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    ProCops? Pro-Crims!

    With the increasing amount of the criminality around San Andreas, the less that San Andreas residents could wait from their officers in the field is to fight for the people’s rights and enforce the law. But are our officers really interested in bringing us the peace we deserve or are they taking the law as a business?
    The KTN’s reporter team decided to answer this question. We brought our cameras with us and some microphones to get to know the reality in San Andreas. The first place we decided to visit was the LS prison, where all those criminals you would not want near your family are supposed to be jailed.
    As soon as the KTN’s team got near the jail, this was the first image we could capture from the jail.

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    Nothing less than one of those gang punks outside the JAIL selling his cargo as it was completely legal! Just in front of the police department nose a random criminal can sell their merchandise as it was nothing to care about!
    After we were able to capture this image the criminal ran out of the scene, maybe thinking we were going to accuse him to any useful cop. The reality was very different though. KTN’s team decided to get inside of the jail to get a better look at what’s happening inside of it.
    Sadly, as soon as we tried to get inside the jail some cops did not want us inside of there, so they kicked us out, we were not even able to take some photos but one of them a meter away from the entrance.
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    And some others as soon as we got kicked out of the establishment

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    They did not really want us there even though we told them it was a work of reportage. Sadly, we could not accomplish the task we had on mind, but we would not give up that easily, so the KTN’s team decided to keep patrolling the San Andreas streets to get more information about what was happening with the cops.
    The time was passing, and the team and I were not achieving our purpose in Los Santos, so we decided to move from city and see if the things went a bit better in other places. Sadly, they did not. In fact, we found something even more breathtaking.
    Some police officers were taking their part of the cake from a civilian cargo in the road LS – LV. Apparently, they wanted some money in order to let the truckers move down the city. Then they were sharing the income between them.
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    We couldn’t continue with our task after watching this scene, we were afraid of what we could find inside the police departments of the San Andreas. This are the kind of cops we as community deserve? Are some cops taking advantage of the increasing criminality in San Andreas and using it as an excuse to get some rewards from the innocent civilians and then blaming it on the criminals?
    In any case, we let you do your own conclusions! What we really want to do is to make a shout out for those heroes that are still around San Andreas among this corrupt society, we need you more than ever!

    Thanks for reading,
    On behalf of Kool Times News,
    KTN NE Licano.