The Oddboyz

  • Username: daapgames
    Nickname: CaMaRon
    Age: 15
    Nationality: Venezuela
    Date of Birth: March 15, 2003
    Community Join Date: between a game in 2015 I'm absent for several months but I'm already back
    What are your unique qualities you can offer:
    I can offer loyalty to someone who follows orders respect to the major and minor ranks also because we all deserve respect a good trigger I am very good pilot of airplanes and helicopters when they need someone who condusca the there will be for you my English is not perfect but I can understand That they are talking to me I am very good with the deagle I like to work in a team but just as I can be dangerous I like to protect my team and help those who need support.
    What difficulties would you face: My difficulty is with my team and they put me under pressure I get
    a little nervous but that I try to avoid it and stay calm
    so I relax and I can relizar the work without any problem
    Additional Information about yourself: Well in real life I am not very tall for my age I am a fan of video games in games you will be talking a lot but in reality I am a little shy but even I am very affectionate I like to watch and watch series of animes ...

  • @camaron I'd like to meet with you ingame for the applicaton procedure to continue.

    ugh you like anime

  • could be tomorrow? is that now I have to do some things or if it's a long time I'll see if I can enter quickly

  • (liking anime is a big plus)

  • @camaron Unfortunatly your english skills are not up to par. Feel free to reapply when your english is a lot better.

  • I'm late but best of luck I was waiting for Blade to create something so yeah this will rockkk!!! I got a new nightmare on the server

  • @scripter thank you my friend but you don't have to like all my posts okay xD

  • alt text

    Username: elyessmaou
    Nickname: Curvy
    Age: 19
    Nationality: Tunisian
    Date of Birth: 19th August 1999
    Community Join Date: I forgot exactly but it was in the beginning of 2015
    What are your unique qualities you can offer: Activities, skills and loyalty
    What difficulties would you face: I get pissed off when I'm having a lag spike while in the middle of something important or getting chased by cops.
    Additional Information about yourself: Hello, my name is Elyes. A 19 year - old. Almost moving arts and design college as it's gonna be my first year. I love hanging around with my friends and listening to music in my free time.

  • @curvy

    Greetings, I'd like to meet with you in-game to continue the process of your application.

  • @curvy

    After talking with you ingame we've decided to accept you. Welcome!

  • Good Luck ❤