San Andreas International Airlines

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    SAIA was a idea of three masterminds of San Andreas, their names were David, Shaun and Hunter. They saw a big gap in the market here in San Andreas, San Andreas had not been serviced by any airline for many years. They decided together they would create an airline and allow San Andreas citizens to be once again traveled by air.

    It was created on the 15th of September 2018, many airlines had failed in the past but SAIA was here to stay. SAIA's purpose was clear, to allow passengers to travel between the islands of San Andreas by air. After a lengthy discussion, San Fierro Airport was chosen to be SAIA's Homebase and that is where it all started.

    It was time to bring the air travel fun back to San Andreas!

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    *Founders: from left to right: David, Hunter, Shaun

    SAIA operates over all airports and rural areas, we are also available for private hire.

    Airline Tag - [SAIA]Name[Rank]
    Helper Tag - [SAIA-H]*Name
    Airline Motto - "Here, To Get You There"

    Price List:

    • Island to Island Flights (Los Santos, San Fierro & Las Venturas)
      $1000 per Passenger

    • Rural Areas (Bone County, Whetstone, Red County)
      $1500 per Passenger

    • Private Hire
      Price under agreement

    Ranks & Roster:


    Captain - [SAIA]Name[C]
    First Officer - [SAIA]Name[FO] @Dodger (SF) @Cappo (SF) @Elyes (SF)
    Junior Flight Officer - [SAIA]Name[JFO] @FoxZilla (SF)

    Air Traffic Control:
    ATC Manager - [SAIA]Name[AM]
    ATC Operator - [ATC]Name[ATC] @Therubik (SF)

    Flight Attendants:
    Purser - [SAIA]Name[P]
    Flight Attendant - [SAIA]Name[FA]
    Junior Flight Attendant - [SAIA]Name[JFA]

    Management Team:
    President - [SAIA]Name[PR] @Hoodie (SF)
    Vice President - [SAIA]Name[VP]
    Roleplay Manager - [SAIA]Name[RM]
    Training Manager - [SAIA]Name[TM] @Shadowz (SF)
    Human Resources - [SAIA]Name[HR] @Dollface (SF)
    Online Media Manager - [SAIA]Name[OM]
    Divisional Leader - [SAIA]Name[DL]

    Homebases: Each Homebase will need Pilots, Flight Attendants and Air Traffic Controllers to Operate

    San Fierro Airport - Limited Operation (Charter and Private Hire Only)
    Los Santos Airport - Not Operational (Coming Soon)
    Bone County - Not Operational (Coming Soon)
    Las Venturas Airport - Not Operational (Coming Soon)

    Recruitment is OPEN for the following homebases
    San Fierro Airport - Pilots, Flight Attendants, Air Traffic Controllers and Management Team Positions

    If your interested in joining please apply in the forums with the following format.

    Join our Discord:
    Media Archive:

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  • Name (Ingame and Username): Ingame name: Foxzilla, username: mertt
    Member of Which Groups?: TMH - The Motor Heada
    Please Explain Previous Flying Experience You Have: i usualy fly for stop robberies and do stunts.
    What Homebase and Rank are you applying for?: Homabase las venturas air port rank pilot.
    Why do you want to join SAIA?: Because i liked this group and i try for take spawn for hoodie and this group.

  • Name (Ingame and Username): ing :Dollface
    Username: dollface
    Member of Which Groups?: Overdose Crime - OC
    Please Explain Previous Flying Experience You Have: i love living the life of a pilot driving different planes with my head up in the clouds. Helping different people. Legal or not. I fly to them and help them. Escape from robberies. Or helping medics to reach their destination.
    What Homebase and Rank are you applying for?: I'm applying for SF homebase
    Rank: Human Resources
    Why do you want to join SAIA: Since it's the only group with this kind of roe in the server and that's pretty special. Plus i got lot of friends in this group.

  • Good luck brother!

  • @Dollface Welcome to SAIA, Accepted
    San Fierro Division - Human Resources Manager

  • @FoxZilla, Please meet me ingame to discuss the role you want and to have your interview, Under Review

    Accepted - San Fierro Division - Junior Flight Officer

  • Thank you everyone for your kind words 🙂 @Azazel @Mrwan @FoxZilla @Meliodas @PunchLine @Riley @Bozi

  • Name (Ingame and Username): Nord, njogrsenbalgruf
    Member of Which Groups?: I'm members with TMH, BES and I lead KHC.
    Please Explain Previous Flying Experience You Have: I have been flying planes since I knew how to walk. But I feel more interest in controlling air traffic and talking with fellow pilots.
    What Homebase and Rank are you applying for?: I'm applying for San Fierro Homebase and as an ATC Operator.
    Why do you want to join SAIA?: I want to apply my knowledge in manning an aeroplane, radio control and overall this group has a unique role in SAES.

  • Name (Ingame and Username): milan6969
    Ingame name: [TST]Cappo[SGT]
    Member of Which Groups?: None. I'm not in any groups.
    Please Explain Previous Flying Experience You Have: I've been using Planes, Dodos and helicopters back then in my "career" to stop SRs, JBs etc, I've also been flying a couple of times as a Pilot.
    What Homebase and Rank are you applying for?: Well, homebase can be San Fierro , simple Pilot as of now.
    Why do you want to join SAIA?: This group seems fresh and nice to join, I'd also like to make myself improve by flying all around SA.

  • @Cappo After Meeting you ingame, I have decided you will be Accepted
    San Fierro Divison - Pilot First Officer

  • @nord Your Past Experience is good, Please Report to Management Team for Testing. Under-Review

  • Name (Ingame and Username):Harb&omarharb
    Member of Which Groups?:BES (sHQ),MCC(Rct)
    Please Explain Previous Flying Experience You Have:ah actually i have been training on planes since i have joined saes so i am very intersting to join SAIA now to get more experince and learn from them and help with mine
    What Homebase and Rank are you applying for?:SF homebase
    Why do you want to join SAIA?:i want to be in groups of pilots and learn more from them and i think i have some experinces that would help you guys also members are very kind so thats would be good

  • @Harb , Please meet me ingame to discuss the role/rank you want and have you interviewed, Under Review