SAPA Base mapping request [Paid/rewards]

  • Hello mappers and creative minds,
    SAPA is in need of a new base mapping, that is, exterior and interior. If you're interested, please read below!
    [For those interested, send @Tut Greco a forum message]

    Your job

    Your main job is to do mapping for either exterior and/or interior. I can, if asked, run through your mapping (provided you send the files) and add desired objects or give my feedback on it.
    You do not have to do all the mapping yourself, but must leave a note if you're going to have a partner.
    You're not entitled to do map shadering; we're working on it ourself.

    Expectations of the mapping quality

    No eregious visual glitches (z-fighting objects, foundtains sticking through walls etc...).
    Overall clean and pleasing feel of the mapping (with our shaders you should not worry about using dirty dock walls, as we can shade them into white smooth stone walls)
    Mapping must be shader-ready.


    We're going to pay a base amount of $30 millions for exterior/interior (60 millions that is, if you do both yourself).
    We're giving additional payments/rewards for work done ranging from $1-20 millions. Also if you feel that money isn't necessary, or you don't want to work for our desired budget, please let us know and we will do our best to sort it out.

    Further details on the mapping will be handed out in a personal message, preferably on discord for ease of communication.

  • Anyone interested should send me a forum message, not discord please.

  • We've got an interior mapper however we may still look into an exterior mapper