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    Welcome to Lucks'n Company Media Archive, you will be able to find anything, that is related to LC's media activities.

  • Roleplay #1
    Attendees: @Paradox , @Rowdy35 , @Final324 , @Carter , @Sahin

    Role-play Story: The first day of work The Lucks'n Company finally started to produce its goods. Today I decided to meet with my employees to give them a briefing about our manufacturing system. We were aiming to start with clean and fast hand-made jobs but it doesn't mean we do not give attention to hygiene terms. So I gather up my men and told them their responsibilities after that everyone took its position and started to do its own job. It took a while to create our first goods when the first hours of the shift were done, my men were already completed half of the goods that have been ordered by restaurants/companies. After a short break, we finished the production of new goods and loaded it up to our transporter vehicles, order to make the delivery in time. The shift was over and employees were able to go their home and take rest for the next day of work.

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  • Activity #1

    Attendees: @Paradox @Final324 @Ted @Carter @Sahin

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  • Roleplay #2
    Attendees: @Rowdy35 @Carter

    Role-play Story: Another day in Lucks'n Company, in the last few days we've been working hard to manufacture new goods for our customers. Today was the deadline for us to finish the deliveries. Our streamline was going good and stable in the last week and we finally finished the production stage. When we were done with the manufactured goods, it was time to wake up our delivery men to make the deliveries without any delay. To inform our employees, we did a short briefing about the current situation and told them how important to deliver the goods at a great time. After we were done with the meeting, my men are started to load up goods into our vans and went to the different customers. Distribution of these products isn't that easy, it needs a good scheduled program and discipline order to make the deliveries without any delays. Anyway, after a few hours, we have finished our first deliveries and had no delay with any customers. Our customers are happy and we are also happy because we have given the delicious taste of Lucks'n Company Brand all over the San Andreas. We wish a good day to all our customers.

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  • Roleplay #3

    Role-play Story:
    It has been a long day producing some good for our customers. As the one of them called me and ordered a box of bread and a box of vegetables such , especially onion.
    I drove down to our factory, as I had to bake some bread as it is perishable food. After baking 20 loafs of bread, as each box consists of 20 loafs. I have packaged them and lebeled it with "LC" sign.

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    As for vegetables I went to our warehouse and took a crate of onion from there. Those are supplied from our farm. We grow all the vegetables over there, so it is 100 percent organic, so do not panic. So, I brought the box and carried right to our box truck, which is used for supplying our customers with food.
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    As the boxes were loaded I got into the truck and dove down to the customers base. The road was taken from Los Santos to Las Venturas.
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    After two hours I reached the destination and met the guy who had called me before. We chatted a little bit and proceeded to their rest room for the further conversation.
    As we stopped out conversation we got outdoor and I drove our truck right to the customer's warehouse in order to get unloaded.
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    I took one box, so did the customer and we carried right to the warehouse shelves and stocked it up.
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    I consulted the customer on proper storage, as the expiration date of these products is short. After that I got my payment and I disappeared.
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    ~ Lucks'n Company, provides the best food for your helth

  • Roleplay #4
    Attendees: @Cornelius Z|Sanya @Star
    Role-play Story: Good morning our fellow customers. For those who wonder about our recent deliveries, I'm here to get your excitement away.
    Another great day has begun. On the great state of San Andreas. Lucks'n Company and its employees are ready for new challenges, as we get older and experienced within every single new order from our lovely customers. Our production factories already manufacturing general foods and beverages on a daily basis. However, sometimes people ask for more specialised foods and drinks. Whatever the situation is we‘re always trying to take care of our customer’s health with the addition of ingredients trying to keep the foods in a natural way without adding bad chemicals or addiction into it.
    Let’s get started with yesterday's order.
    I was at our headquarters at Blueberry Red County. I had to check our daily manifesto and other paperwork as usual. About 5 minutes later my secretary came to my room and knocked on the door. She was pretty much excited you could easily understand from her face. She gave me information about the next orders from our customers one of these order was a little bit complicated than the others. The customer was asking for meat however they clearly stated that they don’t want to eat any junk food and we had to do something as we are not specialised in the meat industry but we always come with back-up plans whatever the situations are. So I had to make a couple of phone calls in order to find natural edible meat in upcoming hours the meat had to be fresh and most importantly it should satisfy customer’s and of course our standards without any doubt. After a while, we’ve found our natural meat in Erney's Farm at the Flint County. I've given the briefings to our delivery manager in order to make the delivery in exact time. Once the meat arrived at our production factory employees are started to prepare the order. We made sure order was fully accomplished without any mistake. After this part was done we've sent the cooked meat onto our packaging department and order was almost ready to deliver to our customers before the deadline.
    Every stage of the production of the food was ready and now it was the time to deliver the cargo before the deadline. Employees are started to load the stuff into our carriers and sealed the packages with safety in a cooled delivery vehicle to prevent meat from getting spoiled. Once the loading was done carriers left our factory and delivered the order without no issue. After a day according to our feedbacks customers were generally satisfied with our products and wanted to work with us for upcoming job opportunities. It was a pleasure for us to do our job within the best standards.
    Thank you to our fellow customers for choosing the Lucks'n Company brand as always they do. We are appreciated for your kind support and We always say. ” Lucks'n Company provides the best food for your health.”
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