Share your preferred games

  • So yeah, this topic involves sharing all your best-loved games and maybe sharing an opinion about these so others have feedback when they are getting them.

    You don't have to actually own the games, nor give your review - up to you. This topic can also be used to discuss upcoming games too.

    I have arranged a list of games I love playing and I own at my steam library for example. (Alphabetical order)

    7 Days to Die
    Alien: Isolation
    Blood Feed
    Bloody Glimpse
    Borderlands 2
    Bully: Scholarship
    Conan Exiles
    Counter Strike games
    Crysis 2
    Conan Exiles
    All Monkey Island games
    Dark and Light
    Dota 2
    Doom Games
    Darts and Friends
    Day of Defeat
    Dinosaur Hunt
    Dragon Quest games
    Dying Light
    Fallout games
    Garry's Mod
    Gothic games
    GTA games
    Half-Life games
    Portal games
    Just Cause games
    Knights Hunt
    L.A Noire
    Left 4 Dead games
    Max Payne games
    Saints Row games
    Team Fortress games
    Xplane 11 (simulator)

    For upcoming games I'm really into Jurassic World Evolution which comes out 12th June.

    I will update the list or add more games soon.
    So, share your favourite games here!

  • Deus Ex - My all time favorite game, storytelling and freeform gameplay at its finest if you can get past the dated graphics.
    GTA V - Heists! Golf! and a lengthy single player campaign.
    Killing Floor 2 - If you want to blast some zombies it doesnt get much more satisfying than this.
    Fallout 4 - Not as good as New Vegas but definitely an improvement over Fallout 3 imo.
    Doom 4 - The most gratifying shooting you can get in an FPS, its campaign is also rock solid.

  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Because of my experience as being an In-Game Administrator, I've followed the game since the beginning. And spent way to much hours in it!
    Minecraft Survival - Ain't it funny to survival with some nabs?
    Runescape - Best game evah!

  • GTA San Andreas MP (Samp): Its my best game ever, for real. I'm playing samp since 2013, its equal with my MTA experience.
    Bully: I have finished this game 4 times, have finished 3 times on Computer, and i finished it 1 times on Mobile Phone. Now i bought it for PS4, and i'll finish it on there too.
    Mafia2: I have finisted it in one day. It was good experince for me, also it has emotional scenes but it was really good.

  • I have to say Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Even tho I suck at the damn game and I keep on raging on it, I can't just stop playing 😞
    One the 2nd place I would put Spec Ops: The Line. Awesome gameplay style and story. And I do have to thanks @vinnie cuz he gave me a legitimate copy of the game 🙂

    From PS3 I have to say The Last of Us and Homefront. Both awesome games.

  • Oh boy where do I even start... I'll just go through my Steam library and good old retail games and add the best here.

    Alice Madness Returns: A brilliant and beautiful trip through a mad and twisted wonderland.
    Amnesia: The Dark Descent: The horror... The horror!
    Arx Fatalis: Very impressive atmospheric RPG.
    Batman Arkham games: Excellent interpretations of the crusades of the Dark Knight
    Bioshock: Crazyness, Beauty, and Horrror all in one.
    Black Mesa: A worthy modern representation of the legendary first Half Life.
    Borderlands 1: Gritty, rough, brutal, and at times fun shooter
    Borderlands 2: A lot crazier than the more serious original.
    Condemned: Criminal Origins: A very tense, brutal, and exciting mix between violence, investigation, and horror
    Counter-Strike Series: One of gaming's greatest achievements of all time. 'nuff said
    Crysis: Can your PC run it?
    Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Great Source-Engine-Based RPG with smart physics elements
    Dead Space1 and 2: Horror, Aliens, Brutality, Tension, Real proper scary gameplay.
    Deus Ex: A legend among smart, versatile, non-linear RPGs
    Diablo II: A legend among Action RPGs
    DOOM - the entire series: A legend raised from hell in 1993 and resurrected from the dead in 2016
    The Elder Scrolls Series: Hands down some of the best Fantasy RPGs of all time.
    F.E.A.R.: The father of great horror shooters with smart enemy AI
    Fahrenheit: Before Heavy Rain and The last of Us, there was Fahrenheit.
    Fallout 1 and 2: The birth of another legendary series of action RPGS. Even today, Fallout 2 shines in terms of game design and clever storytelling
    Fallout 3: A worthy transition of the series into the 3D world
    Fallout New Vegas: The perfection of the entire series.
    Fallout 4: A dumbed down kid's version.
    Far Cry 1: Again, the birth of a legendary shooter game series.
    Far Cry 2: A huge technological advancement in the series which still looks impressive today.
    Far Cry 3: An all new gameplay formula to revitalize the genre
    Far Cry 4, Primal, 5: Basically re-coatings of the 3rd entry in the series. Without a doubt good games though.
    Gothic 1, 2: Basically my two favourite games ever of all time.
    Gothic 3: Almost my third favourite game of all time. Almost.
    GTA Series: Seriously need I say more?
    Half Life Series: Among Legends at the great hall of PC games
    Hotline Miami 1 and 2: Amazing Soundtrack and unique gameplay style
    L.A. Noire: The smarter, more serious, and investigation-based GTA title.
    Max Payne 1-3: Awesome. Just awesome shooters with great story.
    Metro 2033 and Last Light: Easily two of the most atmospheric shooters of all time. Truly gives you a genuine end of the world feeling
    Portal 1 and 2: Probably the funniest and best puzzle games that exist.
    Postal 2: No other game screams FUCK YOU and political incorrectness quite like this one.
    Quake: Let us thank the Lord for Quake and it's contribution to the gaming industry.
    The Wolfenstein Game Series (starting with Wolfenstein 3D): Want to kill Nazis AND play amazing shooters? Look no further!
    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series: Cheki breeki iv damke! Explore the wonders and horrors of the zone around the legendary nuclear power plant Chernobyl
    Star Wars Jedi Knight series: The games which got me into Star Wars in general
    Stronghold 1 and Crusader: THE best medieval castle building simulators to this day
    Trine 1 and 2: Want to play a gorgeous looking child friendly fairy tale? You found it!
    Unreal series: Let us thank them for bringing us not only some of the greatest (multiplayer) shooters of all time, but also for the amazing Unreal engine.
    Warcraft 3: Among the greatest fantasy strategy games of all time.

  • Knight online
    Counter strike 1.6

  • Online games:
    Gta V
    Rocket League
    League of legends
    Black Squad
    Tom clancy's rainbow six siege
    Battlefield 4
    Command and conquer general zero hour

  • Single-player games :
    Max Payne - This is one of the very first games that I've ever played and will remain as one of the best games for me.
    Max Payne 2 - Literally the same thing above.Another great game that I used to play a lot through my childhood.
    Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor - To be honest,I didn't have much expectations about the game,until I decided to buy it and give it a try.I was so damn addicted to it that I would also make my friends buy it and make them play it.I love everything that is connected with The Lord of The Rings franchise.
    Fallout series - These are yet another series that I have played a lot and I'm a huge fan of.The games are unreal,every game.One of my favorite games.
    Lara Croft : Tomb Raider series - I don't like to repeat myself but this is also one of the best video-game series I've played.My father got me into the Tomb Raider games when I was like 4 years old and since then I've played every game from these series.
    Far Cry series : I got into FC when Far Cry 2 was released and that game really got me into it.Great gameplay,graphics,story.EVERYTHING IS GREAT ABOUT THESE GAMES.Currently saving up money to buy Far Cry 5 to try it out on my PS4.
    DOOM series : As a kid I used to be very scared of these games and I remember myself sitting behind my father playing that game(he was scared aswell) and to this day I'm still scared but I fought my fear and finished DOOM 2 and 3 on my own.Still haven't played the latest game.
    WILL ROCK - Another great game from my childhood.Used to play it a lot as a kid and lately I have started playing it again.Great story imo.
    Call of Duty ( Campaign ) - My favorite series of video-games.I absolutely ADORE the stories of the first games,because they are based on WW2 and I'm a huge ''fan'' of the WW2 story.
    And many more...
    Online Games :
    FIFA - For the past 4 years,I have bought FIFA 14,15,16,17 and now 18 and I'm playing FIFA almost everyday.
    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege : R6S is one of my current favorite games to play.I own it on both PS4 and PC and its a great game imo.The community sucks so hard.
    CS:GO - Great game,cancer community.
    League of Legends - Eh,cancer.I'm playing League since 2011 and I still regret to this day that I'm still playing it.The game is great,and again this is one of the many games with a cancerous community.
    F1 series - Me and my brother are huge F1 fans and since we were like 5(me) 9(my brother) we started to play F1 on LAN doing 1v1.He would often beat me.Currently I'm playing F1 2015 and I'm having a lot of fun with it.

    I have so many games to add but I am too lazy to write.Thats all I can say for now 😛

  • Rocket league

    • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
    • Grand Theft Auto V
    • Dead by Daylight

  • World of warcraft - Overwatch - Paladins