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  • @Jude-Obiasca @zodiac16 DENIED, Apply again In 2 weeks from now, Good luck.

    @Jengus Under-Review, Keep hanging around with us and you'll get your final answer soon, Good luck.

    @Mc-Arthur This isn't our application format, and I am sorry but you're DENIED, Apply again In 2 weeks from now with the correct application format.

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  • Tell us about yourself (ingame nick, age, struggles, weaknesses, etc.) Well my name is khalil i'm from Tunisia, i am 25 years old, my Strengths: Well, my strenghts its my experience, my driving, shooting skills. I like teamworking and roleplyas. and my Weaknesses: Im not best pilot, but i'm trying to make my skills better in that
    -Tell us about your SAES Career:
    i started play since 2014 in saes and started to work criminal and i joined of this gangs O / HS / B ~ B / WA / BS/OC i learned from them and i got a lot of experience and 80% of my ex gangs closed, for example , (O Closed/HS Closed/BS Closed) I stayed in those Organization's to the end
    -Why OverdoseCrime?:
    what makes OC special for me is that have a friendly-mature,loyal members and they respect each other's and Ofc i have friends in it, what i can do is support the gang. I honestly Helpfull guy,
    -Define OverdoseCrime:
    OverdoseCrime is a gang that has been present in the SAES for a long time and then something happened and it was resolved, but now its time and I want to help them become stronger. They specialize in manufacturing and supplying nutritional supplements & new part of OverdoseCrime is dealing with weapons in all over the world, its function to get the shipment safely and it also sells sports equipment...
    +Create a story related to our role:
    On that day I was a little worried, went out on a tour of Sais and bumped into a base that impressed me. I was watching her because someone would come out of her to ask him about the story of this base. So the owner was my friend who asked him about the gang's role. Each of us went his own way. And I took thought since i really needed money i saw a big money in Crime so i applied at Overdose Crime.
    -Why should we accept you?:
    I really like teamwork playing and the respect .Well i want to be part of this clan because i think creativity and happiness and good time , and i have a huge experience and knowledge about the server i will try to be active as possible as i can for help in truf BR roleplay etc, i will do my best for OC Better and never got into trouble before Im quite mature that i will not ruin the reputation of the gang
    Thats all i hope i can be a part of you guys & thnx for reading!

  • ***Nickname: OC-H | Diesel

    Username : Klmpoiuyt

    Nationality: tunisian

    Age: 16

    In-game playtime hours: 470h

    Tell us about your SAES Career : I started playing SAES before 1 year

    BloodZ : Died

    BBMC : Died

    Why OverdoseCrime .. ?

    I chose this best gang because i love it i want help us with Ideas and OverdoseCrime is of biggest gang in SAES finally i want start new life with it and i will give all my effort for OC

    Definition of overdosecrime :

    overdosecrime is one of the largest criminal organizations in the world ..he is a strong gang with quality, good, friendly members and HQs.

    Create a story related to our role : :

    .Monsieur Pierre Agénor De Vargnes, the Examining Magistrate, was the exact opposite of a practical joker. He was dignity, staidness, correctness personified. As a sedate man, he was quite incapable of being guilty, even in his dreams, of anything resembling a practical joke, however remotely. I know nobody to whom he could be compared, unless it be the present president of the French Republic. I think it is useless to carry the analogy any further, and having said thus much, it will be easily understood that a cold shiver passed through me when Monsieur Pierre Agénor de Vargnes did me the honor of sending a lady to await on me.

    Why should we accept you .. ? :

    i'm active player with loyalty , mature , teamwork a lot and careful and i will give this best gang all my effort**

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    After a long discussion here is the results

    Dear @Parazit Thank you for choosing OverdoseCrime. But im sad to announce your application goes DENIED. Main reason is your general knowledge. Also your nonstop PMing me in the game will not help you. Feel free to apply in 2 weeks. Good luck!

    Hello there @Jengus Once again thank you for choosing our gang. You showed decent activity in game and your general knowledge is good. Consider yourself PENDING. Find any HQ in the game for your entry test. Good luck!

    Aye @Hetler Thank you for choosing our gang. Your activity is great also you hang with us for a while and we get a chance to know you better. Also you receieved your test in game and you are successfully ACCEPTED.. What to say other then, Welcome aboard!

    Hey there @khalil After a discussion we made a decision to give you a chance. You are well known around us. Also positive feedback by our members as well. So consider yourself PENDING. Find any HQ in game for your entry test. Good luck!

    Hello @Diesel Thank you for choosing our gang and applying for it. Your application is not amazing but your activity in game is great. But we want to see you more among us and prove to us that you want to be one of us. Consider yourself Under-Review. Good luck!

    Congratulation to accepted ones and good luck to the others!

    Manager of OverdoseCrime

  • Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..):

    First of all my in game name is bluelive122 I am 18 years old my strengths are shooting fast driving aiming and surfing, And what I mean by fast driving is street driving running from the police and stuff.
    My Weakness talking about that I don't really have weaknesses or anything in the game I can manage doing anything.

    Tell us about your SAES Career:

    I've started as a robber in the LS streets I really didn't know anything about the city or anything I've started robbing places and houses slowly slowley until I got to know the city more after that I've managed to find a group who were drug dealers they helped me with my career my family and my stuff I started selling drugs in the city getting money and stuff to survive in the city and I managed to become reach and started buying weapons for a price and selling them for a higher price and that's my job till now I buy weopons and sell them unlicensed for more money.

    Why OverdoseCrime?:

    I started watching the crew ever since it was made and I was really interested in it even if I didn't show that they are just the crew that I can fit my career in and createe my family in there and show them the lyolalty I always had and always will have with them.

    Define OverdoseCrime:
    OverdoseCrime has lots of meanings first of all you start as a novice you still new you still a pleb as they say you barley know nothing you still unexperienced you take footsteps of the guys higher than you and you try to achieve your goal to be like them and join there rank. Talking about the second thing you start being trainee you learn from profession personal trainers as they help you to be good in the field and you will help them in that thing but selling there equipment and help them with the gym training. Third of all you will be a Supplier you must know each product your crew owns and start selling them around the city and you have to tell people about the recommended stuff you own so they can buy it by that you can get your self into a higher rank. Then you will be a drug dealer you get to sell weapons and you will have to explain each type of weapon that you sell and learn lots of things about the arms and the combat stuff your main duty will be helping the crew transport the stuff and smuggle the guns until you're more experienced in this type of thing.
    Then you will start being a trainer this part of the crew is when you are experienced and skilled enough to train people who used to be trained like you the same sort of thing that happened to you get people who are unskilled and unexperienced and get them to know everything you know and try to make them like you and even better as you will have your helper by your said that you will train to become better and teach him the OverdoseCrime. Then there is the transporter if you reach this rank you will start selling the crew's supplements and proteins and stuff they ask you to. You have to be a pretty good driver so you can get yourself out of situations with the police and situations with them. you are a trusted member as well if you reach that. Then there is the drug supplier this rank is for you if you are really good at weapons and can explain most of them and explain what can the weapon do what's the good parts about it and the bad parts about it, And you can recommend them to other clients and explain everything about the weapon that you recommend it to them as well you will have an assistant who will learn such stuff with you and learn combat from you and this will be a good idea for you and for your assistant to get out of shooting situations as you get experienced with it. Then you will be a guy who proved his self in the crew who is well trusted by being professional at shooting at combat and at the weapons themselves by that you should know each and every single weapon and what it can do to the enemy. you will be someone who other people will look up to.
    By going to the next rank is being a Manufacturer all the crew's proteins and supplements will be known by you. You will be a super important guy who will have to give every supplement correctly and quickly no time to waste the younger members of the group will learn your skills and learn how to do every single thing you and know each and every single proteins and how to sell them quickly. Then you will be Personal trainer the one who gets hired and you will personally train someone in the gym and help them become stronger quicker better more experienced but you will supervisor to a trainer as you make sure that he is well learning and doing his job well. Then if you are really old and you're in the blood of the family you will be respected this rank isn't a purpose in the crew but it mostly will be given to you by the managers you will be a respected guy in the crew. Then assistant manager you will be a guy who helps the manager that's pretty much it but you will learn from the managers and there jobs incase you become a manager yourself. Then you will a Manager your power is making decisions you watch over the gang itself you get other people to join the crew and you watch your gang itself. Then there is the Vice leader it supervises lower rank members and make decisions towards them based on what they are doing and what they did and based on the situations that they did or will do. Then there is the leader the one that we all love and we all respect the whole gang by itself in one guy he makes most of the decisions and takes care of the gang and the organizations and every important matter.

    Create a story related to our role:
    I was working at a place in LS to earn my living and I had some good drugs once I got a call from some guy and asked me to join his place and join forces with him by selling drugs and earning more money so I went to meet him we made the deal and he offered me lots of cash but in one case that is my making the drugs and selling and we had the deal shacked hands and now I am one of the biggest drug dealers in LS

    Why should we accept you?:
    I am a quick guy I learn fast I am super loyal I have combat skills and I can help the gang with my skills to make them look good and get more members into it that are actually skilled and will be useful for us to be bigger stronger and more popular.

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  • Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..): Hello i'm Khalil ,16 years old , from Tunisia and live in Hammamet exactly . I like playing videos games like MTA / CSGO and also i love football . I have one brother and we started playing saes together named Rizoro ingame. My strengths will be: Shooting- which i do practice very often because i would love to be very skilled in SAES, as it will make me pleased and also i practice as much as i can on other servers know as "RedvsBlues" server.
    Driving: i wouldn't say im so good a driving but im okay, but i do practice on this too so i do become good and it is very useful for me. In addition, i have many more skills like communication skills which really helps in BankRob, StoreRobs, RoadTrips and RolePlays along goes with Team working skills which applies in these scenario's to be honest perfectly , everyone has a weak points and mine is Cracking and having fps drop sometimes .

    Tell us about your SAES Career: Well i started palying since 2011 so i did so many things in SAES , i joined organizations and had alot of experiences . I was always a good player and helpful but in 2013 i think i got banned with my brother that was a sad moment for me . Thank god i got unbanned and back to saes area , i tried to get involved with new players and gangs again and that was succesful so i started upgrading my skills and experiences, it was so hard for me but nothing is impossible in my opinion .

    Why OverdoseCrime?: As anybody else, all what I was seeking for gaining experience, I joined different organizations. But in the last few months, I really changed a bit and became more stable than what I was before. I learn that It's no matter how many organization u was on or what are the currently groups that u are a part of . The main thing to gain reputation is to show how much loyal you are and how you show that u really can be useful by doing ur best for the organization that you are a part of. I joined alot of gangs like SoA - RDMC - YakuzA- CripZ - WA - MMC - BS .

    Define OverdoseCrime: OverdoseCrime has alot of roles like Protein and Supplements which means they are a group of crimnals specialized in manufacturing and supplying supplements to the players of SA They have a factory of two parts one for arms and one for the supplement they have the best quality around San Andreas . Transporting it's for the good drivers of the gang which is a very important job . They are also trainers to the people interested in street fighting .

    Create a story related to our role: Mr.Bango... Crim had been a part of his life since he was a baby, which was why his parents moved the family to the states when he was a teenager. He didn't have much problem adopting the language but he hated being labeled as one of the poor kids. He shoplifted multiple times until he was caught and thrown in juvenile hall. That's when he learned that drug dealing could be a much more lucrative trade. He began dealing whatever drugs he could find, but made sure to do it all from his car, so that the police couldn't track him to one location. His parents were both unemployed, so most of the money he made went to them. They knew what their son was doing, but they were proud that he was willing to risk his life to take care of them. After gaining alot of money he wanted to start a new life and he married a beautidul women and had children .

    Why should we accept you?: I would not say im a very special because in my opinion everyone can be special in their own way, but i have the skills needed and the experience in gangs which make things more easy also i have the loyalty and maturity. Also i know i have not been so mature in the past , but i can ensure that i have achieved this target, as that was my aim as i have been told. I have been, trying to redeem my self from that lack of maturity i had in the passed and i do hope that i have showed that i can be mature and behave in the right manner and respect people .

  • alt text
    After some observing and discussion between the HQ team, Here are the results.

    @Disaster @bluelive122 We've been observing both of you for a while and you both showed great potential and everyone liked you and therefore we decided to give you both a chance, Welcome aboard.


  • Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..):
    Hello guys I'm Yaman, I'm 18 years old and I'm from Turkey. I love playing football with my friends and in my free time I go play with them. I prefer to play FPS games like CS:GO or open world games like Multi Theft Auto also Im using Jack nickname on MTA. If you want to know more about me don't hesitate to ask me whenever you see me ingame, I'll be glad to answer your questions and talk to you.
    I'm good at shooting driving and flying I'm not good at swimming because I'm too lazy to swim.
    Tell us about your SAES Career:
    I started playing MTA: SA in 2012 by accepting my friend's invitation My friends just invited me to MTA I was 14 or 15 years old I accepted his offer and joined to SAES I had bad English skills when I joined to SAES I decided to DM players instead of hanging with them then some admin banned me and I decided to take a small break like 1 or 3 years I decided to do something like joining to San Andreas Police Academy I applied to SAPA and got accepted in 2 days I passed my tests then received my invitation after 1-2 weeks had arguments with SAPA HQ then I decided to leave It was boring so I decided to take a break again Then I just came back and joined to MI6 after 1month cop side was boring so I decided to leave and applied to The Outfit they gave me chance and invited me to the outfit after I stayed like 1 year in outfit it was amazing at all. Then my friend Soulfly called me for help I decided to help to Soulfly joined to BBMC fixed the activity but our reputation was low I decided to close it after closing bbmc I decided to join Black Syndicate but sadly tantawy decided to close it then Rebels just invited me I got bored and left. now Im gangless again.
    • - BBMC: I decided to close it. I used to be vice president there.
    • - The Outfit : I stayed in outfit for a long time like 1 year then soulfly called me for help so i left.
    • - MI6 : Cop side was boring so I left.
    • - SAPA : I had some problems with hqs so I left.
    • - Black Syndicate : Closed
    Why OverdoseCrime?:
    Well, First of all, I like Overdose Crime members they are skilled and respected also I'm a skilled and loyal member I can offer you my cracking skills and my loyalty.
    Define OverdoseCrime:
    Overdose Crime trains people and manufactures drugs & protein supplements and the transporter transports their narcotics & protein also they sell some Gym Equipments like dumbbells etc.
    Create a story related to our role:
    In 2011 Jax was studying in school his family was too poor the time has come Jax decided to help his family by selling drugs he sold a lot of drugs he was too weak at the beginning some of the bullies decided to bully Jax they beat Jax a lot the time has come Jax decided to go to the GYM he lifted a lot of dumbbells he improved himself and became stronger he decided to mug & rob people he robbed some of the stores then he decided to give all of the money to his Family then Jax went to school after 5 months he beat bullies first then GYM owner Marwan invited Jax to his gang and Jax accepted his offer Jax became Criminal and now he's hanging with his gang.
    Why should we accept you?:
    I'm very loyal and mature guy also my activity is really good.

  • Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..): My ingame name is Gang$ta my reak name is Domen im years 14 years old i live in Slovenia i have an older brother he is 16 years old we both train football. In my free time i like to chill and play saes i smoke with my friend xwolf. My strenghts are im good at turfing shooting driving. My weaknesses i cant Roleplay that good and i cant type fast.
    Tell us about your SAES Career: One day xwolf told me about this game called MTA and he founded the server SAES so I though why not to play it with him. So when i finished downloading it we got into the game he teached me the basics of the game beacuse back then i didnt even know the keybinds. So we spawned as a police officer and I got my first arrest. Then we play on the cop side for a bit. We got in the every SR-store robbery to defend it and to get more money. The next day we grabbed M4 and shotgun to patrol with the police ranger. We claimed someone with the police pannel i sprayed him donw with m4 and we arrested him. We got tired of cop side so we respawned and spawn as a criminal. We basically store robbed every time someone created it. After a few months when i got better i decided to join BS - Black Syndicate. I was in the gang for a few days but then i left beacuse my brother's friend created bloodz and i was jealose beacuse i coudn't get in and my brother was in. Then i got banned i couldn't remember what the reason was. When i was unbanned my friend xwolf was in F.B.I. so i hanged with him and i wanted to be F.B.I. too. Then xwolf left F.B.I. beacuse makaveli and other guys created the Bloodz again and i was gangless. I decided to join ICE police. I was in ICE police for a few daysand then left beacuse xwolf told me that BBMC and Bloodz were allie's so i left ICE police and joined BBMC i was in BBMC for 1 day and then i left beacuse i didnt like the gang and beacuse you couldn't drive sport cars. And now im hanging with OC- OverdoseCrime.
    Why OverdoseCrime?: I chose OverdoseCrime beacuse i can bring a lot of positivity a lot of loyalty i can bring fun to the gang.
    I am curently gangless and i know for a fact that OC is a great gang its got loyal mebers good members skilled members and i can be one of them
    Define OverdoseCrime: The story talks about 3 dudes that lived in LS sub.-urbs. They were discussing the criminals use when they are shooting and how drugs are easy to trade and how they would be the champing of the street fights. They were constantly building to get their muscles bigger and to be the biggest bad asses. One day they were planning on doing the bank robbery-BR they were there with a
    few other gangs. They offered 20% of the profit to the body-guards and they accepted the deal. One biker took his bat and punched him with it. They were shooting like crazy and the bullets were everywhere. They escaped succesfuly and got 200.000$ to start their gang. They called it the OverdoseCrime.
    Create a story related to our role: There was a guy he was chilling on the trunk of he's car. Then a group of people came to him and asked him if he would help them in the robbery. He asked how much profit would i make if i help. They said that he would get 20-30k$ and he agreed. A week later they started a bank robbery and of course he was a body gurad beacuse he was strong and he liked to spend time in the gym he was a body builded he had muscles he was like a hulk so he could hold the gun. The robbery was going well until police came and they couldn't do anything. Police grabbed their cash that they stole from the bank and criminals didnt like that so they fired a lot of bullets to kill the police. They succesfuly killed the police but when they were inthe car more police chased and hunted them down. They fire 4 magazines to kill the cops. They stole the money from the cops and got away with it. They gave the 25k$ to the guy that they meet. And they keept the 350k for them to create a new gang.
    Why should we accept you?: You should accept me beacuse i can bring a lot of pisitivity and loyalty and we can have a lot of fun. The gang is great but it would be even better if i was in.

  • alt text
    Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..): Hi I'm Andres I'm 14 years old in the game I'm "OC-H|>Funstein_" One of my strengths is being forced to shoot and drive and one of my weaknesses is being impatient as well as flying airplanes.
    Tell us about your SAES Career: My criminal career at SAES started 3 Months ago, when i got kicked from FBI for helps Criminals, after join in my first Organization Hell Rairses MC sadly, died, after VLA left for inactivity and after closed and in CDC got kicked, pm me in-game for reason.
    Why OverdoseCrime?: I find that Overdose Crime a great gang,active and the most important thing is that they are giving a big importance to the gym side it's really perfect
    Define OverdoseCrime: OverdoseCrime is : Gym Supplements,Street fighting and Trainings.Overdose Crime based on few things.Firstly they are selling a gym supplements by illegal ways. second thing is street fighting. Overdose Crime members sure in that they can beat anyone who can challenge them in any fight,so they hosting Street Fighting matches.And Training people.We all know that best trainees is best traineed people.Overdose Crime members one of best traineed people around San Andreas,so they want to share their experience with others.
    Create a story related to our role: One day, boy who lives in alcoholic familly, thinked about learning fighting style and be able to protect himself from drunk dad, so he went to boxing trainnings, because his friend did lessons. And after few trainings he was able to protect himself from dad, after few years he was champion of boxing in his country and he grew bigger and bigger, after some years he left boxing, because he remember when he was that kid who got hurt in his familly, so he making lessions for other kids which need his help...
    Why should we accept you?: Well, I think I will fit OC because I'm really active and SAES and beside that, I'm enough skilled and experienced to be part of this gang. Also as I said above, I can offer unique skills in different domains and im loyal.
    alt text

    Your Sincerely , Funstein_

  • ...

  • Dear @7ashisha , That is wrong format, if you want to make correct application use this one (I’ll open the spoiler bellow) just copy paste it and answer the questions. I will give you 24 hours to edit it. After that consider yourself DENIED. Good luck !

  • alt text

    Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..): my nick name is OC-H|KaJo and my real name is dhia im 15 years old , i love playing saes and crims , my strenghts is shooting , RP , activity and driving and my weaknesses is espace from grenades
    Tell us about your SAES Career: i love playing crim i start playing saes 2 years ago im friendly and i love join family gang like OC .
    Why OverdoseCrime?: i find OC its good gang i have friend here like hetler i love OC and his color and i can help OC in RP , activity , event ....
    Define OverdoseCrime: OverdoseCrime is a criminal organization that focuses on selling every type of arms Illegal gym supplements, Transporting goods for other organisations. and sell drugs and weaons .
    Create a story related to our role: one day , if i will go to my friend 2 my friends objected me they need drugs they say to me if i can sell to them drugs I sent them to my house so that no one would see us and i give them some drugs Then they threatened me and asked them to wait a minute to bring the goods. I went into the house and called [T-C] and told them the story. Then they came rushing and we attacking the gang with we weapons .
    Why should we accept you?: i can help the gang in RP , activity , event and i can raise it with my skills .

    ![alt text](alt text

  • alt text

    Dear Applicants

    @Jack_ @krip

    • Thank you for interesting to be part of OverdoseCrime , both of you Pending, try to catch us in game and show us that both of you worth enough to join us.


    • Thank you for interesting to be part of OverdoseCrime , However you're not what we're looking for this time , sadly you're Denied , feel free to apply after recruitment open once again , good luck


    • Thank you for interesting to be part of OverdoseCrime , However you're not what we're looking for this time , also poor application , sadly you're Denied , feel free to apply after recruitment open once again , good luck

    from now OverdoseCrime recruitment status :

    alt text

    Note : for everyone who's interesting to join us right now , show us your efforts ingame and hang out with members using 176|> Tag

    also feel free to join our discord to check gang's updates from here : https://discord.gg/ChmxCAb

    Kind regard,
    Manager of OverdoseCrime

  • alt text
    Hello everyone, Our recruitment will remain closed for now, but we're going to open It when It's time, we've to keep it closed for some more time due to some changes

    - Also we've now a new application format, so please If you're willing to apply for OverdoseCrime when the rec Is back opened, You should use the new application format.

    1. Personal data section

    1.1 Account information
    Nickname: Qwerty
    Nationality: Belgian
    Spoken language(s): English, Dutch, French

    1. Organization section

    2.1 Personal specifics
    Former organization(s):/
    Reason(s) of leaving:/
    Why have you chosen to join OverdoseCrime?: Because im tired of roaming around as a lone wolf, and im trying to make some cash with a group.

    2.2 Management specifics
    Outline your relevant skills and strengths, that you can provide for OverdoseCrime (We do NOT ask for in-game skills, such as shooting, driving etc.): I always try and make a plan in my head and try my utter best to execute such plan.
    Describe how you would solve any problem with a fellow gang member: If outnumbered flee, and if i see that the situation can be dealt with i shall deal with it.

    2.3 OverdoseCrime specifics
    Define OverdoseCrime: a group of people with the same idea of making money

  • @QwertyAzerty Applying for ThC and OC In the same time Isn't a good idea, PLUS our Rec Is "CLOSED" so therefore you're DENIED.