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Magnificent Corps

The success nowadays is something everyone aim to achieve, and here in Kool Times News (KTN) are certainly aware of that, in fact as the brand-new news network we are aiming for the success.
KTN Team decided then to realize some investigations about the market in order to find out who were those companies and corporations that were leading it for their quantity of assets on the marker or well, their stability in the market.
Sooner than later we found a corporation that has “captured” a great amount of money in the last year, and the thing that completely caught our attention was that they were new in the market, as we are.
The corporation known as “Aequitas Security Inc” was indeed something we needed to investigate and ask for some business advices. Shortly we asked for a meeting to one of the head quarters of the corporation, Howard Johnsson (@Thing ). And he kindly told us it was ok to visit his corporation and that he would be pleasuring to answer the questions we needed to ask as long as it wasn’t something too compromising.
The first thing KTN Team noticed when we were reaching the head office of the corporation was the place it was located. It was in the middle of the desert, in fact, time to time we were able to notice some big military trucks passing near the place.

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Nonetheless the distance of the place, it was well guarded. It was almost like at all the time there was someone watching what you were doing. We decided to save our cameras and let the photos after we met with Mr. Howard. It was a huge place, full of vehicles for all their associates and some planes at the outside of the building. You could indeed notice this corporation was doing pretty good just by the looks.
After we got inside we met Mr. Howard, he wasn’t as old as we thought he would be. In fact, he was around the 40’s. The first thing I did was asking him for permission to take more photos, if that wasn’t a big deal. Luckily for us, we were able to get some pictures of the place with Mr. Howard approval.

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As stated before, it was a huge place and luxurious. We had the meeting with Mr. Howard at the end of the hallway, it was a comfortable office, with chair for the guests, a big paint of a boat behind the chair of Mr. Howard, and of course, his desk.

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After the KTN Team were on the office, everything went quick. We did a series of questions in order to know what the secret of Aequitas Security Inc. was. Without even hesitate Mr. Howard answered it was a good strategy and luck. Also, we got into detail to know what the plans for the corporation was, and how they made it that far, being by far some of the newest corporations in the market.
Aequitas Security Inc came to “float” with the help of a lot of rich investors which saw a good deal investing in the business of the security at the moment that four members of the head quarter team went knocking their doors. Mr. Howard also told us none of the current head quarters of the corporations were raised in an environment full of wealth, so they needed to work hard for what they achieved, that was the reason they needed people to put trust into them and helping them with the money they needed to create this corporation.
Mr. Howard revealed us, currently their network has a total worth of 20 billion dollars. And that their plans were not just staying with what they achieved until now, but to increase their power in the market and try testing with new sections of it.
Currently they were expanding their group and working in a pharmaceutical laboratory which was aiming to sell their products to the biggest companies out in the market. Also, they had the most experienced team working on it.
As soon as all the questions were answered, we decided to leave the place. Still amazed and disbelievers in how fast that corporation grew we decided that we needed to keep an eye for futures articles and news regarding Aequitas Security Inc. Also, when we were leaving we saw the opportunity to get some more pictures from the outside of the place, for you, the curious readers.

Thanks for reading,
On behalf of Kool Times News,
KTN HQ Licano.