CripZ~ Level 5

  • Application Format

    Real Name:Oussama Jomaa




    Languages spoken:Arabic, French, English

    From 0 to 10, how would you rate your english proficiency? (?/10):7

    How long have you been playing on SAES: I started playing a month ago, since then i´ve been always online on saes server and I´m being playing with Jirrak in Mta RP.

    Previous gang or squads:none

    Previous clans on the server (include the reasons for leaving):none

    Previous bans on the server and reasons for them:none

    Name 3 BR rules:
    1.Assisting your own gang as a Medic/Pizzaboy is not allowed.
    2.Must have atleast 1 HQ to start a BR
    3.You can claim bank robbery only when a complete team of robbers is presente

    Name 3 GR rules:
    1.No grenades to be at a gangrob at all. This includes using vehicles as explosives
    2.You can remove the cash to prevent being robbed IF you are being robbed
    3.Squads are permitted to arrest

    Name 3 Turf rules:
    1.If you´re killed in a turf where a turfwar is going on, and you´re spawned as a cop or criminal, it´s not counted as deathmatching. This is just part of the war.
    2.Gaining health is allowed only via respawning, health from mdic who is not in your gang, or eating food (so no reconneting no).
    3. You are not allowed to camp on unclimbable rooftops/places, climbable rooftops/places are allowed (usage of drugs/vehicles is not allowed). To consider a rooftop/place climbable, you must be able to access to it from the ground without the usage of drugs/vehicles.

    What is Roleplay?:Roleplay is having conversations and acting like real life.

    What Does Avoid Arrest mean and give an example:suicide when cops chase you so you don't get arrested.

    What is Deathmatching?:Killing or destroying another players property with no reason.

    Someone DMs you. What do you do?:If it is spam i´ll just report the person who did it to an admin

    You're passing by one or several cops, who do not attempt to arrest you. What shall you do?:In some cases do nothing, but i´ll try to roleplay them as much as possible.

    Do you know anyone from the gang, or have made connections with anyone inside the gang, before you applied?:I´ve played with Jirrak and more members of the CripZ.

    Application text (tell us something about yourself or anything you want to try to convince us):So i know im new to the game but I´m a good team person, I just want to understand more the game every day and I want to help the CripZ.

    Sorry for anything and I hope I meet the requirements to join you guys!

    Thank you for your time!

    Mind.Freak !
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  • Good Job, CripZ keep your activity 😄

  • 1- Personal Informations

    Ingame Name & Real Name: Radrick, Amine
    Account Name: radrick
    Age: 15
    Nationality: Germany
    Rate Your English Level (1-10): 7
    Tell us about yourself: Hello , my name is Amine , I'm 15 years old , I'm living in Germany precisely in Berlin , In leisure time ,I practice sport ,I often go to the beach with my friends to spend enjoyable time ,sometimes we go to the cafe , as well I enjoy playing football ,I'm a Juventes fan such I can not miss any game , i watched all the team matches , my favourite player is cristiano ronaldo , I have a little brother named Illias , Currently I like playing Fortnite and MTA , probably you can find me at SAES:RPG server , i'm so active at forums .

    Do you have teamspeak or discord: I have only Discord.

    2- Ingame Informations

    How long have you been playing on SAES: I have been playing SAES for 4years
    Tell us about your SAES career: Well my career started in 2013 i was a noob playing as a cop and i didn't even knew there is a chat I earned alot of money and after that I decided to left and then iam back on 2016 i got banned cuz i played in cyber cafe and there was alot of accounts so i got banned and then I didnt knew multiacc is not allowed so i joined hellsoldiers and after that I went inactive I bought a pc and i made new acc I got banned for rulebreaking and i did once ban evade and now I moved to Germany and got unbanned and
    Now iam trying to join this gang once again
    Previous gang or squads(include leaving reason): CDC / ICE / The Outfit / BloodZ / CripZ / FBI / Hell Soldiers

    Have you ever been banned from SAES(if yes please explain): Yes, for evading a ban
    What does DM mean and give an example: Damaging someone or killing him for no reason For Example: A random player tries to piss you off so you decide to shoot him. And it's forbidden.
    What does Roleplay mean and give an example: RolePlay is acting exactly like we do in real life For Example: A cop pulls over a criminal or a medic healing an injured person.
    What does avoid arrest mean and give an example: Means to kill yourself / disconnect from the game while being chased by a cop and it's not allowed

    Tell us 3 of Bank Robbery Rules:

    Don't jump off a roof after BRing
    Don't marker kill
    Don't crack without HQs permission
    Tell us 3 of Turf Rules:

    Don't spawn as medic to heal your teammates.
    Don't spawn as cop to help your teammates arresting the enemies.
    Don't spawn as CLO or any special group.
    Tell us 3 of Gang Robbery rules:

    Don't use grenades
    Don't GR alone
    Don't spawn kill
    3 - Additional Informations

    A Character Backstory: Johnson was born in the 90’s. He have been through a poor life. After he grow up, he ended up in the ‘’criminal world’’. He started a little gang with his partner and random criminals. Their goal was to become one of the biggest gangs around the big Los Santos. They looked for a way to earn money, but it was hopeless. The only thing they got was some kilos of drugs. They decided to join another gang, and steal their stuff. They chose the bigg mafia : Hooligans. When they get in, they worked hard to, win their trust. Then after couple months, they decided to do it. But then his partner didn’t agree, he wasn’t about to go to his poor life again. Radico was confused, he couldn’t believe how he could betray him after all these years they went through. Then he decided to do it in his own. But his partner tipt the mafia boss about it. When Radico was loading everything in the car, he saw some guards waiting for him, he didn’t knew they knew about it. Then they shooted to his direction. He shot back, he killed 2 of them, but they were with to much, he decided to take the car and drive away. They shot two tires leak. After he escaped the car in a river. He went to his old base. But he knew he wasn’t safe. The mafia boss, called every gang around and told them, the one who first catch this thief would get a big reward, of 10 millions. But a gang called Cripz, knew that loot, was worth a lot more. They sended their best scouts around to search for radico. They found him, but they told him they wanted to make a deal with him. If he gave them the loot, they would reward him, and take him in their gang. He knew he wasn’t save in his own. And he agreed. He became one of the richest criminals around SA…..

    Explain CripZ's roleplay with your own words: Cripz’s roleplay got 3 categories, Moonshine business, Drug trafficking, vehicular distribution by standard modification of branded vehicles. With the profit they made from the Drug world, they were able to start a alcohol industry. They produce it in old abandoned factories, and several flats/houses, around Cripz’s territory. They steal branded cars, and sell the important part, such like the engine etc.

    Why do you want to join CripZ: Why i want to join CripZ Because i liked their members they are so respectful and i got alot of friends in cripz want to be with them and i really liked cripz so much, i'll try to help cripz with my activity/loyalty

    Why should we accept you: Well its your choice to accept me or not i'am loyal guy and respectful Player, and i'll try to help cripz with my best

    What are your strenghts: Cracking,Driving,Shooting,Flying,Arresting
    What is your weaknesses: sometimes lag
    Post your screens when you hanging with CripZ(use spoiler):