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    Welcome to Lucks'n Company Media Archive, you will be able to find anything, that is related to LC's media activities.

  • Roleplay #1
    Attendees: @Paradox , @Rowdy35 , @Final324 , @Carter , @Sahin

    Role-play Story: The first day of work The Lucks'n Company finally started to produce its goods. Today I decided to meet with my employees to give them a briefing about our manufacturing system. We were aiming to start with clean and fast hand-made jobs but it doesn't mean we do not give attention to hygiene terms. So I gather up my men and told them their responsibilities after that everyone took its position and started to do its own job. It took a while to create our first goods when the first hours of the shift were done, my men were already completed half of the goods that have been ordered by restaurants/companies. After a short break, we finished the production of new goods and loaded it up to our transporter vehicles, order to make the delivery in time. The shift was over and employees were able to go their home and take rest for the next day of work.

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  • Activity #1

    Attendees: @Paradox @Final324 @Ted @Carter @Sahin

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  • Roleplay #2
    Attendees: @Rowdy35 @Carter

    Role-play Story: Another day in Lucks'n Company, in the last few days we've been working hard to manufacture new goods for our customers. Today was the deadline for us to finish the deliveries. Our streamline was going good and stable in the last week and we finally finished the production stage. When we were done with the manufactured goods, it was time to wake up our delivery men to make the deliveries without any delay. To inform our employees, we did a short briefing about the current situation and told them how important to deliver the goods at a great time. After we were done with the meeting, my men are started to load up goods into our vans and went to the different customers. Distribution of these products isn't that easy, it needs a good scheduled program and discipline order to make the deliveries without any delays. Anyway, after a few hours, we have finished our first deliveries and had no delay with any customers. Our customers are happy and we are also happy because we have given the delicious taste of Lucks'n Company Brand all over the San Andreas. We wish a good day to all our customers.

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