Sound and mods suggestions (and a bit more)

  • Oi fellas.

    I'm here to suggest you to add a 'buzz' sound on the blue wall when that comes close to you.

    I would also like to suggest a couple mods to some vehicles. Not all but maybe a 2-3 would be lovely.

    By the way, for when you add the squad part. I don't know how will you guys do it but don't separate it. Let it all be on the same server. Also, a server-wide notice for when someone wins a match would be awesome, cuz you know, I like to show off.

    That's all for now. Bye and get to work @TheK .

  • No vehicle mods please. How often are you in a car? Cars are only used to drive to the circle.

  • @bas260 I know. But some original vehicles look like shit. And a mod or two wouldn't be that bad.

  • simple vehicle modifications is fine with me as long as you don't get the feel you're playing need for speed or any other than pubg/gta. a slight buzzy sound for the wall is a great idea, just keep it minimal, i don't want to be freaked out of the constant noise it gives.
    what kind of mods are you looking forward to @kipt ?

  • @tut-greco You the mods fella. But sure, I'll put some ideas in.

    • Mesa with a more army shader
    • A 4 door car modded to become more like a Lada Classic
    • The bobcat turned into a lovely 1963 Dodge D-100

    I can come up with more but having those would be lovely.