Mongols MC
By Sira, in Gangs

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    The notorious biker gang was originally founded in 1969 by a group of American, Vietnam-war veterans. What started as a legitimate club for Harley lovers soon grew out to become one of the most dangerous one-percenter outlaw motorcycle clubs around.

    The Mongol Nation became known for anything from selling guns and narcotics to extorting and robbery.

    As money was pouring in, also the member count kept rising. What led to opportunities for new Mongol chapters to spread out nationwide.

    This is where Mongols MC San Andreas Chapter starts its existence.

    Gasper, a promising Mongol Raider, who climbed the ranks fast, was chosen to lead the new Mongols MC chapter in San Andreas. Gasper was a ruthless, however intelligent biker. He was a “no bullshit” kind of guy. He would give you the shirt off his back if you were in need, but would be the first to rip it back off if he found out you had only tied yours around your waist. Gasper lived for the Mongols, giving nearly everything he’s ever had for the club, including lives to which he did not own.

    In November of the year 2012, Gasper and a handful of respectable bikers set their first foot in San Andreas. The plan was to meet up with a fellow brother, called Mirko. He was hiding out in San Andreas for more than a year now. He had to lay low here because of some issues with the law after single-handedly stabbing three Hells Angels to death in the home country. In this time Mirko worked hard on getting intel and making connections throughout San Andreas for the Mongols MC. Once a Mongol, always a Mongol.

    The long separated brothers were once reunited and after a meeting at Dillimore’s Tosser Bar in the night of the 18th November of the year 2012 the Mongols MC San Andreas chapter was officially founded.

    Gasper would become the first president. Mirko would become the first vice president.

    As crime rates in San Andreas around this time were extremely high, there were a lot of opportunities but also a lot of rivalry with and between bigger criminal organizations.

    The Mongols played it smart and were able to get their fair share of the market. Selling or transporting weapons, extorting, doing robberies and overall making hell for the average taxpayer. Money was flowing in and Mongols MC San Andreas grew bigger and stronger.

    But of course not everyone was happy with the Mongol Nation getting more powerful.

    Sworn enemy motorcycle clubs like Hells Angels and Gypsy Joker MC already had their roots in San Andreas and would easily overpower Mongols MC here at this moment. A full frontal war would thus be a bad choice but small disputes from time to time between the biker gangs were inevitable. All sides had their losses.

    God bless our lost brothers, who are now at Chapter 13, the best of the best.

    In the following months things kept relatively calm but all clubs expanded their arsenal, because war could go off anytime. As war costs a lot of money, the biker gangs needed to increase their share on the criminal market and take more risks. This is where Hells Angels made their first and last mistake. Undercover agents managed to infiltrate into the club and after a large operation the Hells Angels president and a lot of their high ranked members got imprisoned. The Hells Angels retreated out of San Andreas and were no longer a threat for Mongols MC.

    The Mongols could easily benefit from the death of Hells Angels San Andreas and took over the largest share of the market they left behind. Mongols MC and Gypsy Joker MC were now the only big biker gangs in San Andreas and were pretty matched to eachother at that time.

    Because a war between the Mongols and the Jokers would be bad for business and make both clubs weaker, a meeting was called and a peace treaty was formed.

    Mongols MC took this time to take care of some legal affairs and gain strength all over San Andreas.

    Still waiting for the right moment to deal with the Gypsy Joker MC.

    It were golden days for Mongols MC. The weapon business was booming, because of the ongoing gang wars over drugs all over San Andreas. The club itself kept out of the range of the law and violence.

    Everything was going well.

    Until one day the Gypsy Jokers pushed things too far.

    In the late evening of the 8th May of the year 2013, a bunch of GJMC bikers, for reasons unknown, rode into Mongols territory and did a drive-by shooting on the Mongols clubhouse and thereby unofficially declared war again. Of course the Mongols MC knew this day would come and had already made big preparations.

    A small army of Mongol Raiders was mobilized in that same night and they knew exactly where, how and who to hit. Several key figure Gypsy Joker members, including their president, were brutally murdered that night. The Gypsy Joker MC struggled a couple more weeks for survival, but everybody knew that the only rival biker gang left really died that night of the 8th May, 2013.

    Till this day it’s still not completely certain if the drive-by shooting was a set up or just a stupid move that lead to Gypsy Joker MC’s downfall and to Mongols MC’s rise to become the king of MC’s in San Andreas.

    With no real threats or enemies left, the Mongols MC could now fully take the time to develop themselves as the leading biker gang of the country. Connections with criminal syndicates, legal corporations and even the government were forged. Mongol MC’s influence was now deeply rooted in all layers of San Andreas.

    Till this day the Mongols still ride their bikes proudly all over San Andreas. With the power of a well-structured criminal organization and the spirit of a real biker club, Mongols MC San Andreas is now respected, feared and still growing nationwide.

    However time flies and Gasper had to retire. Mirko followed him one year later. Someone had to take the leadership and Sira was the one. For vice they choosed Forg. With the new leaders Mongols MC is still rolling around San Andreas's roads. Currently Mongols are facing new enemy motorcycle club called Rebels. Once Mongols is grown enough they will be once again on the top.

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    Mongols MC is a legitimate biker club, which fixes bikes and cars for a fair price.

    At least that’s what they try to make the law believe.

    Most people know the Mongols as a violent outlaw biker gang.

    Pushing guns and narcotics to extorting and robbery.

    Making a profit off anything they can put their hands on.

    Mongols MC makes its presence known by doing big Harley roadtrips around San Andreas and simply enjoying the biker’s life.

    The Mongols aren’t afraid to pick up arms to defend their turf or help a brother in need.

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    Date of creation: 19th of May 2019

    Founders: Sira and Forg

    Clublevel: 0

    Clubvalue: $ 100,000,000

    Color code: # f9e9ac

    Our Brothers:

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    The head honcho. The boss. The commander. He makes the decisions regarding the chapter, the crew and the men involved. He decides anything that happens in the club, and anything important is ran by the president to being done. He is in charge of all the members, keeping them in line and making sure each decision is the best for the club.

    Vice President

    Second in command. He is in charge when the president isn’t around or isn’t able to lead the club for a while. He has almost the same say as the president, but the president can over-rule his sayings. He’s in charge of looking after the lower-ranking members.


    Headquarters are responsible for the communication between higher and lower ranks. They are allowed to make certain decisions, but still have to inform the club’s top about them.

    The headquarters report about lower-ranking members behavior or issues inside the gang to the president.


    The veteran is an old and respected member of the club, whether they've been in the club for many years or they're getting too old to be in "The game" as much, they are listened to as well as look upon as role models. Usually they are previous presidents, former enforcers.


    The secretary is responsible for making and keeping all club chapter records. Membership Lists, Chapter Bylaws, Rules of Order, Standing Rules, records of all committee appointments, all written reports, copies of all correspondence between the club and any outside person or organization, meeting minutes. He is responsible for calling roll at the meetings. The secretary must notify active members of special meetings, and must notify all members of any appointments or elections in their absence. He will also maintain the club patches and be in charge of having them made.


    Responsible for the finances of the club. Collecting cuts and fees. Everything financial. He may disburse funds to pay expenses as prescribed in the Standing Rules. The treasurer must keep an accurate record of all income and expenses. He is required to report the fiscal status of the club at each regular meeting for the information of the members. He must submit a written annual report to the Executive Committee at the Annual Meeting.

    Road Captain

    The Road Captain is responsible for all club runs. He shall research, plan, and organize all runs. During actual time on the road or at intermediate stops during a run, he shall act as the ranking club officer, deferring only to the President or Vice President if either of them are present, and only then for matters involving persons outside the club. He shall supply the Secretary with any information required to notify outside agencies of impending club runs in a timely manner.


    The Sergeant-at-Arms is responsible for ensuring that the Bylaws and Standing Rules of the club are not violated. He is responsible to insure that the orders of the Executive Committee are carried out in an expeditious manner. He is responsible for policing and keeping order at all club events, except as noted under the Duties of the President. He may conscript members to aid in keeping order on their own authority. He has the responsibility to the club to report any unseemly behavior of incident to the Executive Committee. He is responsible for securing any patches or colors from any member who retires, resigns, or is expelled. The SAA is responsible for the safety and security of the club, as well as the protection and defense of its members and prospects. He shall keep and maintain a record of all data pertinent to the safety and security of the club and its members and prospects. Upon becoming aware of any real or perceived threat to the club, its Members, Prospects, or events, he shall immediately notify the Executive Committee of that information.


    A patched member. They've worked their way up from being an outsider and are earning the respect of the gang. They are responsible for representing the gang, with their newly received top kicker. They have power over the prospects, the ability to boss them around. Patched members attend "Church", or the meetings that are held to make decisions on the gang and check in on everyone. They ride with the gang and are now a made man.


    An outsider to the gang. They will work under the gang, helping them if needed. They will ride with the gang and drink with the gang. Their vest consists of the Mongols emblem, but no top kicker. They are not able to attend church and vote on any decisions relating to the gang. They are basically butlers for the crew. They will get the drinks, they will do the dirty work. Help defend turf and deal with rival gangs. Being a prospect is no walk in the park. It is a very hard and stressing position, and new members may be held in as prospects for a long time. A prospect is the "trial" or examination period, where the other members of the club will decide if you are worthy enough to ride with the full triple-rocker patch on your back.


    They are often regulars at the clubhouse and actively support the club, attending public meetings and taking part in events. There job is to become known around the clubs members and deserve their respect. Hangarounds have to show loyalty to the MC but aren't involved into the clubs business. They can be spotted wearing the clubs supporter gear as they aren't allowed to wear their cuts just yet.


    Non-members that helped to our organisation in any way or have deserved to be respected.

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    Below you can find the Mongols MC regulations and policies. Breaking any of those may accord in either a warning or - in specific cases - in an immediate kick out of the Mongols MC, thus those rules should be common to every member of the club - no matter if higher- or lower-ranked, those rules concern EVERYONE !

    Follow all SAES:RPG rules. (forum and F1 in game)
    Always act your role as a biker, RP in every situation you can.
    Drive your bike as much as possible and treat it with respect.
    Never leave a brother behind and protect him with your own life.
    Listen to higher ranks and respect your brothers.
    Fight like men and don't use fire arms while not getting shot at.
    Protect the club house by warning intruders before attacking them.
    Keep our club house clean, park nice and don't use it as a DM zone.
    Don't insult, argue, spam or talk about rulebreaking in Main or Team chat.
    Talk English in Gang chat.

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    Vice President:

    Head Quarters:




    Road Captain:

    Sergeant at arms:





    Total Count of members: 7

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    alt text

    In the spoiler below this text you can find our application form. Before you are going to apply, be aware that we are looking for loyal brothers who are able to work as a team. In case you don't fit these requirements, your application is going to be denied right away.
    If you want to get a chance of joining, you will have to hang with us ingame to prove your skills and dedication towards the club. Don't bother us too much and act mature, show us that you are ready to become a part of our great brotherhood!

    A little advise: Put some work in your application, answer every single question and don't leave anything blank. Your first proof of interest in our club is the time you've put in a proper application.

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