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  • Event type: Air boxing
    LWS/G6: [B~B]@nyx_
    Prize: 1.000.000
    Winner: [ALT]@Scorpyo
    Location: LV

  • Event type: TDM
    LWS/G6: [B~B]@MatizZ
    Prize: 2.000.000
    Winner: Team -Chorro ( @Crazzy , @Zodiac )
    Location: BC

  • Event type: LMS ( Sniper only )
    LWS/G6: [STF]@Laza
    Prize: 2.000.000
    Winner: @MatizZ
    Location: BC

  • Roleplay Story: Organization Zero got a lot of money since we sold some drugs of high quality to Camando The Capital for it party last week, a few days later, Our HQ team invited us for a talk, he told us that a lot of our modern bikes have been sold to the other gangs and now we need some to put them in our base, however, we can use them in our turfs , even in our daily life,we knew that there is a workshop near San Fierro bank, it is one of the famous workshops in the whole of San Andreas,also, we knew that "Jasper" the owner of this shop is selling his bikes with sheep price that why I decide to call him, and I told him that we need 10 NRGs with high quality for our gang, however, he told me to come to his shop that I can check them,so I got ready,we bring my DFT that we can put the bikes, and we went to "San Fierro".
    there I found him waiting for me,so we opened a talk about the bikes in general ,also I gave him some descriptions of the kind of bikes that I prefer ,so he decided to show me his bikes, after choosing them, we opened a talk about the price, after some suggestions, I decide to take 10 NRGs with 1000$ for each bike ,so he helped me to transport those bikes to our DFT and we went back to our base.
    Participants: @Hoodie
    Screen Shots:

  • alt text
    Role play story: Vincy is My old friend from Red Country he wants some special guns and good quality of drugs,
    he asked some people about where to buy them they told him about Aboody from Organization Zero
    it's the best gang which sells guns and drugs..
    last night at 21:00 PM i was driving around Las Venturas i got a call from him he want us to meet.
    i told him to wait me near Las Venturas casino..
    after some minutes i arrived at Las Venturas casino and i saw him waiting me near the ATM i took him in my car
    and we went to Organization Zero base and we started to talk he told me that he need a very professional guns and good quality of drugs that he need for his gang and his body .
    and i told him that we have the best guns and drugs around San Anderas he told me that he want to try the guns first
    after that he decided to take 1500 ammo of M4 , 2000 Sniper , 5000 UZI , 100 Grenade and 2000 Shotgun and a bag full with drugs
    next we talked about the price and i made a sale for him form 15550$ to 14000$ then i helped him to transport the guns and the drugs to Wild Angels base
    Participants: @xvincyx

  • Event type: LMS
    LWS\G6\CEO: @Green
    Prize: 1.000.000
    Winner: @Zodiac
    Location: Near G6 area

  • Event type: Chicken shooter
    LWS/G6/CEO: @Green
    Prize: 1.000.000
    Winner: @Spicey
    Location: Worker site

  • alt text
    Role play Story: Today i was walking around Los Santos i was very bored so i decided to go to Organisation Zero's night club..
    i meet up with my friend Crankyyy from Black Syndicate there
    we talked with each other he told me that he has 2 bags of drugs and i had 5 bags i told him to not to worry about it
    and we drunk some beer and danced and we enjoyed our time
    after 4 hours from these interesting things we felt hungry so ..... told me to go the FAMOUS restaurant IN Las Ventures.
    while we are driving to the restaurant he told me where to hide the drugs i told him in my car's trunk, i think it's safe because it will be dangerous for us if we took it inside the restaurant there might be cops inside
    so we stopped and we put the drugs in the car's trunk
    we arrived there and i closed the car
    and we get in the restaurant we ordered some food to eat and 2 cups of Pepsi
    when we finished the food we took the car away to town to smoke some drugs , when we oppend the car's trunk we didn't find any of our drugs there is some one stole it
    we got some news that a member of Overdose Crime gang stole it
    we were very angry for that so we decided to jail him for his mistake
    we went to Overdose Crime base to take him for jail we found him was talking on the phone and we took him in our car and started shouting to get help
    i knew my old friend Fallen from SAFP he could help us to jail this bitch in the prison
    i called him and he told me that we should stop and wait for him because he is comming to us by the police plane
    he came to us after 5 minutes to us and he took him to the prison we thanked Fallen for the help
    we went to solve the drugs problem i got a call from Hoodie the leadar of Overdose Crime gang and he asked me to get his member out of the jail
    because he didn't knew that the drugs was for Organisation Zero so i went to SAFP base and i asked Fallen to get this man out in the jail
    he told me u cant now u can get him out after 3 hours
    after 3 hours i called Hoodie the leadar of Overdose Crime gang to come to SAFP base to take his member and he was happy for that
    and he told me that no one of the gang will do it again and he gave us 100.000 the price of the drugs and he thanked us to get his friend out of the jail
    me and Crankyyy were happy to solve the problem easily and i rode him to his home and i went to rest in Organisation Zero base
    Participants: @johnn @Fall-en @Hoodie @Blaxe and ape
    Screen shots:

  • Role play story: Today i was driving my alpha car around Las Ventures with my gang mate Jax he got a message form Matias from CripZ
    as i remember that the message was contain that CripZ gang want 10 cases of guns from Organization Zero
    and they will pay a lot for it so i called my leader Gengar and he told me that the cases is already done in the Huntley's trunk so i called Matias to tell him where to meet
    after that we went to our base and took the Huntley and i went to the place that we decided to meet in
    after 5 minutes i arrived at CripZ base
    we started to talk about the price and we decided that the price will be 2000$ for the case
    i gave him the cases in his car and i called my leader to tell him that the deal is done
    then i went to Organization Zero to park the huntly.
    Participants: @J-a-x & @Matias
    Screen shots:

  • Event type: chicken shooter
    LWS\G6\CEO: @Sethesta & @Rowdy35
    Prize: 1.000.000
    Winner: @Reus
    Location: LV worker stie

  • Event type: LMS 1V1 (SNIPER)
    LWS\G6\CEO: @Sethesta & @RadiO
    Prize: 1.000.000
    Winner: @SheraP
    Location: SF skull

  • Event type: Last Man Standing
    LWS\G6\CEO: @Adistar
    Prize: $1,000,000
    Winner: @Tuned
    Location: The Visage Casino

  • alt text
    Role play story : Today it was an unusual day while I was at Organization Zero base and smoking my cigarette.
    I got a call from unknown number and it was @Douglass from CripZ
    We started to talk with each other and he asked me to sell him some of drugs that Organization Zero has .
    Organization Zero has uploaded the base with drugs today then i took some of them in my car and went to CripZ base
    When I have arrived I started to talk with him about the price.
    We decided to make 1000$ for the bag
    After a while he took his car and drove up the car next to mine.
    I started to take out drugs from my car and put into him car.
    When I did it he paid me 10.000$ and we gave each other hangs.
    Then I went out from the base and went to Organization Zero base to take a rest

    Participants: @Douglass
    Screen shots:

  • Las Venturas BR (8/8)

  • Event type: Fallout
    LWS\G6:* @Yoko_Kurama
    Prize: 1,000,000$
    Winner: @Mrwan
    Location: G6 area

  • Los Santos Bank Robbery (8/8)

  • SF Bank Robbery
    safe: 5/8

  •                                                    ***Activity*** 

    Members: 6 members

  • Event type: boxing all v all
    LWS/G6: @Yoko_Kurama @Zombie
    Winner: @polenta
    Prize: 1.000.000
    Location: LV near CEO base

  •                                       ***Activity******

    Road Trip

    Members : @Cazzone & @Cornelius & @bachwa & @polenta & @MrDeathBoy & @FugitiveLiter & @Panda