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    Dear Applicant


    • Thank you for interesting to be part of Overdose Crime , after discussing with HQs and members , i'm sorry to inform that your application goes Denied ,that's because you weren't clear in application , you got admin jail due to breaking server/gang rules , also you left the gang instead of getting kick after that, therefore you can apply after month from now, if you still interested to be one of us.

    Kind regards,
    Manager of OverdoesCrime

  • Tell us about yourself (in-game nickname, age, strenghts, weaknesses, etc...):

    In-game nickname: Jekrzyy
    Name: Franciso
    Age: 21
    Nationality: Portuguese
    Strengths: Good aim, good at strategies and positions, good driving skills, generous;
    Weaknesses: Not that good at cracking, english skills aren't the best and I can get bored easily.

    Tell us about your SAES Career:

    I've been playing at SAES since 2015, I started playing as a drug dealer but later decided to apply for Underground Empire. I joined UE in June 2017 but then got kicked due to inactivity and now I'm back.

    Why OverdoseCrime?:

    I feel connected to OverdoseCrime because of it's massive influence on the server, not only it's members/leaders are
    friendly and respect everyone but they act with the purpose of making the experience in SAES worth every minute.
    Seeing the members on the server makes you want to be a part of it, the union, the passion and the confraternization between
    them is so unique and fascinating that it's almost impossible not wanting to join in and share your personality with them.

    Define OverdoseCrime:

    OverdosCrime is a criminal gang that specializes in the production and supply of nutritional supplements, as well as researching new supplements to improve work and create something never seen before. They also deal with the production and supply of "usual" drugs and it's transportation, which is done carefully to avoid any setbacks or problems.
    OverdoseCrime also focuses on workouts to dominate street fights and build their bodies.
    To mantain a legal aspect, OverdosCrime sells gym equipment that is manufactured and sold legally.

    Create a story related to our role:

    I used to be just like any other person. I had a nice job, made my own money, but suddenly the company that I worked for went bankrupt and since then I've been living on the streets.
    One day I was in an alley when I saw two men walking towards me, I noticed that they had "OC" tattooed in their bodies. I overheard them talking about needing someone to make a delivery. They said it was too risky for a member of the gang to do it because the odds of getting caught were too high, but if the delivery was done, it would get the gang a lot of money. Having heard this, I approached them and said that I was willing to help them as long as I was given some money, which they agreed with one condition, if I got caught, they would not help me. Having nothing to lose I took the risk and, surprisingly, everything went as expected.
    They liked the way I handled the situation so much that they ended up inviting me to their gang and, since then, they've been my only family.

    Why should we accept you?:

    I'm a very respectful person and I know all the rules. I like to participate in turf wars, bank robberies, store robberies, jailbreaks. I want to help OverdoseCrime be the best gang on the server.

  • Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..): In game Nick is Armarni, and im 18 years old. I've got many strengths such as working as a team its something thats very important in a gang that takes part in many criminal activities. Almost i've got communication skills thats almost very important in many ways. I am strategic with great skills and ability to do well in bankrobs and Jailbreaks and turf wars, specially when cops and rivalries become a threat. I give it my all holding it down. I wouldn't say i got a weakness but if it is i'll just say im allergic to pigs :D.

    Tell us about your SAES Career: I had a long SAES career with major set backs, besides the point i was just too young back then. Anything i liked i was so eager to want it so bad that it got me no where. I've done wrong to only get myself in a worse position, to not even getting a chance in what i wanted to achieve. also been in various gang organisation including 1 squad. Which was TST first Gen before IT died and come back alive. I been in fuck all groups tho xD.
    Why OverdoseCrime?: I think everyone underestimates OC, in all honestly including me. However, seeing in game how great you lot are its actually unbelievable. So after being like gangless for over a month, i thought you know what let me try OC, i myself will generally will have fun working with a gang all the way to the top. I've noticed the gang be all over SA as a group doing a lot of activities together, working as a team and thats what i like.
    Define OverdoseCrime: Overdose Crime is a well known gang that is dealing with high criminal quality of drugs. They also focus around illegal gym products that is against the law.

    Create a story related to our role:Before 10 years there was a one kid know as Rocky. He was really good kid but he was having some problems in school. His class mates were bothering and annoying him all day. So one day while he was in school and having lunch that guys has come to him and started to ask for some money from him. But he already spend all on his sandwich. After they heard that they start to verbally abuse. After some minutes later they even say to him if he doesnt give them money till 18:00 they will punch him in the face. Little Rocky was scared and didnt know what to do. After the school finished they was going home and crying. But he didnt tell anyone about that. It was already 17:00 and he didnt have any money next to him. After some minutes they called him and tell him that they expecting him next to school. He was soo scary and he didnt have any choice but steal from parents. He grab moms wallet and took 20$. After he took that he make his way to the school. But while he was walking some guy who pass next to him say his name. Little Rocky was in shock how is he know his name. That guy in hoodie say that he needs to follow him. Roaky didnt waste any time and he started to follow. After some minutes they arrived at some old warehouse . There was a lot of gym thugs. Guy in the hoodie say that was an old gym where he was train back in the days. Little Rocky asked him can he learn him some tricks how he can defend himself. After some hours they finished. But when he left the old gym he saw that guys standing angry because they didnt get money. They started to going to him and also they was wearing some kind of baseball stick. But while that guy was going little Rocky did right kick with his leg and punch him in the head. After they all saw that they started to running. After that moment Rocky didnt was scared anymore and he was the king in the school. Well he deserved after all. He still didnt know what that guy was. Its gonna me mystery for him.

    Why should we accept you?: I think you should accept me due to the skills and experience i have. Also now that i've been back for like 4/5 months after a long ass break. I can tell you that now my loyalty will stand with OC.

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    Dear Applicants

    @Jekrzyy & @Armarni

    • We would like to thank both of you for interesting to be part of OC , both of you already showed some efforts , also we know some about both of you, however , we need recognize about both of you more, to convince us that both of you worth enough to be part of OC , Therefore both of you are Pending ,hang out with our members and try to participate at gang activities

    Kind regards,
    Manager of OverdoesCrime

  • @Mrwan @Mrwan i'm writing this application to apply for oc gang position
    my ingame nick is midou i'm 17 years old i'm so good at attacking and robbery but when i go to jail i get little dissapointed i'm old player at saes rpg i have 3 account and i have experience in the server i choosed oc because it's my favourit gang and it's so powerfull and meets my skills and u should choose me because i meet all requirement that ur looking for and i woll be perfect player for the gang
    hope my application will be taken in consediration and i hope u accept me

  • Dear, @midoumed2018

    This is not the correct way to apply for our Organization. If you want to join you must answer the questions bellow (ill open the spoiler) and wait for your answer from HQ. You have 24 hours to edit your application otherwise you will be Denied. Good luck!

  • Tell us about yourself (in-game nickname, age, strenghts, weaknesses, etc...):

    In-game nickname: Demonio
    Nationality: Portuguese
    Strengths: When i play something i get really focus and i can learn preatty quick
    Weaknesses: Dont know how to crack ( but i would like to )

    Tell us about your SAES Career:i started playing in 2016 and i had a gang ( tugas reborn ) with my friends just for fun.
    After that some of them leave the game and other continue to play it , like me , so i joined to Underground Empire and stayed for more than 6 months .
    Now i think is time for a change .

    Why OverdoseCrime?: When i left my last gang i want to apply to one that had very experient players and not just experient but cool , and i think OC has that . And i can get a pretty good skill set after i join the gang cause they do everything guns,drugs,transport. And most of all the repect that the other players and gang have for OC.

    Define OverdoseCrime: The cool thing about OverdoseCrime is that: they dont do just one thing , they do all of it , so the players that join the gang get a skill set that no more gang can give.
    They are a weapon manufacture,gym equipment and supplement seller, they train people from all around the saes, drugs manufacturing and supplying and tranporting .

    Create a story related to our role: Its was a normal day at the gym and i saw a bunch of guys coming in and they where BIG after that i asked my friend that already was in the gym for years and i ask "who are this guys?" and he said "they are the local arms dealers".
    After that i think "how the fuck this guys are so big " after that i thinked a little bit and i saw they where putting so powder on their drinks , after that i talk with the gym secretary and she said they where taking supplements.
    After that i start consume them and after a long time maybe 2-3 years i start selling them in the more illicit gym so i can make some bucks to me and my family.

    Why should we accept you?: from beeing the other gangs i think i already have aprrety good skills seat and if i join the gang i can be a better player and help the gang rissing to the top.

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    After a discussion here is the result.

    Dear @midoumed2018 As I already said before, you was needed to change your application and I give you 24 hours for it. The time has passed and application its still the same. Consider yourself DENIED !

    Dear @mrdemonio We discussed about your application and we think its decent. But we still need to see you in game and your activity. Try to hang with us and prove that you worth it. So you will be Under-Review. Good luck!

    Kind regards,
    Manager of OverdoseCrime

  • Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..):MelodicPenguin52,weedman655,18,Shooting
    Tell us about your SAES Career:Played SAES since February 2nd 2019 , 1 mil in cash
    Why OverdoseCrime?:The Best Gang in Selling Proteins
    Define OverdoseCrime:OverdoseCrime Is A Gang That Specializes in Selling proteins And supplies
    Create a story related to our role:There Was Once Someone Named Travis Morgan ,Travis Sold Proteins and supplies Near the local gym in the town to Make some Racks
    Why should we accept you?:i can take orders i am good at selling and shooting

  • @weedman665 said in - OverdoseCrime -:

    Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..):MelodicPenguin52,weedman655,18,Shooting
    Tell us about your SAES Career:Played SAES since February 2nd 2019 , 1 mil in cash
    Why OverdoseCrime?:The Best Gang in Selling Proteins
    Define OverdoseCrime:OverdoseCrime Is A Gang That Specializes in Selling proteins And supplies
    Create a story related to our role:There Was Once Someone Named Travis Morgan ,Travis Sold Proteins and supplies Near the local gym in the town to Make some Racks
    Why should we accept you?:i can take orders i am good at selling and shooting

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    After a discussion here is the result.

    Dear @weedman665 A discussion was about you and we think that you are quite inexperienced. You also didn't put much effort in your application. So consider yourself DENIED. Fell free to apply again in 1 month. Good luck!

    Kind regards,
    Manager of OverdoseCrime


  • Good Luck for next level brothers

  • Personal information

    Nickname: nihen14

    Ingame Username: nihen14

    Age: 15

    English proficiency: 8/10

    Nationality: Tunisian, but currently living in Italy.

    Spoken Languages: English, Frensh.

    Roleplay skills: 6/10

    Previous Organizations you joined and the reason why you left/kicked : N/A


    Write a paragraph explaining our Role: Hunting and killing enemies or targets either it was personal or for money also they do kidnapping and torture, robbing and stealing, arms and drugs dealing and finaly carjacking.

    Previous punishments/bans and reason: N/A

    Why you want to join Wild Angels?: I have some friends there, and im new on this server, also it has nice members and i would like to proceed my criminal career with you guys.

    What makes you special over the others and why should we accept you? : Let's say im loyal, i can help you guys raising your activity and more !

    What does DeathMatch means: Killing someone without no reason.

    If someone randomly DMed you, what will you do?: I will report him.

    So you were going for a JB then you find a cop (AFK or not chasing you), what will you do?: I will leave him alone.

    What does avoid arrest means: Avoid arrest is killing yourself with a nade or comitting suicide when a cop is chasing you or by simply doing /reconnect.

    State 3 turf rules:
    -Don't camp in unclimable roofs.
    -Don't use anims.
    -Don't spawn as cop in order to assist your gang.

    State 3 BR rules:
    -Don't BR without HQ permission.
    -Don't jump from the bank roof in order to suicide.
    -Don't camp at bank enterence.

    State 3 GR rules:
    -Nades are not allowed.
    -Spawn kill is not allowed.
    -Don't spawn in your properties in order to get advantage.

    Additional Information

    Do you know any WA Member, and did anyone recommend you to apply for us? :
    Yes, i know GanJa and Expert.

    What are your strengths:
    Well im pretty decent in RPing, and im active.
    What are your weaknesses:
    Propably lag.

    Something else to add?: Thank you for reading this.

  • @Armarni @Jekrzyy ACCEPTED, Welcome aboard.

    @nihen14 DENIED.

  • Good Lucky Boys ❤ ❤

  • Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..):My name is Mannan Bharmal,My in-game nick is Mannan.I am 20 years old and I am from India. My strenght is do best teamwork with my gang mates,My weakness is drive heavy aircraft and i am sort tempered.
    Tell us about your SAES Career: Before 3 years ago Hozefa re commanded me to play MTA.Then i didn't download it because Exam was coming in 2 months.After Exam He called me and said that I founded SAES:RPG and we started to play on it then we founded so many gangs.First we created Royal Arms After 1 month we thought that we are not have that much experience to create a gang and make it official! then we closed it.I really enjoyed in gang but sadly we closed it.After that i joined many gangs and got a lot of experience.
    Why OverdoseCrime?:Because I always like to stay between my old mates so here they are.
    Define OverdoseCrime: OC is criminal organization which is selling every type of illegal supplement like arms,drugs and gym equipments.They are selling gym equipment like treadmills, dumbbells, bars and sand sacks. They are sold legally and made in their factory.OverdoseCrime organises trainings to those who are interested in street-fighting and those who would like to build their body.
    Create a story related to our role: Once upon a time i got call from OC leader that he wants to transfer a bag full of drugs to LS to OC base but there was a lot of cops checking all the cars and arresting criminals with arms and drugs, so i got an idea,I went to Bin man in LS and gave him the bag of drugs to mix it with dump so cops don't get to know that there is the bag of drugs in it and they cant catch us and then we successfully went to OC base and delivered the bag to OC leader.
    Why should we accept you?: Because i will help oc to grow more and will try to be active and will do events and a lot more things.

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    Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..):Im Yassin Mansouri , im 19 years old , as most of you i love to play games but i hate it, because i should put it end and work on my works i've graduate from highschool i didn't get enough point for the unversity i wish. so im not going anywhere until next year, i will try my luck again hopefully it would be better , it deppends on me sure, whatever. Before it i internship in hospital as a nurse. I've learned a lot about it, i earned my first money from that it was 2 months long so , the payment wasn't that good tho, afterall im working as waiter in Cafe&Restaurant for 10hours Daily i don't have time for anything from now so i wanted to apply now. After 1 month i'll start playing back.
    Tell us about your SAES Career:I join SAES sience 2013,but i was inactive cuz my computer also crashes as I said when working most of the time I work,so i came back now.About my saes career i join MMC,but he is dead so i decided to joind OC cuz his membres is actives and respect othres....etc.
    Why OverdoseCrime?:I choose OverdoseCrime beacuse I like their style of playing.I like that Family that they are.And mostly I love their RPing skill.
    Define OverdoseCrime:*OverdoseCrim a strong gang with quality, good, friendly members and HQs.
    Create a story related to our roleYoussef was born in the 20th of october 1997 he had many dreams as any living been that changed with him growing up and discovering the secrets of his secret word, but poverty was a reason that made him feel miserable, things got worst with the death of his mother in a car accident knowing that his father had an alchool addiction that ended his life at some point, Youssef tried with all his power to get his mother right from her killer as he called him but he was rich enough to pay judges and escape the justice that's how the hate grew inside his little innocent soul, a month after Youssef left San Fierro looking for a job away in Los Santos streets were he met someone that gave him what he was looking for, a chance to join a criminal organization and make everyone pay at his way. the nature of the organization he was enterring helped him alot to learn the basic as Overdose Crime had a special way to train people and with time he started the dirty work, tranporting, training people himself until killing for the name sometimes that's how everything started with him.
    Why should we accept you?:You should accept me, because i'm a skilled member, i learnt the loyality and maturilty, as i stated above, i'm not going to leave OC, never.
    Why should we accept you?: I would not say im a very special because in my opinion everyone can be special in their own way, but i have the skills needed and the experience in gangs which make things more easy also i have the loyalty and maturity. Also i know i have not been so mature in the past , but i can ensure that i have achieved this target, as that was my aim as i have been told. I have been, trying to redeem my self from that lack of maturity i had in the passed and i do hope that i have showed that i can be mature and behave in the right manner and respect people .
    I can bring dedication and a drive to succeed to this gang . I've always been appreciative of what the organizations I have worked for have done for me, as well as what I can do for them. I'm a loyal and a special person who wants to do my absolute best for the gang I work for.
    One of the biggest attributes that I'd bring to this position is flexibility. At my previous gangs was able to help my team during focus gang testing,Ultimately, I'm willing to work with anyone at the gang to make sure gang's activities are a success.

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    After a discussion here is the result.

    Dear @Conan_ After a discussion we made decision that you are not experience enough to be in our gang. Therefore you will be DENIED. You can re-apply again in 2 weeks. Good luck!

    Dear @Mannan Thank you for your interest to be part of OC. You didn't put much effort into your application but we see that you are experienced player so we would like to give you a chance. Hang with our members and participate at gang activities. Therefore you will be Under-Review. Good luck!

    Kind regards,
    Manager of OverdoseCrime