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    Ingame name:Adam

    Real name:Adam


    Gender: Male

    Nationality: Algeriens

    Languages spoken:Arab.France.English

    Previous G/S/C (Why did you leave/get kicked): ididn't join to any gang

    What does MC stand for:Motorcycle Club

    What does an 1%er MC mean: What does an 1%er MC mean:

    Who is the founder of HRMC:Frankline

    Why would you like to join HRMC: Because ilove it

    Why should we accept you: Because im good criminal And ilove HRMC

    Did anyone recommend you to make an application for HRMC:No One

    Post a picture of an motorcycle bike aka chopper down below:

  • Akceptet!

  • you don't need to make a new topic click here @Adam_Didi

  • @Adam_Didi Feel free to apply by clicking here. Don't make another topic, just apply as a reply to our topic.