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Las Venturas. This may be your favorite vacation spot, what most abounds in the city are neon flashing lights, casinos, shops, and hotels where you can book a room for your stay in the city. At the tourist places you can rent a car, or if you already have, there are a large number of parking spaces to satisfy all those who are in the area. It is usually a quiet and safe city, but governed by the money, greed, and danger of the street gangs, which in turn maintain the essence of the place.

Have you already thought about coming on vacation? If you are a ludopath and have enough money to waste, this is your place, and if not, you can come anyway.

Although what you can find more around are casinos, there are different activities to do like going to listen to pop music in a rock hotel, marry with your brother in a chapel that allows gay incest, bring a souvenir to your mother of the trip taking a visit to the sex shop, maybe buy yourself a T-shirt with the gay pride flag so you can wear it in front of your friends when you're back in your neighborhood.

Although... What happens in Venturas, stays in Venturas.

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I do not think you can find another place around San Andreas with these modern buildings, and quite amazing. This pyramid is not a monument, but its particular design could define the pyramidal money system that encompasses the city.

It's the Lectric Club, also a casino. The amount of money they raised last year was above normal rates, along with The Four Dragons casino. They would literally have enough money to buy the moon if they wanted, we are talking about the most powerful and richest companies around SA.

The difference in money between sleeping one night in one of these luxury hotels, and sleeping in a simple motel on the outskirts of the city, is huge. You could sell your car, along with your house and your savings, and I bet that you would not get close to the cost of one room per night, unless you're a rich, or reputation person.

Timeless excitement with complete freedom to indulge in all your desires, that's how I would personally define Las Venturas. It came from a very dark background, what was an organized crime city was shaped to be a city moved by those who have the power of the casinos.

That said, if you are thinking about coming on vacation, unless you are covered in money you can come with a caravan because most places to stay exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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