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  • Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..): Willy, 22 years old.
    My strenghts are be loyal, active, find news friends, killing cops , do jailbreak to my friends, helper, I like the criminal rol in game .
    My weakness are speak a little bit of English, sometimes i have lag , sometimes I get angry easily.
    Tell us about your SAES Career: I started playing since 2013 , Jasper (his nickname in game) it was recommended.
    Before , the criminal life was complicated (maybe for me), I played as arms dealer back then, until I met the gang Vendetta, I made many friends there,we did RP with gangs and squads , I had fun moments in the events that they did, i liked to do turf with my friends and fight against another gang ( HS was our biggest rival).
    Do Bankrobs , among other things until Vendetta was deleted.
    After a while, I was accepted in RDMC, I joined some RP's , only that , I left the gang because I was going to be inactive.
    I came back in a few months, I played Jasper and Josepat, two [AA] , they recommended me to [AA], hang out with they and Edgar invites me , as [AA*], I played a few weeks until I was inactive for a few months, I returned to the server to play in the gang but I was kick out without reasons
    I recently played again, to remember old times, I like the server.
    Why OverdoseCrime?:I want to experience again what it is to start a gang, make friends, join in RP's, events and more.
    Define OverdoseCrime: With potential, desire to grow, active, united and with good history, they also have a nice base .
    Create a story related to our role: A young man,in LS, without luck at work, did not accept him or his work, did not last long, he was a worker.
    But they did not give him the opportunity to prove it, he worked as a pizza delivery man, Trucker and Medic Assistant, he got tired of the mistreatment of their bosses,the bad salary.
    Tired of the routine he decides to go out with his friends, he tells them his problems, they were in criminal life, suggest you start a new life, selling drugs.
    He accepts the suggestion, and start his new life .
    He does a lot of business, he makes a lot of money, he makes him happy...
    with his reputation, he has been named among different gangs, is looking for a gang to expand the territory, help his family, protect the gang with his life .
    Why should we accept you?:To Know what I am made of, I'm looking friends, a loyal gang and active .

  • Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..):Hello my name is Shanel Fikret Mehmed.I live in Turkey.I live in big city in Turkey and his name is Istanbul.I'm 17 years old.My hobby is to play football and ride a bike with my friends.I have one sister and one brother.My Strenghts in game is Shooting Flying Driving,and my Weaknesses in game is Swimming and when i have lags.
    Tell us about your SAES Career:Well , at first i started playing SAES RPG at 2016 i started playing this game mode
    at first i was dont know anything at this game mode some one said to me start with reading F1
    i started for real to read it and there is friends helped me to how to play it too and i was getting better
    then my friend created a group i joined it with him when i joined it for 1 month the leader said that he
    will leave MTA then the group was closed then i started searching for gang or group that im here to apply for OC
    Why OverdoseCrime?:I want to join OverdoseCrime, because I want to join 0,1 level gangs to help them. I choose OC, because you have mature,loyal and respectful members. Also I want to help you with events,roleplays and activity.
    Define OverdoseCrime:OverdoseCrime is organization from street fighters,dealers and killers. As I said they have mature,loyal and respectful members. They are dealing with robberies,drugs and weapons.
    Create a story related to our role:I was born in los santos , there is a several reason makes me hate my life , so decided to searching for samething in goal to enjoy myself and sold my problems and relive my own sadness , so my friend told me to buy same drugs to forget my worries of the world . Then i got my meating with my dealer . after 2 days ,he was waiting for our arrival, opened the gates and let me in
    Why should we accept you?:Because I am active players playing everyday in SAES:RPG I am skilled players i have good Shooting and Driving Skills I am maturity players I am loyal player and more.

  • Dear Applicants,

    We have discussed your applications and here are the results:
    @Will Under-Review
    Please ensure you hang with OverdoseCrime Members to allow us to see you more.
    @Conway-01 Denied If you feel you are ready to apply again, please do so in 2 weeks from today.
    Thank you again for applying for OverdoseCrime


  • Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..):
    Ingame nick is : Silver
    Age: 15 years old
    Strenghts: Driving, getting away from cops
    Weaknesses: Shooting isin't that good for me bcs i get low Fps.
    Tell us about your SAES Career:
    My Saes Career is: I was in few gangs and i have created few of my own but i deleted it bcs no one wanted to join it, I used to be In [WW] Gang but i left it bcs it was an inactive gang.
    Why OverdoseCrime?:
    I want yo join OverdoseCrime bcs i like the people in it, they are friendly and stuff like that, and i can see that they are realy strong.
    Define OverdoseCrime:
    OverdoseCrime is one of the stronger groups In SAES server, they do alot of criminal stuff like: Turfs, Store robberies, Bank robberies, They sell good quality drugs.
    Create a story related to our role: I Just traveled to Las Venturas, I had to get a way to another City, because i was a well known criminal in Los Santos city and all of the police stations in Los santos were looking for me i was Ranked the Top Dangerous Criminal in whole Los Santos city. Once I got To Las Venturas i noticed that the cops were informed about me and if they saw me they should take action, So when i got out of My plane I saw that there were alot of Guards and cops looking for me so i had to run as fast as i could, At one moment they saw me so i had to run, i got out of the airport and stole a cop car, they chased me into the desert where i got lost, and the cop car was realy damaged so i had to leave it, i was walking aroud in Las Venturas desert for few hours alread. And then A guy in a car came next to me and told me to sit in his car. His name was Mrwan, He started to ask me a lot of questions like (who are you? how did u get here? and what were you doing in the desert?) So i started thinking could he be a cop but after i antswered his questions i understood that he can't be a cop bcs he even had an AK47 in his back seat. He Asked me if i wanted to join his group, i asked him what was the group and he told me its , OverdoseCrime. And then i remembered that its a well known Gang in Las venturas. He sayd he has heard of my crimes in Los Santos and he could use a guy like me. So i joined it, the gang members were surprised that Mrwan even found me. We celebrated That i Joined, but they had one more job for me to qualify it was a Store robberie, i had to do it all on my own and i had to kill a cop aswell, So in the morning I went out at 5:00 Am, I found a store At 5:20 Am so i started preparing, I saw that its not an ordinary store it was well guarded and secured but i didin't care bcs i had to qualify, So when the clock hit 5:40 Am i started the heist, I stole 35k $ and i had killed 5 cops by the time i got out of the store, I got chased byt 9 special force cars ad 2 heli copters they were chasing me for 2 hours, When i Lost the i got back to HQ and They sayd i Was known in The whole Las Venturas City just in few hours, They told me that i Robbed A Special force units Supply shop I got Qualified for their gang and we are still Doing crimes and Making our Name Known to the Whole San Andreas.
    Why should we accept you?:
    I think i could be a helping hand, because I'm active and friendly I could help with the turfs Jail breaks Store robberies and Bank robberies, if i break any rules i will accept the consequences and i will admit to them.

  • Tell us about yourself(Ingame nick,age,Strenghts,Weaknesses,etc..):
    Hello My name is Dhimitri Dhima and im 21 years old and im a Student which studies CE&IT (Computer engineering & Information Technology) my favorite hobbies are sports,working on tech computer projects,working on automechanics in cars,Researching,Racing Games its my passions!

    Ingame name is Dimitry but sometimes i use DhimiG as my Nick.

    My strenghts are in Driving and drifting skills but they are not the best but this comes from my passion about cars

    My Weakness is sniping and long range shooting and sometime if im stressed head to head or close range combat!

    Well thats all about this Section of introduction

    Tell us about your SAES Career:
    My SAES Career hasnt started yet ,because im new to this Server and as a new Member i wasn't expecting a community which is very matured and optimistic about different matters and i think thats what matters in people!
    Why OverdoseCrime?:
    Well i was invited by a friend of mine which he was also applying to join in here and i read about it that its one of the group gangs with the best reputation and its members and it's two managers are very good people and i see why i want to be part of this Gang!

    Define OverdoseCrime:from the Description in the topic OverdoseCrime is in summary a Criminal Organization which focus on selling different variaties of Drugs starting from Narcotics,Strong Illegal Gym supplements Proteins and Vitamins for Increased Muscle build,breaking out of prison(Jailbreaking) and also other Criminalistic Acts!

    Create a story related to our role:

    A gang which started as common civilians and they fought for their place and their power taking up the streets of Las Vinenzo messing with different Gangs from different Cities they struggled to find peace and lost a lot of Gangmembers in fights and many brothers got killed from the other crime gangs as they were trying to take down the Drug lord called the WhisperoftheDevil he was indeed very powerfull and he was leading the people of Las Vinenzo teaching them to sell drugs on streets and make drugs and gun deals with the other gangs when if they refused or fuck it up the operation are obligated to kill them and from this cause the Drug Lord lost a lot of his man since everyone wanted his head but little they did know
    some youngsters were about to make the law in that city soon by targetting members of criminal gangs and asking them questions on whereabouts of their Leader but with no Luck they didnt found any traces of him until one day a member of these youngsters called mrwan went to the Liquor shop to buy Cigarettes and and some drinks and just after he got out of the store a
    ganggroup appeared with a 65 Chevrolet Impala raising their SMG guns towards him ready to Driveby shoot him. As soon as he saw them he instantly prowned to the ground hoping no bullet will get him shot to the ground and just at that moment a bullet went past by his shoulder and his drinks and Cigars got spilled all over the street with him enduring the pain of his wound in his shoulder.
    Striving to survive he got up and started running towards the backalley fighting with his life to get away from the gangmembers, as soon as he got out of a fence a black car with shining rims and was flashing his lights to him as a signal for him to get on the car but he didnt at first trying to figure who he was then the door opens and a guy behind him pushes him inside the car and somebody grabbed him and they drove away from the shooting leaving no traces behind, the young gangsta got scared and after that the mystery person revealed his identity as one of the biggest mobs in town,
    his name was Gerret fentlison he was also searching and wanting the drug lord dead and take all his riches from him even if he costs his life, so he proposed a deal with Mrwan to team up and destroy his headquarters and secret drug lab so they discussed and then they came into an agreement they will share it equally so Mrwan alerted and explained to his bros about that accident and they builded a plan for the leader of the gangs to take him down....time was passing and the Clocked striked 1:30am Mrwan and his team showed in the Centre park of Las Vinenzo preparing their guns and just when they finished reloading and preparing some bulletproof vests a car and a van appeared and in the same time everyone was aiming to the van but then the leader Gerret got out of that weaving his hand to the mrwan as soon as he did that everyone stopped aiming to them and they prepared for the shooting and a member of Gerret found his whereabouts from a tracker which was put to a car running at that time of the shooting leaving everyone surprised in front of the skills of that hacker so everyone got in their cars and went to the red dot which was showing in the radar and when they arrived in there they saw only an abandonend building for sale so they started discovering the area and they found out that the gangs they were hiding under the building so someone scrapped the place and found a switch which was leading to the path under the building after that they saw some air tubes and everyone started going into them in hope finding the room of the leader of those gangs so as they were going into the building they saw different labs with crazy yet undiscovered tech about Medical and Drugs going on bussiness under the street which they werent prepared for and as soon as they were seeing a guy slipt by and fell down the lab and alarm sounded and everyone started evacuating leaving everything into the gang criminal hands as the shooting started the members of Mrwan started shooting each one of them then a member from Gerret throwed a gas granade hoping to give them some times for to escape the room and go to the upper floors in hope to find the leader. As soon as they started climbing the stairs shooters came out of the elevator started taking out members of gerret and in a matter of sec a friend and member of Mrwan got shoot but luckily it didnt went through the bulletproof vest and he was saved and he stood up for revenge and shoot 5 people at once with no hesitation and indeed it was a good shoot so they were praising him for protecting his brothers and then their leader told them to concetrate on the Drug leader to find him and take him down they started running to the field of the labs with Gym Proteins and one of the members of Mrwan noticed a guy coming out of a window with a purple clothes and a stick and that guy for his surprise was the wanted Drug lord so he instantly stopped and runned to that guy so he can catch him but with no hope cus someone appeared right in front and punched him but in his side it was his friend so he got in the way and fought the member of the gangs so after he knocked him out he shoot the lord in the foot and he started bleeding and trying to escape until a gun was pointed into his head telling him to stop running but in the same time he had a handgun a small one in his hand and as soon as the member of Mrwan Johnny was about to grab his gun the leader of the drug punched his foot and he pointed at him with no chance of escape in amtter of sec Mrwan appeared and he shoot the lord in his head and all his soldiers in 3 shoots
    and everyone was confused but the truth is Mrwan took gym supplements with Cocaine so that gave the effect of no limits so he shoot them easily but just as they won Mrwan had a shock and he was going into crisis and they took him for medical care so the day after tomorrow hsi members went to visit him and his friends in the hospital as starting he realised after a 1 day and a half sleep he was in hospital for cocaine overdose but he started healing day by day and after that they went to the hospital to take him back into their place and in there the Gerret was waiting and they told them that he was gonna leave this city for travelling to other places Mrwan was confused and Gerret told him that he can keep all the riches and drugs they got and his members where shocked by his decision but it came as a decision of the leader Gerret. After he was about to leave he asked a question to Mrwan "i didnt ask you...what was your Gangname?"
    Mrwan wasnt ready but then his friend Jones said "Overdose" and Gerret smiled while he got out of the place and got into his car saying "ill remember you" Overdose. So Overdose crime gang started rolling in the streets of LV bringing hope and protection to poor and helping the people of LV for a new hope living their life as it should be for many!
    The End!
    Why should we accept you?:Well i want to be part of this clan because i think creativity and happiness and good time is inside the members of this clan and it makes it more desirable to join!

    Thats all i hope i can be a part of you guys & thnx for reading!

  • @Silver @DhimiG777 You guys have shown a lot of interest to join the gang, your applications are pretty good especially yours @DhimiG777 , So you both deserves a shot with us, You guys are PENDING, Please find any Manager In game for your tests, Good luck.

    Yours Sincerely,

  • @Mrwan loves his cocaine right? @DhimiG777