Your opinion about a Gang / Squad or Company

  • Okay i continue Your opinion about a Gang Squad or Company on this Forum!
    It works as the same like the other one!

    Tell us your opinion about a Gang / Squad or Company.

    • What makes them so awesome?

    If there is something you dont like about a Gang / Squad or Company.

    • Do you have any good advice how they can do it better?

    Only share opinions about a S/G/C, don't start to insult others, if you don't agree with the opinions then ignore it!!

    Gangs - level 1-5

    [TT] - Tuga Thugs : [state your opinion here]
    [AA] - Arms Assasins : [state your opinion here]
    [B~B] - Black Bullets : [state your opinion here]
    [Z] - Organization Zero: [state your opinion here]
    [UE] - Underground Empire : [state your opinion here]
    [BS] - Black Syndicate : [state your opinion here]
    [CDC] - Comando Da Capital : [state your opinion here]
    [O] - The Outfit: [state your opinion here]
    CripZ: [state your opinion here]
    [WA]- Wild Angel: [state your opinion here]
    [THC] - The Company: [state your opinion here]

    Squads - level 1-5

    [FBI] - Federal Bureau of Investigation : [state your opinion here]
    [SWAT] - Special Weapons & Tactics : [state your opinion here]
    [SAPA] - San Andreas Police Academy : [state your opinion here]
    [SAFP] - San Andreas Federal Police : [state your opinion here]
    [FOX] - Fox Operation.X : [state your opinion here]
    [NNB] - National Narcotics Bureau : [state your opinion here]
    [TST] - The Strike Team: [state your opinion here]
    [MI6] - Military Intelligence Section 6: [state your opinion here]
    [ICE] - Immigration and Customs Enforcement: [state your opinion here]

    Companies - level 1-5

    [ALT] - All Load Trucking : [state your opinion here]

    Here is a Format to copy it with color codes:
    Put only one symbole like this - infront of = after you will get the color
    Example: - =(#cc0066)

    *** Format***

    click to show

    If you can't pick the Gang, Squad or Company you are in now. What would be your :

    Favorite Gang :
    Favorite Squad :

    Any Gang/Squad or Company missing, getting promoted or demoted then please Contact me.

    Regards Sam

  • Tbh this should've been done by a SAES CS/Admin as the colors and much more stuffs needs to be changed from time to time.

  • @nirjhor said in Your opinion about a Gang / Squad or Company:

    Tbh this should've been done by a SAES CS/Admin as the colors and much more stuffs needs to be changed from time to time.

    I think it would be the same if a admin post it because i can't add colors and change it more nicer if an admin add the colors system i can change it after.

  • They all suck except AA

  • Where's ThC? @Sam

  • everything sucks besides ICE

  • ICE sucks and everything else doesn’t!

  • @thing I will fix it thanks for reminde me!

  • @Brophy u so rude 😛 💷

  • Topic Updated!
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  • ICE is a joke , that's my opinion . But i hope @Joshbond makes it better 🙂 .

  • @quiz
    Excuse me what are you talking about i think that you are the joke here, ICE is trying to make the best.

  • Ice should have shown more progress than activity. The first option should be to create an appropriate rank system and leaving fast promotions inside the squad. Secondly, the recruitment system should be based on a high standard for all of these test. If you succeed on these targets you may improve your quality on the server. I believe, when you solve these fundamentals, we could see better ICE in the future.

    Regards Ted

  • Lmao , 99,9% of the guys who applied got accepted


  • <<<<<<<<<<ICE OPERATION>>>>>>>>>>

  • @quiz said in Your opinion about a Gang / Squad or Company:

    Lmao , 99,9% of the guys who applied got accepted

    @Quiz mate. I appreciate your nice comment towards me but I do not appreciate the comment towards ICE. ICE is a new developing squad which its leaders and hq team are trying their best to progress through the levels and make the squad into an awesome level 5 squad. Now during this process ICE will unfortunately encounter some bad members but this happens for all gangs/squad, even when they are level 5. These unwanted people can make a bad appearance for the squad at an early age (ICE being level 2) so it makes it a lot difficult for us to get the amazing reputation that we are trying so hard to earn.

    Also being a lower level a lot of the "more experienced" players do not want to join ICE because they could just join a level 5 squad instead. So ICE make best with who actually want to join us, yes we do accept a lot of people but that is because we like to give people a chance as we are a very friendly and respectful squad. However if those people who we gave a chance let us down by breaking our rules and the server rules, then well we get rid of them.

    As said above, we are a developing squad and we will make many mistakes like every other squad has done in the past. SWAT made plenty of mistakes during is progression, so did MI6, FBI, SAPA, DEA (when it was alive) and TST. But all those squads learned from their mistakes and so will we.

    So instead of slating us off, why not try help us and advise us to improve if you think we are doing something wrong. We are very open to continuous improvement. At the end of the day if you are slating a level 2 squad for trying its best, then maybe look at yourself dude.....