Comando da Capital

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  • Nickname: kevin
    Username: bastian1
    Nationality: chile
    Years: 14
    Indicate your skills in each language as follows [1-10] 4
    Have you been expelled / expelled from SAES before? Reasons? Well, please prohibit the use of SAES due to a DM action that will not happen again.
    Previous G / S / C ?: N / A
    Why did you choose CDC among all the gangs? I parese a good gang
    Tell us something about yourself, be aware and explicit: My name is Kevin and I live in Chile. My favorite game is MTA [SAES].
    Explain in a few words what the term Role Play is for you: role play is something that happens in real life
    Describe the role of the CDC role with your own words: it is acting as realistic. as possible in the game
    Describe the role of the CDC in their own words: stealing and mounting vehicles. Its objectives are specialized in the modifications of vehicle thefts, its objective is to invest money in combat supplies to fulfill its missions as faith; Robberies, vans, robberies, kidnappings, etc. Its source of money is arms trafficking. There are also very low prices on weapons offers 50% lower than at a communications store.

  • Nickname:FreshBoy
    Username: ItzSpicey
    Indicate your skills in each language in the next way English and greeks English 7-10 and greeks 10-10
    Have you been kicked/banned from SAES before? Reasons?Yes banned ;'v i was doin big mistake. and i thinked it and i was angry with my self about that to im doin it
    Previous G/S/C?:ICE/CripZ
    Why did you choose CDC among all the gangs? Beacuse CDC they are on good gang he's got good members he's have awsome activity i like to how he's playning this gang and for me the CDC they are not only one gang they are like everthing and i love this gang.
    Tell us something about yourself, be self-conscious and explicit:My name is Dimitris i have 2 brother and 1 sister i am 15 years old im playing Football i like to eat Pizza i live on greece and i like to playning video games
    Explain in a few words that is the term Role Play for you:Roleplay they are like real life like when on guy he's die on real life he's cant cume back. that happened too and to Role play you copy something from real life to ingame. like gun Trading or drug trading they are like to copy real life to ingame
    Describe CDC's roleplay role in your own words:CDC to he's making deals with other gangs or peopole and trading drugs for money. he's love to making moneys from selling drugs. they love the crim he's doin bank robs gang wars for making money and making bigger place for selling more drugs and getting more money. they are on gang to looking ways to making moneys from drugs.