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    Thanks Boys!

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    Nickname: BloodZ>Patrick|Vice
    Username: error1974
    Nationality: Slovene
    Age: 17
    Country: Slovenia
    Tell us something about yourself: My name's Patrick & and I'm from Slovenia. In real life I like to ride motorcycles, and chill out with friends. In my free time, I'm mostly on a computer, where I play MTA or watch youtube videos.
    Rate your English skills (0/10): 9
    Rate your RP skills (0/10): 9
    Rate your Teamwork skills (0/10): 8
    Have you read and understood F1 rules?: Yes, ofcourse I did.
    Server Memberships: BloodZ Vice leader, EMXC President, Ventura's Tunings Member.
    Explain Roleplay in your own words: Roleplaying is acting like in real life. It is playing characters, personality that you aren't in real life.
    Whats the reason you wanna join us: Well, I wan't to be part of Dachser group, because I want to help them with all kind of activities & and because I just simply like it.
    If you get accepted, which division would you like to be (Road / Air / Sea)?: I would like to choose Sea division.
    If there anything else you wanna add ( you may add your hangout pictures with us): I've hanged around with some of members, but didn't take any screens.