Tut's shader library

  • Hi,

    This topic serves the following uses:
    Showcasing my shaders;
    request shaders here

    i don't charge for my shaders (although i likely will after economy reset, hue). that being said, you should not have any concern other than deadline, being random as i work on things when i get in mood.

    you can request any type of shader, let it be map shader, weapon shader, skin shader, vehicle shader or particle shader for use in organisations.

    i have a total of 65 skin shaders to date, most of them will be posted here or included in a spoiler below.

    current shaders
    biker club member https://imgur.com/a/kfnjhoF

    this is the form i use to publish my shaders, it shortly describes the use of the shader and such.
    release date:

  • name: Hampton saints club shader (anything related to HSMC will be cleared as gang is disbanded)
    availability: free to be used by any organisation
    skin: bmyri
    release date: Feb 4 2018
    alt text
    alt text

  • name: (Shader-pack) Trainee faceswap
    availability: free to be requested
    skin: lvpd1
    release date: november 10, 2017
    note: picture only shows 1 shader but there are 4-5 made.
    alt text

  • name: Ambulance shader pack
    availability: free to be requested
    skin: ambulance.dff + ambulance.txd (requires both .dff and .txd modification to work with shading)
    release date: february 21st 2018
    pack: https://imgur.com/a/N1SsGeY
    alt text

  • name: Fire/rescue driver shader
    availability: free to be requested
    skin: lvemt
    release date: june 18th 2018
    note: it's made to be as low file size as possible. 5kb dds ! additionally: jacket is available in any color
    alt text
    alt text