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    Personal Roleplay #1
    Participants: @Favignano , Iskander
    Description: I was patrolling around Las Venturas when i had an emergancy call from a police team radio asking for any medic to come to the mentionned location 'Las Venturas Warehouse'; after few mintues i was able to reach the location where i found a police trainne pretended to have the name "Iskander" carrying on a Sapa agent with the name "Favignano" on his suit, he was consious and announced that he was shot by a bunch of criminals that were delivering some stolen stuff to the warehouse, on a first view i found a small hole throw his suit i tried to stop it from bleeding and cover it with a sheet i had in the pocket then i asked iskander to carry him with me in the ambulance back, i speeded up and transported him to the hospital where i started a surgery to take the bullet out and sew the wound, few hours after he was able to move and saluted him before he left The Las Venturas Official hospital
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  • SAPA Activity - Training - 09.02.2019

    We hosted our very first training as a group! This training was led by our Instructor, Dyam Douglas and we were training on how to approach a suspect that you pulled over, how to handle him and so on. I'd like to thank every SAPA Participant that made this massive activity possible!

    Click the spoiler for the pictures!
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    as the one and only police academy in the city, our role is to make our cadets prepared to face any sort of situation any time, we were having a physical training in the academy while we received a call informing us of an armed bank robbery in Las Venturas, we've ambushed the bank successfully with the help of other officers and had the situation under control, also our officers were able to return the stolen cash into the safes with the help of the bank employees.

    in the spoiler you can find a photographs of the bank raid.

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