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  • Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..):
    Ingame nick: Wissem
    Age: 18
    Nationality: Tunisia
    Strengths: Aiming, driving,
    Weaknesses: Flying
    Tell us about your SAES Career: I started playing since 2011 first I joined HS but I wanted to live the life of the policeman so I joined GB after that I stopped playing because of the study and then I returned in 2016 and joined GSF but things did not go well I was interrupted again and now i come back and i hope to continue this time
    Why OverdoseCrime?: I choose OverdoseCrime Because they have a group that has great ambitions and very friendly
    Define OverdoseCrime: OverdoceCrime is a gang that sells protein in legal and Weapons and drugs in secret
    Create a story related to our role: There was a man named Karl founded a group of promoters to sell drugs in our own areas and with the cheapest prices so we had to move we asked help from Thc and we went to the man's house we killed him and put a message to anyone who thinks to exceed the limits next time his fate is death
    Why should we accept you?: i will help the gang to achieve its goals and to progress

  • @Bulshevik We'd like to thank you very much for your effort and your time, But you're still too new to join a level 2 gang, so I suggest you to keep hanging with us and read all the rules many times, you'll learn alot by hanging and spending more time with us and that will increase your chances In joining, Good luck

    @Dystrex Thanks for your effort, we know you and we had a long conversation and we've discussed about you and we decided to give ya a shot, welcome aboard.

    @wissem10 Thanks for your effort mate, Keep hanging around with us and show us what you got, Under-Review.

    Yours Sincerely,

  • Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..):Hello, i am RadiO, i am 16 years old ,i am from Tunisia and i live a Beutiful city called Sousse. I am study Economices and i am intersted to Biology,GTA Game Moding, FilmWorks and i adore playing on SAES. I have many Strenbhts i am good at Sooting, Driving, Parchashooting and JailBreak also i have good RP, TeamWork and Fly Skills but i have some problems with Engilsh Skills because i Always do some grammar mistakes.
    Tell us about your SAES Career:I was playing on SAES since 2015 but i stoped when i got banned but now i back when they remove the ban i join BBMC but after a period of time i see that is inactive gang so i leave it and now i try to join OverdoseCrime.
    Why OverdoseCrime?:I think it's a Strong gang with good and helpful members akso i see that OverdoseCrime Always do BRs, Turfs,etc...
    Define OverdoseCrime: OverdoseCrime it true that it's a new gang and it still at Lvl2 but it's a very strong gang cause of their members and their HardWorking also the role of selling protein in legal, Drugs and Weapons is a very crazy and amazing role .
    Create a story related to our role:We was at our base when we recive a call from our informator that there is an other gang praparing a meet with our custmors and try to change their opinion about our Drugs to let him buy from an other gang. So after we make a small meeting and draw our plan we lent to their location we try to explain that if they do it again that will cause death to him but they dont understand that and keep provoke us. So we tied them up, throw him in the cars trunks and after that in the ocean. Sell Drugs to Fish now (our Leader say)
    Why should we accept you?:i hope that you will accept me i can help because i am an active player and i have some experience also i will bring Honor and prode to the gang and i weill be Loyal to OverdoseCrim.
    Here i add some pectures with OverdoseCrim Members: https://imgur.com/a/xKX5qQe
    Thank you for reading 🙂

  • gonna post application maybe friday

  • Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..): Well first of all my real name is Kristian and im 19 years old. My ingame nickname is Rainy. I am from Croatia and live in a beautiful city called Zagreb.
    Strenghts: Well I have many strengths. First thing I would mention is driving then parachuting. I am also good at teamwork and roleplay. I am also calm and patient player.
    Weaknesses: I am not very good at shooting but I can improve that.

    Tell us about your SAES Career: Well my career started this summer in June while I was with my friend. He recommend me this server and when i played for the first time i immediately fell in love. Its one of the best servers i played. When i frist started to play i was not really looking for some gang. And after a while i joined to Black Syndicate and i did some good memories with that guys. So yeah im not really old player but i have experience from other servers and games. I am playing 6 months already and every day I am improving myself.

    Why OverdoseCrime?: To be honest I have been interested to join this family a long time ago but I didn't make that step forward. But today all changed and I decided to write this application. This group is very friendly and loyal and I have very good opinions about her. But the main reason is that is very active and I think I would fit in well.

    Define OverdoseCrime: OverdoseCrime is criminal organization that focuses on selling every type of arms. They are also specialize in manufacturing and supplying supplements to the people of San Andreas.

    Create a story related to our role: A few years ago there was family who did not agree. There was often a lot of wolves and even tears. And so one day the parents decided to break between them and their son was very sad. After John started to live with his dad but he would rarely be at home. He was always outside with his friends. And after some days because he didn't went at school a lot of time he decided to visit the old team but he was surprised when he got there he didn't see anyone he know there was only the big guys with big sticks in the hand. And so John started to getting closer and closer but he was scared he didn't know what to do. When he finally was close to them they stoped him and started to make fun of him. John was so angry at them and finally punch some guy in stomach. When their gang saw that he wanted to hurt him badly but he was soo fast and he disspiered in distance. When little John got home he was soo dissapoitment because he didn't know how to fight he started to talk with his dad but that didn't help. In the morning he go straight into school so he cant meet that gang. And he was walking and walking till finally some guy show up with cap with his head. That was member from OverdoseCrime. He asked him do you need some help to protect yourself from the bad guys and little John answered he need. He take him to their gym and started to work with him very very hard. The days started to passing by and little John was better and better. Finally the member from OverdoseCrime give him boxer to help him even more. Little John say thank you for your help and he decided to conflicts with that gang. When he saw them on the entrance of the school he didn't have anymore patience and he started to walk straight to them. They started to laught at him but he was really relaxed and focused. Finally some guys from the gang started to push on him and John punch him with the hand so hard that the guy fall on the ground and all was looking to the little John like he is some hero. When the gang saw that he really knows how to fight they said that they will not come back. All that was watching that member with hat. But that was his dad he was member of the OverdoseCrime.

    Why should we accept you?: Well I don't think I the best guy here but I can with my activity ingame, I love roleplays and I can help. Also im very friendly.

  • @RadiO Thanks for your effort, we'd like to see more from you, you're Under-Review, Keep hanging around with us.

    @Rainy Thanks for your effort, As you're known within our members and you've spent some times with us and we already know you, we decided to move on with you, Congratulations and welcome aboard.

  • Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..): Im Martin James S Reyes (theclub) , im 13yo , my strenghts are SHOOTING,DRIVING,ROLEPLAYING and my weakness is PARACHUTING
    Tell us about your SAES Career: I started playing saes since 2016 but i stoped because my pc is broken and i started playing again like 1weeks ago
    Why OverdoseCrime?: Because They are respectful and Kind And also SKILLED
    Define OverdoseCrime: They are skilled , loyal ,kind , skilled and ofcourse they are nice gang
    Create a story related to our role: OverdoseCrime is LOYALTY gang and i love their RP's and ofcourse they and kind and specially they are SKILLED
    Why should we accept you? Because i want to help OC and im loyal , kin

  • @martinJames DENIED, apply again In 1 month If you're still Interested.

  • @RadiO You showed good effort and zeal in joining the gang however we are approached with reports regarding you deathmatching, therefore you are denied.
    Reapply in 2 weeks if you are still interested
    Please don't reply to this decision on this topic.

  • @raimpzzzz Congrats, you passed your in-game tests. Welcome to OverdoseCrime

    Vice-Leader of OverdoseCrime

    alt text

  • Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..):
    My name is Wille and i use the nickname "Booz" and im 17 years old. My strenghts is shooting, driving and roleplaying. My weakness is that im not very good at speaking english but i'm understandable.

    Tell us about your SAES Career:
    I started playing SAES like 1,5 years ago, tho i did stop play MTA at 2 times. First time was because i had to focus on school, Second time was because my pc broke. When i played on SAES i found alot of nice people and many new friends that wanted to play more with me, And i joined Overdose Crime
    Why OverdoseCrime?:
    Because i've been a part of Overdose Crime before, First of all, the leaders are really nice to all of the members. And the members i've met so far is really nice. and i'd like to be a part of that again. And i really like Overdose Crimes story.

    Define OverdoseCrime:
    Overdose Crime is an organization that's into streetfighting and dealing with illegal gym supplies. They do train in their gym and sell their drugs.

    Create a story related to our role:
    One day when the members of OC was at their gym and was training for a streetfight that they were going to participate in, Two men walked into their gym and told the OC members that they were intrested in buying some gym supplies. The OC members asked what type of drug they wanted and how much they were willing to pay for them. The two men asked the OC members if they could follow them to their warehouse and finish the buissniss there. The OC members said that it was ok and told the two men to follow them with their car to the warehouse. When they arrived to the warehouse the OC members told the two men to get in to the warehouse to tell which type of drugs they wanted to buy. Suddenly one of the men said that he needed to go get something in the car and then he walked out. The OC members waited for the man to comeback for maybe 3-4 minutes then they heard the door slam and a group of 6 people walked into the warehouse. One of those 6 men had a gun and started to threat the OC members and told them to fill the car with the illegal gym supplies. The OC members did what they were told and started to carry the supplies to the car. The man did put the gun down for a second and started to help the others carry the supplies to the car. One of the OC members saw the gun and started to run so he could pick it up. When he picked up the gun he shot every single one of the men except one, He told the man that if he did beat any of the OC members in a streetfight he could go free and forget about the incident they just had. But if the man would lose the OC members would beat him to death. The man did choose to fight one of the OC members, his name was mrwan. The fight started and the man couldn't hit mrwan with a single hit, he was too fast. Mrwan thought about breaking the mans leg and he gave the man a hit right over the eyebrow then kicked him on his leg so he broke it. The man went unconscious and he did lose his fight. The OC members started to beat up the man and after 3 minute the man died cause he lost too much blood. The organization left the bodys and got in their cars and drove back to their gym to continue the training for the streetfight.

    Why should we accept you?:
    Cause i think that most of the members like me and enjoys to play with me. Im always nice to everyone even if they act like assholes. I like to do things as a team, like turfing or doing Bank robberys or any other activity.

  • Ingame nickname yut.
    Age - 17
    Strengths - Im very team orientated I try to help when I can and work within a team. Im level headed, chill and very calm under preassure. I know most if not all of the rules. I dont flame and I dont abuse.
    Weaknesses - Im not the best shot, but I can shoot alright. Being chill and calm is also a weakness for me aswell as a strength, sometimes Im a bit too calm and chill.
    Hobbies - Outside of Saes I study Engineering. Apart from that I play alot of games like Saes for one, also Assassins Creed and Far Cry.
    Tell us about your SAES Career: Ive been on Saes for about a month now, before that I spent almost a year back in 2015/2016. I have RPed as Criminal numerous times before now.

    Why OverdoseCrime?: i was intersted in OC before but i felt closer to GSF due to family member being a member there. The members I have encountered have been friendly and helpful and great to play with.

    Define OverdoseCrime: Overdose crime is Family, a place where all cultures mix and get along. They have fun and support each other. They are able to be themselves and grow.

    Create a story related to our role:
    Oswold arrived in San Andreas after being cast out of Liberty City after messing u with his gang weapon deal . He was all alone in a new big city, he knew no one. One day Oswold lost his all of money gambiling at a casino so a man named Pablo approached him, he took him into his car and drove him around asking him his past. Oswold told him about Liberty City. So Pablo took him to somewhere in northen Las Venturas and told him about his gang Overdose Crime and their drug activity. so Oswold was so happy that he found a place in his new city. later that day Pablo told him about a big shippement of drug coming from San Fiero and he need an extra gunman to guard the transfert. On the day of the operation and while going through Bone Country they were ambushed by SWAT and Pablo got arrested. so OSwold led a team of gang memberes and Broke into Los Santos prison and managed to break Pablo out of jail. there for Pablo organised a party to celebrate thisand welvome Oswold into the family

    Why should we accept you?:I'm a great driver, shooter and just an adequate and friendly player

  • Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..): Hello, I'm 17 years old IceCold and username is kaseke123. I'm good at driving, shooting and more stuff. I can't fly with aircraft perfectly.
    Tell us about your SAES Career:
    HSMC- So it was my first gang ever. There I met some Estonian guys who are still my friends. They helped me a lot and stuff but I understood that biker thing is not for me. I like cars and drifting so I can't be a real biker.
    BS- It was my first official gang. Learned a lot of stuff there. But this time BS was kinda inactive and I didn't have friends in SAES. I thought that criminal life sucks and decided to try cop life.
    SAFP- That was my first and last squad in my career. I had a fun time there and members were cool but later I understood that I have born to be criminal. So left from Safp and then I was Tuga Thugs applicant. When I got denied for being annoying I went inactive. When I came back I joined CripZ.
    CripZ- I just didn't have friends there. That's why I left. I was with others like still applicant. I didn't feel good there.
    OC- I joined when OC reborned and it was level 0 gang. I left from there because inside stuff.
    TD- It was level 0 racing gang. Gang died.
    ThC- So far best gang where I have been. Awesome people and a lot of friends. But left from there. Can explain in-game.
    Why OverdoseCrime?: Because I have been in there before and I decided to give MrWan new chance.
    Define OverdoseCrime: Its a criminal organization who are selling arms. They also supplying supplements to the people of San Andreas.
    Create a story related to our role: In sunny day Mr. IceCold walked around Red Country. Then one car stopped next to him and he got robbed by criminals. Criminals saw that he has nothing to lose and wanted to give him chance to prove his self. IceCold did great and now he is part of the family.
    Why should we accept you?: Because I'm active and I can give a good company into the gang. Also have been in OC before.

  • Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..):
    My name is Alex and use the nickname Alexie in-game. I'm 17 years old and live in the Netherlands.
    Driving is my best strength. Parachuting, flying and shooting comes after.
    My roleplaying isn't the best but I can ofcourse work on that.

    Tell us about your SAES Career: The first time I played was around 2012/13/14. Faker (Roy) introduced me to this game and SAES itself. We would spend every little bit of free time playing this game, but stopped playing after about a year. Then a few years later we came back on and started playing again. This also lasted about a year untill I took a break again. A few months ago I contacted faker with a picture of GTA:SA and we started talking again. Faker ended up creating S.A. Elite SEALs with me being Vice Leader. This however did not last long as Faker unfortunately left us.
    I've been in the current S.A. Elite SEALs, the previous Elite SEALs, PD507 and Grim bastard mc.

    Why OverdoseCrime?:
    Because I've grown bored of the cop side and want to try the crim side. OverdoseCrime seems like a great family so I would love to be a part of it.

    Define OverdoseCrime:
    OverdoseCrime is a respectful organization that focuses on manufacturing, transporting and selling supplements and arms.

    Create a story related to our role:
    I was only a teen when I started doing small robberies. It only started with shoplifting small items but later on I started robbing stores. Sometime after a succesful robbery a thug mugged me and stripped me from all of my money. Not wanting this to happen again I decided to take lessons from OverdoseCrime's trainings. I regularly hung out with OC members after the trainings and ended up joining the organization.

    Why should we accept you?:
    I don't have a lot of criminal experience, but I will strive to be a respectful and valuable gang member.

  • Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick, age, Strengths, Weaknesses,etc..): Well, my name is Markus and in-game nickname is markus_ and I am currently 15 and turning 16 on the March of 23, 2019. I have quite a lot of strengths but I don't like to overrate myself. Mostly they are communication and management. I also like driving cars, flying planes, and other aircrafts. I also speak English quite fluently. Some of my weaknesses are common grammar issues, might get a bit too angry and tilted too quick but I've tried to fix that issue.

    Tell us about your SAES Career: Well, it began by joining a random ass gang that eventually tried to force money out of us and close the gang, but as we quite new. We didn't do anything. Then I joined OC and sadly the gang got closed after a few days. After that, I managed to find myself in The Company while it was still level 2. I had a lot of fun in it, like always. The members are chill and cool and we had a good time in general, can't forget the San Fierro base. After staying a month in there, I decided to check out the police side of this server and I applied for FOX. As I was new to the cop scene, even I was surprised that I got accepted. The HeadQuarters suggested me to get a PC Diploma but I didn't and still applied. I lasted less than a month there and moved on. For that period, I was gangless for quite a while because I was trying to find a good organization for myself. I applied for UE but at that time, I went a bit inactive but logged on occasionally here and there to prove myself. After a week or so, I got accepted and we had quite a lot of fun. At this time UE was also quite active so we turfed, chilled and just had a blast. Buuut, eventually I did not agree with the HQs making decisions about our new soldiers and I didn't like it so I left. After UE I went to help S.T.F. out and we got to level 2 which I decided was the time to leave and move on because my job was done there.
    I decided to try and go back to my ex-organization, The Company and after 2-3 weeks of trying, I got in! It was a blast, we celebrated by praying to Allah in our holy room. After about 3 months of staying in ThC and receiving level 5 while we were at it. I took a decision on my own with the support of Adistar to leave and help out Overdose Crime so here I am.

    Why OverdoseCrime?: Because I came back to support the gang. I really see potential in it and I would like to be a part of it once again and help us grow even more.
    Define OverdoseCrime: OverdoseCrime is a well-organized gang that works around drugs, gym supplements and many other things related to that. They also transport them. They have also started working on arms dealing.

    Create a story related to our role:
    Life was hard and money was low. I was a college student who studied all the time and went to the gym. One day a guy came to me and asked me if I want to buy some speed and steroids. I explained to him that I don't have much money and I am looking for a quick job. He quickly hooked me up with their product and also a phone number. I called that phone number and it told me to go to Blueberry and wait there behind a garage. A purple van rolled up and told me to hop in. Usually, I don't do that kind of stuff but I didn't care about life that much so I decided to do it. I had nothing to lose. They blindfolded me and pulled up to a warehouse and walked me inside to meet with one of their Managers known as, Mrwan. The most notorious guy of the gang. He told me that they're in need of new, young and strong recruits who they can rely on. I accepted the offer instantly and to this day, I am still working with them side to side.

    Why should we accept you?: I've become a bit more inactive, I know how the criminal life works and who to trust. Most of my career I've been a criminal and I am very open and honest. I am also respectful towards the people who are respectful towards me and I am willing to help the organization out at all causes.

  • Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..) :I'm known as MGK ingame, 17 years old and on 30 decembre i'll be 18 :), i see myself as mature player trustworthy, adding to that i'm good at killing pigs most of time i get the duals against them, but i really suck at flying and driving boats either.

    Tell us about your SAES Career: Well, i'm still new here i started my carrer like 2 months ago and don't know exactly the date,since i started i have been known as MGK(avoid saying killshot to me pls xD), after that i joined Tuga Thugs,actually to be honest i see it a really great gang they taught me almost everything most of em are so kind and friendly, but i left it's the only organisation i took part of and i just left it to try a new experience and discover more and more

    Why OverdoseCrime?: OverdoseCrime is just a lvl2 gang but it's really active and doing more than expecting, so i really want to make part of this family
    Define OverdoseCrime:Overdose Crime is the only gang which is speciliased in GYM stuffs, such like manufacturing and supplying supplements to whole SA, adding to that it trains people and sell arms.

    Create a story related to our role: A big event was organised and the winner will be well paid, so Mr.Alfred was in need to be trained, he directly went to Overdose Crime's base, he was really into it, so OC's accepted this chalenge and decided to help him with the best OC's gym equipment and the amount of proteins that he wants it, conversely OC wanted the half of the prize if he wins, OC's trainers passed weeks and weeks to make him stronger and indomitable, he was totally ready physically and mentally, the main event started and he was well qualified to win, and as it was expected he won it and easily and gave OverdoseCrime the half of the money, not only that but also many people came to get trained and gym's looking to get gym supllements just like OC or even buy old OC's ones

    Why should we accept you?: I see myself that i suit being OC thanks to my activity and maturity also some OC's suggested me to apply and i don't want to miss a chance to be OC.

  • @Mrwan said in - OverdoseCrime -:

    Cuéntanos acerca de ti (ingame nick, edad, fuerzas, debilidades, etc.) :

    Age: 16 years

    user: solis

    Weaknesses: my greatest weakness is not being able to write anywhere or having a bad impression

    height: 5'11

    Qualities: honest, humble, kind and loyaluéntanos acerca de tu carrera en SAES : I was a former member of CDC and I started recently I am active and I have many friends
    ¿Por qué sobredosis? :It occurs when you take a quantity of something higher than normal or recommended, often a drug. An overdose can cause serious and harmful symptoms or death.
    Define OverdoseCrime :is a criminal organization that focuses on selling all kinds of weapons, illegal gymnastics supplements, transportation of products for other organizations.
    crea una historia relacionada con nuestro rol : He was a boy with a desire for superexploitation, with the legal way of life he had no fancy in his economy, one day he decided to start with the sale of arms and illegal chemicals with this he began to take fame for the incredible amount of money he had made and OverdoseCrime is responsible for this boy being a respectable millionaire in his neighborhood
    ¿por qué deberíamos aceptarte? : I am not the best player but I think I will be of good help I am always active and willing to help

  • Dear Applicants,

    We have discussed your applications and here are the results:

    @markus_ Welcome back to OverdoseCrime, Brother. Accepted
    @MGKelly Your well known to us and we'd like to welcome you to OC. Accepted
    @IceCold Welcome back to OverdoseCrime, Brother. Accepted
    @yuts-116 I recommend next time you apply you do not copy 2 sentences directly from an accepted members application, especially since that member is apart of the HQ team and is the one that is writing this reply to you right now. Denied
    @Alexie Welcome Abroad, Good Luck. Accepted
    @solis Application should be in English only, Please Denied
    @Booz Welcome Abroad, Good Luck. Accepted

    Vice-Leader of OverdoseCrime

    alt text

  • alt text
    Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..):
    Hey, it's me, Jamal, my real name is ghassen, i live in gabes, i'm 16 years old, i actually play in my free time some games, such as MTA,LoL,TES5 I'm a mature person, i got a nice shoting skills, althought i got some weaknesses such as lagging, low fps, as everyone knows everyone has a good driving skills, but i'm not like everyone, i'm different, i'm not that good in driving.
    Tell us about your SAES Career:
    I started playing at juin 2017, i didn't want to join any gang nor a squad. I was just playing normally, i got an advice from a BBMC member to join, i accepted it and joined, i felt uncorfomtable and annoyed, i left, and joined a gang called RKMC as my friend called me for help, i enjoyed my time there, and spent 2weeks there, then the leader decided to close it, then i joined OC, i really enjoyed my time there, but i left to try cop side, then i joined a squad called QRF, it was a great squad, but it was closed, so i joined STF, i spent there almost 4months, and got grade #2, then i got kicked, and i have no clue what was the reason, i was gangless for a while, then i joined a gang called CMC, and it was closed, i joined ICE, i didn't had any fun there as none knows how to play neither RPing, so i joined FBI, i had fun there, but i left to join an old MC A.K.A rebelsMC, i got kicked from there, i may explain this ingame, then i joined TST, i got into a fight there with a PVT, i wont who is this, then i joined NNB, this was the best squad i had fun there, but i learnt the lesson, i was born to be a crime, this was my carrer in SAES.
    Why OverdoseCrime?:
    OverdoseCrime is a strong gang, have mature members, i also got a notification from an OC member telling me that they need crackers, i'm not that bad at cracking, i'm kinda good, that's why i'm here. and i swear this time, i wont leave OC, i learnt my lesson, if i leave, you can permantelly blacklist me.
    Define OverdoseCrime:
    OverdoseCrime, a gang, that makes deals with other gangs, they got many other roles that i'm gonna say now, they also smuggle weapons with other gangs besides drugs, they transport this drugs and weapons, besides that, they also teach some peoples how to fight, and selling gym supplements.
    Create a story related to our role:
    I had a familly, one day some peoples kidnapped my kid, they called me on my phone and told me that they'll make a deal with me, the deal was, i give them 100millions or join their gang, i accepted joining their gang, as my familly was very poor, i was stealing stores, banks and also killing cops, also, i used to have some deals with others, (drugs, weapons and gym supplements).
    Why should we accept you?:
    You should accept me, because i'm a skilled member, i learnt the loyality and maturilty, as i stated above, i'm not going to leave OC, never.
    alt text
    Yours sincerely

    • Jamal
  • Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..): My ingame name is Gang$ta my reak name is Domen im years 14 years old i live in Slovenia i have an older brother he is 16 years old we both train football. In my free time i like to chill and play saes i smoke with my friend xwolf. My strenghts are im good at turfing shooting driving. My weaknesses i cant Roleplay that good and i cant type fast.
    Tell us about your SAES Career: One day xwolf told me about this game called MTA and he founded the server SAES so I though why not to play it with him. So when i finished downloading it we got into the game he teached me the basics of the game beacuse back then i didnt even know the keybinds. So we spawned as a police officer and I got my first arrest. Then we play on the cop side for a bit. We got in the every SR-store robbery to defend it and to get more money. The next day we grabbed M4 and shotgun to patrol with the police ranger. We claimed someone with the police pannel i sprayed him donw with m4 and we arrested him. We got tired of cop side so we respawned and spawn as a criminal. We basically store robbed every time someone created it. After a few months when i got better i decided to join BS - Black Syndicate. I was in the gang for a few days but then i left beacuse my brother's friend created bloodz and i was jealose beacuse i coudn't get in and my brother was in. Then i got banned i couldn't remember what the reason was. When i was unbanned my friend xwolf was in F.B.I. so i hanged with him and i wanted to be F.B.I. too. Then xwolf left F.B.I. beacuse makaveli and other guys created the Bloodz again and i was gangless. I decided to join ICE police. I was in ICE police for a few daysand then left beacuse xwolf told me that BBMC and Bloodz were allie's so i left ICE police and joined BBMC i was in BBMC for 1 day and then i left beacuse i didnt like the gang and beacuse you couldn't drive sport cars. And now im hanging with OC- OverdoseCrime.
    Why OverdoseCrime?: I chose OverdoseCrime beacuse i can bring a lot of positivity a lot of loyalty i can bring fun to the gang.
    I am curently gangless and i know for a fact that OC is a great gang its got loyal mebers good members skilled members and i can be one of them
    Define OverdoseCrime: The story talks about 3 dudes that lived in LS sub.-urbs. They were discussing the criminals use when they are shooting and how drugs are easy to trade and how they would be the champing of the street fights. They were constantly building to get their muscles bigger and to be the biggest bad asses. One day they were planning on doing the bank robbery-BR they were there with a
    few other gangs. They offered 20% of the profit to the body-guards and they accepted the deal. One biker took his bat and punched him with it. They were shooting like crazy and the bullets were everywhere. They escaped succesfuly and got 200.000$ to start their gang. They called it the OverdoseCrime.
    Create a story related to our role: There was a guy he was chilling on the trunk of he's car. Then a group of people came to him and asked him if he would help them in the robbery. He asked how much profit would i make if i help. They said that he would get 20-30k$ and he agreed. A week later they started a bank robbery and of course he was a body gurad beacuse he was strong and he liked to spend time in the gym he was a body builded he had muscles he was like a hulk so he could hold the gun. The robbery was going well until police came and they couldn't do anything. Police grabbed their cash that they stole from the bank and criminals didnt like that so they fired a lot of bullets to kill the police. They succesfuly killed the police but when they were inthe car more police chased and hunted them down. They fire 4 magazines to kill the cops. They stole the money from the cops and got away with it. They gave the 25k$ to the guy that they meet. And they keept the 350k for them to create a new gang.
    Why should we accept you?: You should accept me beacuse i can bring a lot of pisitivity and loyalty and we can have a lot of fun. The gang is great but it would be even better if i was in 🙂