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    Welcome to SAIA's media archive, please post any thing in relation to SAIA including Roleplays, Events and Activities.

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    *The start of the San Fierro Division, 16/09/2018

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    SAIA Members Involved: @FoxZilla @Dollface
    Other Groups and Players Involved: N/A
    Story: Dollface had to go LV for work but he doesn't have much time he must reach his destination fast. so he called me and he asked if he can use me to go lv but i must be fast or won't get any paycheck. so i took him and we went to LV as fastest as possible. after that we arrived LV and he went to work with a smile on his Dollface.

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    @hoodie said in OverdoseCrime - Media Archive:

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    RP#112 - Special Delivery
    Participants: OC|> @Hoodie , [SAIA] @dodger
    It was a quiet evening, I was planning to do some drug deals and the usual OC kinda stuff. But I had an important job, OC needed more ingredients to make our proteins and drugs. We had been running low for a few days, today we were on our last few amounts. The reason why we had been running low on ingredients was because our usual supplier, had a storm at there dispatch centre in Los Santos.

    I decided since we needed the ingredients really badly, I would do something I have never done before... I decided to call in a private pilot from SAIA to bring the packages to Bone County Airport. I managed to get into contact with a pilot from SAIA who was free, I sent him to get the packages from Los Santos and then told him to stand by in Las Venturas while I get ready. When I was ready, I called him again and got him to meet me at Bone County.

    As I approached him at the meeting point, he continued to get more suspicious of what was in the packages. He thought why would a gang member, be hiring a private plane to bring such a small amount of cargo to a quiet dessert airport. As we chit chatted, I made sure to mention "I didn't pay to hire a pilot from SAIA to get asked questions and if it is illegal as long as your getting your money its fine" He replied with "yeah your right, we will just say there expensive camera lenses"

    We walked over to the Beagle on the runway, he got the packages out. We picked up the packages and headed for my car. He helped me load them into the trunk of my car and we then parted ways.


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    Flight #: 001
    SAIA Pilot Name: [SAIA] @hoodie [PR] - SF
    Aircraft Name & Type: Pyramid - Beagle
    Number of Passengers Flown: 3
    Total Time Flying: 2 hours