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  • Hello there!

    Here we post News, Updates and changes about the stuff in SAES. Me, Terry and Crash manage this topic and only post here. Pretty simple stuff.
    Stay tuned for more!

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  • [In-game Update, 19.03.2019]

    The Crown Vic has been adjusted once again by Tut, this time there has been a logo added to the side and the Ram Bar is shrunk. Also, the decals have been fixed.

    alt text

  • [Forum Update, 23.03.2019]

    There are now small little icons right before the name of the topic or section. Also, images are visible.

    alt text

  • [In-game Update, 27.03.2019]

    A lot of requests on the GitHub have been pushed thru and released into the game. Rebels MC got their spawn and base. Cunning Stunts got their new base added and also new skins. FBI changed their color, base look, and location and also added new shaders. The Outfit hanged their color and also got a new base. TST got a new base, same location. FOX's base got uploaded and looks like a god damn Naval Academy, changed location. CDC got new HQ Shader and also new skins for their regular spawn. ThC also got added 1 new female skin and also a new shader. And last but not least, ICE Changed their location to LV.

    If I missed any, please feel free to PM me it and I will gladly upload it to the topic. Let's get right into the pictures now.

    Rebels MC Updates:

    Cunning Stunts Updates:

    Fox Operation X's Updates:

    The Strike Team's Updates:

    Federal Bureau of Investigation Updates:

    The Outfit's Updates:

    Comando Da Capital's Updates:

    Immigration and Custom Enforcement's Updates:

    The Company's Updates:

  • [In-game Update, 28.03.2019]

    The Journey got a new look, isn't really modded but has been given extra lights and also a sticker-like thingy in the back.

    alt text
    alt text

  • [Sad News from STF, 29.03.2019]

    Special Task Force announced their closure. [6th May 2018 - 29th March 2019]

    More information can be found here:

  • [In-game Update, 30.03.2019]

    A UK Timezone based Clock has been added to the server above the in-game time.

    alt text

  • [In-game Update, 01.04.2019]

    The Elections have begun and the search for a new President and Government Staff members has started. You can now cast in your vote at these Booths placed around the region the Candidates have decided to run for. The Booth is symbolized with the true Patriot American Flag and the panel is simple and easy to use.

    Get to Voting dear Citizens of San Andreas!

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • [In-game Update, 01.04.2019]

    All vehicles are able to drive on watter cause Mega9 broke the server HURRAYYYY

  • @Crash said in San Andreas News:

    [In-game Update, 01.04.2019]

    All vehicles are able to drive on watter cause Mega9 broke the server HURRAYYYY

    Sorry about that bois, Portugal does not produce calendars so he is not aware of the date.

  • [Forum Update, 03.04.2019]

    Outbreak Organisation has earned their Private Forums! Good luck towards their next step on being official in-game with an actual spawn.

    alt text
    alt text

  • [General Update, 07.04.2019]

    The elections have ended and our new President has been chosen. Congratulations to ODAKAB and his Vice Bitch Terry! May the Cooking Oil powered Tanks rule!

    Here are the Presidential Results:

    alt text

    Big props to @Joe for hosting these elections, well-done mate.
  • [In-game Update, 15.04.2019]

    New Wayfarer mod.

    alt text

  • [In-game Update, 15.04.2019]

    New Hotring Racer 3 Mod!

    alt text

  • Hello! This has been quite dry recently but I am here to update you with some fresh news.

    Let's get some of the common stuff away first:

    - If you now type /saeshud inside of a vehicle, the speed-o-meter also disappears.
    - You can glue on Picadors.
    - Kill arrest only works if the Police Officer has 5 or fewer stars.
    - Custom Vehicle Wraps for donators! More can be found on here:
    - SAI and SAPA have been added to the Dispatcher script.

    That is basically most of the minor updates, some even smaller ones are left.

    Now, the 2 big updates! A new Audi RS7 Mod and the adding of the Tractor to the Car dealer Shop.

    Stratrum - Audi RS7:
    alt text

    alt text
    alt text

  • [In-game Updates, 02.05.2019]

    Hi! Have got some new news for you regarding the GM Updates. Quite a lot of updates actually.

    Before we get into that, the GM Results will be delayed because of the recent ''Bug Abuse'' that has resulted in some individuals getting banned.

    CripZ changed most of their skins and included new Shaders. OverdoseCrime changed its base location to SF with a fresh-new base and also changing the 2nd skin and a shader. SWAT changed its location from SF to LV. Spawns stayed the same but new base is located at the old Cunning Stunts base. The Government also got additional spawns: Department Leader and Senator. But some names were changed and also the skins. Cluckin' Bell has also received their spawn, finally! The Company changed their shader to a brand new one (Serbian Pimp cough cough). Last but not least, the San Andreas Pirates have changed their spawn names from San Andreas Pirates Sailor/Captain > SAP Sailor/Captain. Also a new base from LS to Whetstone. Yarr...

    These were most of the GM Updates, if I missed any, please contact me.

    Also, our Nigerian Lord Brophy has changed the Donation button on the forums, it now sends you to on a new page where it explains how to donate and how it would help.

    Now, into the pictures of the recent updates.





    Cluckin' Bell:

    San Andreas Pirates:

    The Company:

  • [In-game Updates, 05.05.2019]

    - Store Robberies are now randomized.
    - New BMW mod for the Sentinel.

    alt text

  • [Forum Updates, 07.05.2019]

    Cartel Da Sinaloa and Central Intelligence Agency have gained their private forums for level 1! Congratulations and good luck with the next level.


    alt text
    alt text


    alt text