• i came up with this idea so here it is
    what if we can put some bombs in our cars? gonna be useful for RPs and great when someone steal your car so you can explode it and very very great for DM
    maybe when i get into the bomb shop i choose a bomb like TNT for 10k and C4 for 30k and shit like this and after i choose the bomb i will be given a button and when i press it the car explode ty for reading my shitty suggestion !

  • No.

  • Hell no

  • alt text

    HELL YES !

  • Well, maybe when a cop chases you, you avoid arrest by killing yourself.... -1

  • its a good idea, but admins should make a rule, who use this bomb for DMING will get ban, + if you used it to avoid arrest = reported also
    you must use it when someone stole your car, but DMING = REPORT
    good idea

  • before suggesting something that been done alot now make sure to check archive.saesrpg.uk for previous suggestions and answers