaroufi in Jalalabad; the two men organizing the assassination of Major Massoud in September 2001.

    Ben Hassine, who became Abu Iyadh, took part in the war in Afghanistan with al-Qaeda before joining Turkey in 2003, was arrested in February and extradited to Tunisia. Judged by the military court of Tunis, sentenced to 43 years in prison. He continues to maintain links with Salafist deputies, including the perpetrators of the Ghriba in 2002 and members of the group of Soliman. Despite his past terrorism, he was the status of political prisoner.